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Jan 14 · 49
Asia Jan 14
I placed my trust in all the wrong places
Gave away my love to all but torn faces

Satiated the hunger by starving myself
Achieved my dreams by never dreaming at all

I've touched the stars but now they hate me
It seems God's mistake was the fact that he made me

I watch the world while it doesn't watch my back,
and when i look into the mirror, my reflection starts to crack

It's clear to me now, how the world broke my heart
but at least im glad to know i had a heart to take apart.
Dec 2021 · 51
Out of place
Asia Dec 2021
I am perfectly out of place,
So endlessly out of grace.
I feel I've lost my guiding faith
To once again be wholly sane

Lost to a void of pain
I scream into an endless space,
Regard your precious face
Your preciously haunting face.

Your eyes have slowly dimmed and died,
No longer must I tremble by your side,
How I find myself now free from hate,
yet still I remain here, perfectly out of place.
Aug 2021 · 46
Kingdom Gone
Asia Aug 2021
Haunted memories
Broken shards of a past kept locked away
A key thrown to the depths,
An ocean of all that will no longer be
Of all that once reigned free.

No more will chaos run amok
Ruin this kingdom I've ruthlessly built.
No longer will a single soul dare to steal,
to plunder, and ruin its beauty,
nor vandalize the gems and riches it holds

No more will its people be swindled
with false hopes of happy ever after,
by selfish men, brought up through treason,
cursed with hands that can only bring pain.

Never again will their sickening nature
walk amongst these streets of gold,
nor dwell within its palaces of glee.
Their wares of regret and shame,
will no more be sold away
to poor unknowing souls,
who hold more cash than they can bear.
Honestly not to sure what was going on in my head when i wrote this. probs need a lot of refining and adjusting but this is a second draft. I sorta got lost in it XD
Aug 2021 · 44
Simple is not the Norm
Asia Aug 2021
Cover not your face with trinkets of falsety,
colourless powders of woe,
sharp spears of merciless perfection

They do not better the complexion,
nor do they shelter what lurks beneath,
fade they shall, as quickly as they were placed.

Mess not with creation's design,
with his valleys of sincerity,
his fields of gleam,
All the world bursting for life
within the golden ocean of thy eyes.

True Love should portrude
the sheets in which true beauty hides
Complicated but sweet
For simple is not the Norm
It is the Unique
Jun 2021 · 42
Beautiful Cage
Asia Jun 2021
My love for you,
It is a beautiful cage.
Made from the sweat and tears
and hours that I gave
following your restless wind
your silent whispers , thoughtless lies ,
all the promises that you made

My wanting for your touch,
so helplessly hopeless,
like trying to pull a sword forged in stone
should I have hoped for less?

It seems you were never mine to love
in the first place..
Dec 2020 · 276
Opposites attract
Asia Dec 2020
I got a pocket full of gold
and a soul full of hope

you've got a mind so far gone
and a spirit turned all cold

We're a match made in heaven
Or a match made in hell

Are we destined to thrive,
or destined to drown?
Dec 2020 · 65
Fools Romance
Asia Dec 2020
"I'm a hopless romantic in a hopelessly unromantic world"
Dec 2020 · 447
Quote #10
Asia Dec 2020
"It seems my Optimism is both a blessing and a curse"
Asia Nov 2020
Purge me of my emotions
Strip me of my thoughts
Give me space to breathe
but let me not stray too far away

Words are my mortal enemy
and fear my new best friend
trauma leaves me broken
makes me think im cursed to bend

Have you seen me at my worst?
have you taken what I cannot give?
I hope your mind is settled,
and that I'm indeed enough of a thrill
The idea of depending on someone who you know isnt right for you, and treats you like you are worthless
Oct 2020 · 66
Quote #9
Asia Oct 2020
"One can crave that which brings them pain."

