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Asia Oct 1
"One can crave that which brings them pain."

- Asia
Asia Oct 1
Pain is a pill I swallow,
Though I curse its name it follows,

Through joyous hate
and sullen smiles,

My body craves that
which my mind hates
Asia Oct 1
I put my faith
in a sun I cannot see
Cross the devil's badlands
pained yet free
weep for the bones
of my land lost at sea
and hope to find life
where shadows cease to be.
Poem about losing everything and building yourself up again , piece by piece.
Asia Sep 17
"No poem is ever complete;
For no poet is ever fully pleased"
Asia May 13
when the world has caved in,
and society scurries in fear,
from the crimes they claim you've commit
and the lies they made you speak,
my one piece of advice is this ;
Clear your mind, restore thy inner peace,
...and merely start again.
Asia May 12
"Happines is not defined by the notion of having everything,
but by the notion of never truly needing anything ever again"

- Asia
Asia May 12
I scream because my silence makes me weak

I lie because honesty didn't get me past this

and soon Ill fall fast asleep,
since death is no longer an escape I need.
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