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  Sep 2021 Johnny Huynh
When words are illusive
I meet you in my dreams
and new languages are born
Johnny Huynh Jan 2021
We all have this moment
Rest assured

You're full with this space
There's no shame,
to take you away
Trees and people in your vision
And you sit
comfortable with your drink

It's okay to sit here
for a moment
Your eyes don't see me
I talk to you and you don't hear me
I can't reach you
A layer of rubber covers you
I would like to tear it up
and yell at you
All my love
All the love you gave me
My pain feeds on
your unwitting words
Fragments of you lost
One tear at a time
Fragments of me torn
Thrown into your oblivion
A crumbling rock
I fight with a sword of nothing
I can't win
I can't save you
I can only love you
Miss you so much
Johnny Huynh Jan 2021
It’s come to a point
Where I say things are easy
Because I know it is hard
How I can do something
In order to stay doing nothing

A place where compassion bounces
To and for
Where morals and ideals are hazy, unfollowed, remembered
Where wants can be burnt up just as they appear

It’s come to a point
To believe In
Johnny Huynh Dec 2020
To be dull
When you know it isn’t right

But to fight so much
It’ll be a hard upward battle
I’d rather have lunch
There will always be shrapnel
But keeping my focus

Avoiding the bull
I will be bright
  Aug 2020 Johnny Huynh
simon law
in the sand
form behind me,
another reminder
that my journey
is my own

They lazily wash over,
filling my imprints,
restoring perfection
to the beach

although they are
now hidden,
I still know
they existed,
In my mind,
And from the sand
On my feet
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