- Asia
Oct 2020 · 57
Pain Pills
Asia Oct 2020
Pain is a pill I swallow,
Though I curse its name it follows,

Through joyous hate
and sullen smiles,

My body craves that
which my mind hates
Oct 2020 · 131
Shadows End
Asia Oct 2020
I put my faith
in a sun I cannot see
Cross the devil's badlands
pained yet free
weep for the bones
of my land lost at sea
and hope to find life
where shadows cease to be.
Poem about losing everything and building yourself up again , piece by piece.
Sep 2020 · 62
Asia Sep 2020
"No poem is ever complete;
For no poet is ever fully pleased"
May 2020 · 53
Asia May 2020
when the world has caved in,
and society scurries in fear,
from the crimes they claim you've commit
and the lies they made you speak,
my one piece of advice is this ;
Clear your mind, restore thy inner peace,
...and merely start again.
May 2020 · 32
Quote #8
Asia May 2020
"Happines is not defined by the notion of having everything,
but by the notion of never truly needing anything ever again"

- Asia
May 2020 · 43
Asia May 2020
I scream because my silence makes me weak

I lie because honesty didn't get me past this

and soon Ill fall fast asleep,
since death is no longer an escape I need.
May 2020 · 42
In [Pain] Love
Asia May 2020
I'm foolish.

Thought I could have held you,
Even while my wrists were chained

Figured I might find you,
All the times you went astray

Believed that I could see you,
Through the darkness and the grey

I was so convinced I was in love,
Didn't realize it was pain.
May 2020 · 42
Asia May 2020
You. You are cruel.
You worship a god that thrives upon lies and hate.

You. You are blind.
You cease to see the ways you fail ,
fail to let me breathe

You. You're words shred like knives
they carve out the heart that was already yours to start,
when all you had to do was ask.
Apr 2020 · 19
Quote #7
Asia Apr 2020
"He tried to love a rose, yet he couldnt stand the thorns"

- Asia
Apr 2020 · 23
Ruined Artistry
Asia Apr 2020
My Dear you have changed.
The words you speak, they cease to exist.
The comfort you felt has grown weary with tears.

My spirit came and went like an oceans tide,
just as the songs you sang fled back to sea.
The artistry you paint, you now seek to hide
for I am no longer welcome in your gallery.

No space, nor time to speak in tongues
If you wish me gone, all you need is but ask.
Your patience, such a fragile being,
one I have shattered once again.

You say to me you are broken.
Yet I'd always viewed you as a single piece
You promise you've been ruined.
Ruined am I, the fool who made you bleed.

Might it be, your soul accepted defeat
And the one who has changed, is me..
Apr 2020 · 28
Quote #6
Asia Apr 2020
"fear is the greatest deterrent to understanding"

- Asia
Jan 2020 · 28
Shed, don't Forget
Asia Jan 2020
Shedding away the pain
does not mean forgetting the experience
Jan 2020 · 26
Asia Jan 2020
May I paint upon your scars
layer wisdom over hurt
Say I fall and tear the strands
that were holding up your heart
Clearly I don't seek to please
nor do I wish to be set free
Seldom shall my soul stray far
from your eyes which shine like stars

You may strip me of my faith
and quiet all my screams
simply know that I have seen
all the tenderness hidden there
In your gaze, your tear brimmed eyes
In all the words you fail to speak
In every push and shove you give
with no intention of leaving hurt.

Believe me sweet beloved
the tenderness is not lost
rely not on sin to guide the way
and let me make my arms
the home you seek.
Jan 2020 · 30
The Wisp
Asia Jan 2020
There's a fire here,
it's wrecking havoc in my soul.
all its embers seem to soothe me
yet it's ashes cause me to bleed.

I was there to spy its first breathe,
watched as it slowly came to life.
I'll remain until it looses all balance,
and help it lay to rest.

A clock starts ticking and I'm scared.
The arrow heads, they point towards an end,
I try to steal away some time,
so that I may keep taking in your precious smile.

Soon I heard hushed whispering grow near,
and there it was , a glow, a glare so faint.
I strained my eyes to see it clear..
His name was love, and before I knew
He'd consumed me.
when you are in those early stage of falling for someone
Jan 2020 · 27
Asia Jan 2020
You see, my dear,  We are mortal,
we wish to live forever,
end up consumed by hellish skies.
Jan 2020 · 24
Quote #5
Asia Jan 2020
"I'd rather be in Hell with friends than in Heaven alone"

- Asia
Dec 2019 · 21
Au Revoir, Foutez le camp
Asia Dec 2019
Don't search for justifications,
what was here mon cheri, is gone

Don't ask for explanations,
know the damage is done
Dec 2019 · 20
I Breathe. I Sin.
Asia Dec 2019
I was born a sinner
the skies spit upon me
as I drew my first breath

I am raised an outcast
No soul heeds their love
or spares a dime for me

I will die a martyr
Heaven forbid I am
then allowed some rest.
Dec 2019 · 262
Asia Dec 2019
We say we know the weather,
yet we can't see when it's bound to pour
Nov 2019 · 24
Quote #4
Asia Nov 2019
"I am not alone; someone is simply without me"

- Asia
Nov 2019 · 24
Circus of Sin
Asia Nov 2019
She lay amongst the remnants
of heaven's first sins
dazed by the smoke of passion,
held by the fear of peace.

