13lueCLOUD Apr 13
People's differences are gaps that make it difficult for them to connect with others.

And I hate that ours shrinks you into a dot.
13lueCLOUD Jan 2
I keep feelings to myself
More than I share them.
And I can't help itㅡ
It's how I grew up;
A second nature.

It feels unusual
To let someone know
Of their existence
That I stray away from doing it.
Inspired by a recent happening;
I mean no harm to you by keeping quiet of my feelings, it's simply my second nature to.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2017
The door creaks, my ears pique
They have come again
Those unruly, sinister men
Grieving, I sigh to myself

A day of peace, come nevermore;
Those unwanted guests arrive,
Demanding for attention
I struggle not to please

To the corner, I curl
This here is my comfort––
My own heat warming,
Myself in my embrace

Pestering fools! Naugthy and child-like
Whispering, screaming, telling me loudly
Words this chest aches to hear
And soon, I tear to the thoughts

Downpour comes,
Soon becomes heavy rain
To the heavens I look,
Do the gods grieve for me too?
A poem narrating the persona's everyday struggle with uncontrolled overthinking, comparing it to unwated guests.
13lueCLOUD Oct 2017
If fate has gone cruel and
Had us meeting,
Had us loving,
Only to have us parting,
Then I shall never love again
13lueCLOUD Oct 2017
Denied once,
Denied twice,
Do not go for thrice;
Disappointment shall be your price
13lueCLOUD Oct 2017
Ba't ang sarap masaktan?
'Yung tipong, alam **** masakit pero binabalik-balikan.
'Yung hindi naman dapat,
Pero nakailan na akong apat.

Tuwing siya'y pumapasok sa isip ko,
Gusto kong puntahan ang profile niya; oo
Gaga ako dahil sinasaktan ko ang sarili ko
Kahit alam kong mapapa-aray ako sa kirot

Paano eh,
Siya ang nagpasaya sayo noon eh.
Ayon, gusto ko bigla siyang makilala.
Anong klaseng babae ba siya?
Paano ka ba niya napamahal sa kanya?
Mga tanong ganon ay nais kong sagutin
Kahit ng mga kaibigan mo, pwede na rin.

Mga litrato nang inyong mga alaala,
Sayo ay wala na.
Pero sa kanya, wala na rin ba?
O mahal ka pa niya?

Napapasobra na ata ako
Dahil kahit mga pag-uusap ninyo noon,
Gusto kong mabasa ngayon;
Magkatulad kaya kayo noon sa ngayong tayo?

Alam kong wala nang kayo
At ngayon ay may tayo,
Ngunit ako'y patawarin mo, mahal
Hindi ko mapigilan ang nais kahit bawal.

Hindi ko rin maintindihan
Kung bakit masarap masaktan.
A Filipino poem expressing the author's continuing jealousy of their lover's ex.
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016
In this world of black and white
Younger ones told what is “right”
Equipping us for a future “dazzling bright”

But with the countless voices
Who should affect our choices?
A short poem expressing the persona’s confusion who should the young ones follow.
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