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Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Slaughter your emotions and make magic potions of success that will keep you in motion,
Let us praise the dopamine and serotonin for atleast making some effort towards the process of motivation and activation!
Your story ain't over until you are born!
Hatch from your worldly shell,
Don't you see you have been living in hell?!
You are an architect by nature!
Design your own heaven with the positivity around you!
Your story ain't over until you have won!
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Infinite energy serging within my body
Ready to engulf my soul,
I can feel myself turn to zombie
And I just don't want to open the door,
No I don't want to answer your call,
I just want to watch them vanish underneath my floor.
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
I am at the South Pole losing control,
Because you're more attractive compared to a magnet,
Continuously pulling me closer with your perilous magic,
I don't mind if you play master and I play the puppet,
I just wanna scream "I love this!"
I don't want this feeling to ever vanish.
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
A different mood
A different dude.
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
A memory?
Travel to mercury
And reconstruct human history?
Allan Mzyece Mar 2019
Roll the dice,
Spin and dance,
Till you reach for mars,
You only live once,

Better take a chance,
To solidify like ice,
And Ignore the glass,
Cause you're beyond the stars.
Allan Mzyece Feb 2019
A bunch of savages vandalized paradise
And now we are left paralyzed with no where to go,
the devil threw an Atomic bomb at our heavens,
Now all our guardian angels are looking for shelter in hell,
Shall we follow?
Shall we stand up Eiffel tall?
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