In her every breath
the rotten petrichor of life
On every face she passed
a devilish ****** grin.

"Come near" he spoke
with outstretched limbs,
as he swept her fragile soul
into his lowly Circus of Sin.
Nov 2019 · 37
To live or not to Die
Asia Nov 2019
Distract me dear
for I need release,
escape from this
wretched hell I'm in.

Show me comfort
Let me know how it feels
Give this tortured soul sweet closure,
For does it not too deserve to live?

Scare away the monstrous thoughts
those that pray upon my mind
Ripping flesh from bone,
tearing down my stone hold.

Maybe this agony
is worth the while,
as I sit here and wait
for Heaven to decide.
Nov 2019 · 26
Stormy Mind
Asia Nov 2019
See these cloudy eyes
as my feet they tread on sheets of white

                                        breathe in the restless gales
                                   and pave away my tainted nights

       a storm comes dwelling near
    prepare thy soul for rage and fear

                                                               all hell runs loose here,
                                                  their bellowing calls a blighted release

                   Go! Seek out the ruins,
    There where hope once flourished peacefully

                                                     ­       Lay upon its hazy alter
                                                     and pray for still to soon return

             These fluorescent knives of pain
       They will fall , wreck havoc in the calm

                                      Yet you are soon to discover
                            only you hold the shield to stops them all
Nov 2019 · 22
The Sparrow
Asia Nov 2019
Fly free my tainted Sparrow,
Soar these skies of white.
Abide by heaven's anthem
let it's virtue give thee sight.
Hold dear thy feathers of promise
let fall shame that made thee cry
so full of anguish is thy soul
O, stripped of love is thy mind.
Keep not still dear Sparrow,
let rage take thee whole
It is near petal of crimson
where hopeful fear doth enrol.
Come close and hear me clear,
Know sweet shadows surround us here.
Watch them dearly as they dance  
upon thy skin so light.
leave barren drops of wonder
and orphaned tears of smite.
Pray that there be silence
when greed doth soon arise,
when vengeful waves rage harshly
against thy coasts of quiet.
let the wind guide thee home
to thy nest of peace and pride.
Lay down the past, forget the future
simply shut thy blotted eyes,
placidly drift away from life.
Nov 2019 · 21
Are you?
Asia Nov 2019
What possess you
to rip out your flaws
and bear your teeth?

What forces you dear
to crush my heart
then laugh at my tears?

Are you satisfied
with the sins on your sleeve
and all the blood that you've spilt?

Are you pleased to know
that any petals I grew
were torn out and crushed under you?

Where will you be
when your words fall flat, for
there's nothing left for you to steal?

Did you think you'd won
Had you thought the crown was yours?

Think again.
Oct 2019 · 22
Quote #3
Asia Oct 2019
"I fear the world and I are on pitiful terms"

Sep 2019 · 32
Embrace The Disgrace
Asia Sep 2019
Don't fear the darkness child,
for the light is worser still.
Don't hide from anguish love,
know that being perfect kills.

Give in to chaos dear soul,
slowly swallow it up like a pill.
Go, make friends with the devil,
for the heavens are filled with sin.
Mar 2019 · 1.5k
Asia Mar 2019
Madness was his master
Regret a foreign name
He shone in depths of anger
and cursed in reefs of shame

Beware his twisted gestures
The smiles that leave one burnt
Behold the streets he walks down
Shadowed alleys of broken trust

Soon will he return home-bound,
Once bound to a home he is
He will not wait for guidance,
That which veers him from sweet bliss

Along a crooked path he wanders
With no destined place to reach
He will stop, pray by the alter
Where faith did once give speech

Give pity to those in bedlam,
The ones who live to die
May all their souls find comfort
Within the ground they lie

Be there no pity for the forsaken,
For the man who seeks no home
Let his reckless soul be fractured
By viscous morals set in stone
Wrote this when I was feeling more like an outsider than usual. The typical sad story of a person who doesn't feel like they belong to any specific place, whether it was where they were born or where they happen to live. The Nomads, forever wandering.
Hope you enjoy <3
Mar 2019 · 467
Asia Mar 2019
She was chained
by the FURORE of
knowing far too little
and feeling far too much

