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Asia Jan 14
I placed my trust in all the wrong places
Gave away my love to all but torn faces

Satiated the hunger by starving myself
Achieved my dreams by never dreaming at all

I've touched the stars but now they hate me
It seems God's mistake was the fact that he made me

I watch the world but while it doesn't watch me back,
and when i look into the mirror, my reflection starts to crack

It's clear to me now, how the world broke my heart
but at least im glad to know i had a heart to take apart.
Asia Dec 2021
I am perfectly out of place,
So endlessly out of grace.
I feel I've lost my guiding faith
To once again be wholly sane

Lost to a void of pain
I scream into an endless space,
Regard your precious face
Your preciously haunting face.

Your eyes have slowly dimmed and died,
No longer must I tremble by your side,
How I find myself now free from hate,
yet still I remain here, perfectly out of place.
Asia Aug 2021
Haunted memories
Broken shards of a past kept locked away
A key thrown to the depths,
An ocean of all that will no longer be
Of all that once reigned free.

No more will chaos run amok
Ruin this kingdom I've ruthlessly built.
No longer will a single soul dare to steal,
to plunder, and ruin its beauty,
nor vandalize the gems and riches it holds

No more will its people be swindled
with false hopes of happy ever after,
by selfish men, brought up through treason,
cursed with hands that can only bring pain.

Never again will their sickening nature
walk amongst these streets of gold,
nor dwell within its palaces of glee.
Their wares of regret and shame,
will no more be sold away
to poor unknowing souls,
who hold more cash than they can bear.
Honestly not to sure what was going on in my head when i wrote this. probs need a lot of refining and adjusting but this is a second draft. I sorta got lost in it XD
Asia Aug 2021
Cover not your face with trinkets of falsety,
colourless powders of woe,
sharp spears of merciless perfection

They do not better the complexion,
nor do they shelter what lurks beneath,
fade they shall, as quickly as they were placed.

Mess not with creation's design,
with his valleys of sincerity,
his fields of gleam,
All the world bursting for life
within the golden ocean of thy eyes.

True Love should portrude
the sheets in which true beauty hides
Complicated but sweet
For simple is not the Norm
It is the Unique
Asia Jun 2021
My love for you,
It is a beautiful cage.
Made from the sweat and tears
and hours that I gave
following your restless wind
your silent whispers , thoughtless lies ,
all the promises that you made

My wanting for your touch,
so helplessly hopeless,
like trying to pull a sword forged in stone
should I have hoped for less?

It seems you were never mine to love
in the first place..
Asia Dec 2020
I got a pocket full of gold
and a soul full of hope

you've got a mind so far gone
and a spirit turned all cold

We're a match made in heaven
Or a match made in hell

Are we destined to thrive,
or destined to drown?
Asia Dec 2020
"I'm a hopless romantic in a hopelessly unromantic world"
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