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AgerMCab Jun 2019
Yung akala **** itinakda
Akala mo'y importante
Hindi naman permanente
Yung akala **** itinadhana
Wari mo'y mahalaga
Bakit naging pansamantala?
Hindi ba dapat ay pang habang buhay at hangang sa kabilang buhay?

Ang pagmamahal kapag nakatakda
Ang pag ibig kapag nakatadhana
Hindi  mababawasan
Hindi mawawala
Hindi na lamang akala
Hindi na rin pakiwari
Dahil hindi mangungupas
AgerMCab Jun 2019
Ano ang mayroon ka?
Bakit labis kitang sinta?
Lahat sa iyo ay payak
Ngunit ang dating mo'y may sapak

Dito sa aking puso
Hindi ko maitanto
Makasama ka nawa ng habang buhay
Pag tama ko sa lotto ikay aking ibabahay
AgerMCab Mar 2019
How ironic?
To be together...
We have to part ways?
AgerMCab Feb 2019
Every night at 3 o'clock I wake without fail
To recall my dream of wearing immaculate veil
You approach me with loving gaze, it feels heavenly
My soul leaps with joy, and my heart beats insanely

But then I remember, everything's just a dream
Tears starts flowing uncontrollably like a stream
I love you with a love that's better be hidden
I can't stop nor fight love, even it's forbidden

In this real world, I want to spend my life time with you
But time can only give us meager and few
I want to touch you, hug and kiss you openly
But my expressions of love should be kept only

I want to shout, let everyone know how much I love you
But I can only whisper to the moon and stars that I do
Hold on my love...our time will come to be in the open
If not in this lifetime...I will find you again...and make it happen
AgerMCab Jan 2019
A poison to my vein
A blockage to my brain

It fogs my mind
Till i no longer hide

Go away from me
Just let me be

There's no room for you
For the love I pursue
AgerMCab Jan 2019
In a snap of time
You distract my mind
Been alone for so long
I don't need to belong
The walls that I build
The apathy that I skilled
How could Cupid hit me wrong
When I thought I was strong

In a snap of time
You reign in my life
In my mind and emotion
I filled with confusion
My mind wants to surrender you
But my heart is empty and blue
All these can't be possible
My heart isn't capable

In a snap of time
You flood my mind
A glimpse of your smile
Brings joy for a while
You invade my dream
Dream worth to redeem
That we have become one
Professing love that we won

In a snap of time
Dreams are my ally
Dreams are my only way
To follow your pathway
Through dreams I can wish
Your kiss I will cherish
If I can't fight this destiny
Shall I embrace it blindly?
An English Version of my other poem ISANG PITIK
AgerMCab Jan 2019
Falling in love can make me vulnerable
Vulnerable to rejection, pangs of jealousy, fear of failure
I want relationship, but are so afraid of revealing my innermost self and getting hurt if I do so
Vulnerability ended me up in shutting down intimacy

...An uncomfortable feeling

I tried to appear perfect, strong and in control
In truth it's the opposite of my everything
What if he sees me weak? Submissive? Easily hurt emotionally? Susceptible to sadness?

But if knowing that he sees and loves me for who I am and to see him in all of his vulnerabilities too and still love each other the way we do now....
Then falling in love means having the strength to face vulnerability
Then vulnerability means courage and bravery
Then vulnerability means willingness to face uncertainty, taking the risk to be fully committed with the man I truly love

Vulnerability is inevitable no matter what we do
So does falling in love also is inevitable no matter how we avoid it
Embracing vulnerability may just be one of life’s most fulfilling experience
All the more if it means connecting with the one we love

Then, with all of my vulnerabilities, I am willing to embrace my fears for as long as Im taking the risk of loving the man of my dream
Because my love for him is stronger than my vulnerabilities
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