Her lungs crushed by chaos
her words stolen by shame
her hands flooded by fear
her thoughts filled with pain
her eyes blinded by tears
that leave her palms with stains
her skin as pale as snow
so white that one sees veins

"Help I cannot BREATHE!"
she cries in muted hell
"My mind it cannot SPEAK..

all it does is YELL"
Thought i'd try to describe as best as i can how i feel during a panic attack. and as you can see, its not all emotional, a lot of it is physical. I would say I hope some of you can relate but honestly, I wish for no one to ever have to go through this..
Stay strong,
Love, Asia
Mar 2019 · 461
Quote #2
Asia Mar 2019
"It has come to my attention that..
the death of a soul is not caused by
too much of the unnecessary
but by not enough of the necessary"  

- Amaisha
Short but sweet. I thought of this yesterday while I was scribbling nonsense all over the page. I was in a pretty foul and stressed mood from just the workload of assignments I had to complete and do and well after much internal screaming and ripping of paper, I came to realise that at the end of the day, the only way to live well is to live doing what you love. and poetry...well that's what I truly love.
(I still ended up completing the majority of my assignments, but I'd like to think that that was because I had been able to take a much more positive approach to the task which let me get it done better and faster!)
Hope you Enjoy! I will be posting quite a lot this week mostly because I'm simply in a very 'inspired' mood and mindset, so look forward to new poems everyday!!
Lots of love , Amaisha
Mar 2019 · 229
Quote #1
Asia Mar 2019
"Those who give no sympathy,
Get only hatred in return"
Mar 2019 · 1.8k
The Wolf & the Nymph
Asia Mar 2019
He was lost

Longing for clear skies
Open faith and calm seas
Shallow tides and sweet sunrise
Time to put him at ease

She was free

Far from prying eyes,
Rotten glares, all left behind
Every minute an endless high
Eagerness that left her blind

She found him in letters of solitude
He held her in fields of white
They swore to keep each other
But their words lost their light

And so she stayed within her forest
Of fear and broken dreams
And he lay down in his coffin
Where he'd slowly sink into sleep
Asia Feb 2019
Once there was
A sharpshooter who knew
not where to aim

And once there lay
A gracious prince
wronged by his own game

His Kingdom had fallen &
his loved ones cried mutiny
Run they did so feverishly
to any hope of a cure

A cure to mend his weaknesses
A way to cover up his shame
shame he'd brought his family
those who'd stripped him of faithç

And so the thuggish soul walked up boldy
hands place tightly on his gun
he offered the prince sweet symphony
promised him salvation from his damaged grace

They rode on waves of chaos
and drank from jars of bottled love
they sought solace in one another
and greeted life's velvet gloves

The prince's past still haunting
yet its daggers long forgotten
Down rabbit holes they wondered
far from safety they now both stood

It's been spoken through sheltered folktales
that no weapon of the heart can shoot gracefully
without an aim being placed

and so the gunman soon realised
his bullets now longed
for the prince's troubled face
Inspiration from the Six of Crows duo logy (Wylan and Jesper)
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Asia Feb 2019
You were a comet,
Your eyes shone like embers
Your smile took me over, and
left this heart all but still.

I watched as you flew by,
through the glass of a window
Every night I would find you
like a light guiding me home.

My hands couldn't reach you,
but your soul held me tight
Might I lay here in this warmth,  and
Listen close to the words you recite?

But yet you are a comet,
You cannot stay for long
the second I think I've caught you,
the moment I realise you're gone..
Ill be honest, I got inspired to write this after re-watching all the scenes between Allura and Lance (Voltron). Yes I know, I love making myself suffer xD but I can't get over that final episode. I have a serious love hate relationship with it atm! Allura and Lance deserved betterrrrr, But oh well, all in all it was a beautiful ending and it was heartwarming to see the team move on and find happiness ( Also, can I get a cheer for SHIRO here!! YOU MARRY THAT MAN BOY <3333 , You deserve ittt)
Okay okay thats all, anyway hope you enjoy it and if you know anything about Voltron , than I hope this poem did it justice... :))
Jan 2019 · 633
Stand, Still
Asia Jan 2019
They say I am ill,
That my future stands, still
Too far out of reach
Yet not close enough to feel

My Future,

It's patience is no virtue
It's silence is no gift,
I will claw my way to find it
just to find it doesn't exist.

