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  Jan 20 Adelaide
Imran Islam
Mom, I can feel your pain
but I could not stop your tears;
They were falling down
like the monsoon rain!

Mom, I am so sorry!
I couldn't stay with you longer,
even I couldn't make you smile
I will be back to you again!

Every time you smile at me
and let me come to my work,
but this time your broken heart
wishes for 'Good Luck'!

I felt, I shouldn't leave you alone,
but I could not, now we're apart!
I know you are hurt,
but you wouldn't let me know that
over the phone!

Mom, I promise you-
I will pay for your weeps
I will make you happy soon
and bring the silver moon
for you to make you smile again!
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Adelaide Jan 20
You made me fall in love
with my life
Adelaide Jan 19
No matter how
No matter what
No matter where -

You will always be
My happily ever after.
No matter what
Adelaide Jan 19
I don't know about lots of things,
I know very few of them.
I really don't know
how to live, how to love
or who I want to be.
But I know the reason why I'm here,
why I'm hardly breathing -
and this reason is you.
Adelaide Jan 19
It took
one look
to notice
you were falling in love -
I mean,
I knew that.

I also know
you don't know you were,
but you know
I was.
Adelaide Jan 18
I heard you
screaming without any words

I felt you
thinking you were walking all alone

I tasted
your chance given to me to come into your life

I looked at us
while we were falling in love

— The End —