13lueCLOUD Oct 15

If fate has gone cruel and
Had us meeting,
Had us loving,
Only to have us parting,
Then I shall never love again

13lueCLOUD Oct 15

Denied once,
Denied twice,
Do not go for thrice;
Disappointment shall be your price

13lueCLOUD Oct 1

Ba't ang sarap masaktan?
'Yung tipong, alam mong masakit pero binabalik-balikan.
'Yung hindi naman dapat,
Pero nakailan na akong apat.

Tuwing siya'y pumapasok sa isip ko,
Gusto kong puntahan ang profile niya; oo
Gaga ako dahil sinasaktan ko ang sarili ko
Kahit alam kong mapapa-aray ako sa kirot

Paano eh,
Siya ang nagpasaya sayo noon eh.
Ayon, gusto ko bigla siyang makilala.
Anong klaseng babae ba siya?
Paano ka ba niya napamahal sa kanya?
Mga tanong ganon ay nais kong sagutin
Kahit ng mga kaibigan mo, pwede na rin.

Mga litrato nang inyong mga alaala,
Sayo ay wala na.
Pero sa kanya, wala na rin ba?
O mahal ka pa niya?

Napapasobra na ata ako
Dahil kahit mga pag-uusap ninyo noon,
Gusto kong mabasa ngayon;
Magkatulad kaya kayo noon sa ngayong tayo?

Alam kong wala nang kayo
At ngayon ay may tayo,
Ngunit ako'y patawarin mo, mahal
Hindi ko mapigilan ang nais kahit bawal.

Hindi ko rin maintindihan
Kung bakit masarap masaktan.

A Filipino poem expressing the author's continuing jealousy of their lover's ex.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016

In this world of black and white
Younger ones told what is “right”
Equipping us for a future “dazzling bright”

But with the countless voices
Who should affect our choices?

A short poem expressing the persona’s confusion who should the young ones follow.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016

As sunrise comes near
My orb spill a tear
Approaching me is fear
Sharp words you will hear

Witness this, water, shells and sand
This moment “traitor” becomes my brand
“We cannot leave hand in hand”
Pardon for not confessing beforehand

We are polar, my dear
You belong with the sea
I cannot be without the city
Your expression screams “happy”
But I dance with lonely
“Opposites attract,” they tell me
Yet with my intense negativity
I fear to shatter your positivity

Am aware, you might cry
Anguish whispers “DIE!”
While I bid you “Goodbye”  

As nonsense it may be
As stupid it may seem
Please grant me one plea:
Be happy without me

The poem expresses the persona’s heartache as the persona realizes their great difference and chooses to break up with the persona’s lover, the day they were meant to leave together.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016

Memories of you and I remain
In times of insanity and when sane
Both parties are responsible–to be blamed!
Today’s portrait is what has become the outcome

Our laughing roars filled the room
Everyone’s expression said, “We’re doomed!”
Denying is futile–the whole place went boom!
But reminiscing now invites Cloud of Gloom

Orange and pink blanketed the sky
Cue: another is about to pass by
To the train we’d greet, “Hi~!”
The usual spots, yours and mine,
Shrieked while we were on high
Chat goes on ‘til the other said bye

The next? No exemption!
Pair of feet exercise in assumption
Kinetic hands trap them in adoration
Cloud 9 waltz in successive repetition

Orange and pink blanketed the sky
Cue: another is about to pass by
To the train we’d greet, “Hi~!”
The usual spot, mine,
Am no longer able to occupy
Only to find stranger’s beam so sly

Thanks to her personality, voice like chime
You and her turn buddies in no time
While I stay on your side like a mime;
That felt as if losing a dime

That night insomnia attacked
Your voices echoing made me whacked–
A virus marched into the brain via hack
Caused the insides to curse “Fuck!”
These insecurities plan no turning back

Reality presented my fear:
Your orbs wiggle while I am here
When you did a scan for her
Out crying one thing clear
I’ve been replaced, my dear.

An incomplete poem which expressed the persona’s loneliness as she reminisce the past relationship she had (may it be a pal or a lover). The story was supposed to end on the third day with the persona’s friend no longer noticing her presence as soon as she spots her new found buddy. This act leads the persona to move a step back, thus unboarding the train before it dashes to its destination.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016

Can you see
The stern I
Who passes by
With quivering eyes?
Can you see
A distance pass
The poker this face has
Whispering aches of so vast?

Can you see
My raging pet
Caught within the net
And sealed by my consent?
Can you see
Its growl of cries
Done in many tries
Yet to find ends in fails?

Can you see
The silly excuse?
To veil, that I choose;
This must not let loose
For the act can juice
Audience to prejudice

The persona of the poem speaks of her unexpressed inner struggles cloaked by the emotionless expression she wears [Verse 1]. Her emotion has become intense and thus she dropped hints for the crowd to notice, yet her efforts drown to futile [Verse 2]. In the end she decides to continue covering these struggles due to her fear of the people misjudging her. [Verse 3]
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