They will watch with desperate eyes
praying that through all the
destruction and hatred I pass
I will somehow survive
the disguise of my past

My past,

It's soulless smile rips through my skin
Destroying the layer of heaven I built
Constricting my heart of the love I once felt

They say not to live in the past,
or fret of the future
but to stand in the present

But how can I stand when the past
has shaken the ground I am on,
& the future clouded my blue sky with grey?
I wrote this in a time when I honestly felt like I wasn't going anywhere  and that somehow, no matter how much I tried, my past would always catch up to me. I hope you like it and that some of you can relate.. :))
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
Out of Tune
Asia Jan 2019
She was a word spoken too soon
A melody so gracefully out of tune
Where her mind a haven
Of all things mistaken
And her wings powered with
The mystery life brings

But we became too envious,
And stole her portrait of bedlam,
Ousting it with a mirror of drabness
Replacing the song she prayed to sing
And all to blend her into this dull ink

Ink we so blatantly call home
Chaos where our souls seek comfort
And rumours our ears so ignorantly believe

Now she is but a corpse
Of a potential beauty in store
spending her days as the ones before
Accepting the lies thread in this web

Web that led her sound to snore
Destroyed the pictures painted in her skin
And slowly consumed her heart with dread

Because society will always despise
What is said
By the flowers that bloomed before time
And the words that were spoken
so defiantly out of line
This started out as a sort of letter that I was writing to 'society', just expressing my frustrations towards it and how it has killed people's individual spirits as so to prevent almost 'anarchy' in way (Anyone who is 'too' different) , but after a while of writing it I started to play around with some of the words and eventually it led to this
Jan 2019 · 725
Desires of the Heart
Asia Jan 2019
It is wreckage and salvation,
An absolute illusion
Of a perfect paradise

A symphony of heartache
A wretched game of pain,
Joined by melodies of tears
Along with notes of rain

It wakes the heart
Yet breaks the soul
An unwanted loss of time
In a wanted time of daydreams

Whether returned or ignored
It's uncertainty kills the most
Unable you are to walk away

From what is wished for
In the desires of the heart
But prayed to be forgotten
In the mechanisms of the mind
This is a poem I wrote when I was mad crazy over this friend of mine and the fact that I couldn't tell him got to the point where it was detrimental to my mental health (Panic attacks,etc.) so because of that I ended up confessing to him, only to find out he was in love with my other close friends. Stung like a ***** but I got over it so at least I can say I got a decent poem out of the experience :))
Jan 2019 · 942
Hospital Hopes
Asia Jan 2019
Save me from my silence,
blind me from my eyes,
sew up my scars
with your pretty little lies

Here I lay on your hospital bed
soul surrounded by sheets of white
will you unplug me from my consciousness
I beg you, hand me to the light

Still hurting?
Pump up the morphine
comatize these fears
for there's no space for feeling
nor room for smiles and tears

I'm but a tad bit thirsty
for those small blue pills you hold
I'm told they fix mindsets
d'you reckon they'd mend mine?
Jan 2019 · 431
Battle Greed
Asia Jan 2019
You are a symphony of tears
A battleground of crimson fears
No light in your souless eyes
No sound in your desperate cries

You stand in the sunshine
Yet you pray for rain
Do its' clouds bring you comfort?
Does its' thunder free your chains?

Holding tight as you wander
past the dreams that didnt survive
White roses blooming brightly
from the ****** massacre of life

No more mystery left to thrive
as the war of greed rages on
past the solitude of deep waters
wrecking life, hither and yon

Your fight for power is pointless
when there's nothing left but you,
still you wonder why the universe,
does not care to say 'Adieu'
Jan 2019 · 198
Drown, don't Swim
Asia Jan 2019
She swam in an ocean
of heavy blue tears
some from her eyes,
some from the eyes of others
some old as time,
while others new as first light

She swam for a month
and slowely drifted for two
by the third she begged for land,
and on the fourth she was met by waves of red
finally when the fifth month arrived,
she'd given up

Never had she prayed so hard for sun
and been met with so much night sky,
for too long had she thought
that heat would not melt
the icy, fragile parts of her heart.

several years past when
her skin eventually kissed
the rough lemon shores
only to then realize
she'd forgotton how to walk.
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