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Angeliki Dec 2018
They walk on
and jaded -
their feet leave behind no trace
upon this dirtied path
towards their doom.

They look forward
and devoid-
this desert is their ground
as they fight within themselves
the corrupted filth,
shaded from the sun
the darkness creeps
into this deserted cemetery.

Bodies broken to the core
and ghastly -
the cloaked figures
they walk onward,
past the corpses
blinded to reality...
these ghosts prevail.
Angeliki Dec 2018
the years took its toll,
onto a dying man's heart.

A breaking body,
and a sorrowed soul..
the stress kept building up,
and the alcohol was his comfort.

Five years,
and onwards..
he would brave the storm,
and not succumb to his death.

and tastes -
he could no longer recognise,
as he lay against the bed
eyes shut and fading,
never again..
would his sight lay upon his family.
In memory of my dad.
Angeliki Dec 2018
Digging myself a grave,
within my heart
where all my secrets are kept..
where the corruption spreads,
and the numbing pain remains.

Digging myself a grave,
within treasured memories
of an incomparable time..
where my world felt endless,
and the weightlessness remains.

Digging myself a grave,
within my soul
where the needles poke..
where the reason dwells,
and the labyrinth remains.
Angeliki Dec 2018
gruesomely frightening
I wear this mask,
the devil that I am

self absorbed
and inhumanly cold..

my angry howls do not falter
but you are there,
an image of innocence
upon your face..

the walls break and they crumble

due to the pressure..

of my untamed fists
and fiery depression,
whereas my tears
are the cause

for this disfigured flesh..

my shadows draw you near
my chains enslave you,
struggle as you might..

break apart thoroughly

until you are nothing more than a doll
with black voids for eyes..

kneel before me,
submit your entirety


do not plead
for I will not remove my mask,
and accept a being
so utterly angelic as you are.
We all have our own darkness within our hearts, even when we try so hard to keep it at bay.
Angeliki Dec 2018
You don't see me
that inside..
there is only fragility
that I am growing weaker yet

when you push me down
with that brute force

of your gentleness,

but when I cry..
it is inside this complicated heart
that I'm just yearning for more

for the strength and the warmth
that your arms envelop me within..

as the ecstasy crushes
my very soul

into highs and lows..

overwhelmingly so..
this love that I feel
is what sets me
into this disarray.

— The End —