Henry Daniels
Henry Daniels
Jul 28, 2012

    Playing with yourself
is bad, and it
will make you
Go blind...
I can't see

  reason why I should stop doing it. :D

Digital masterbation,
Courtney Pruitt
  1. Had you a viral video,
    you’d watch it
    more than once.

    2. Instagram hearts
    make you smile,
    even from strangers.

    3. Which would
    you rather:
    friending you
    on Facebook.

    No, this isn’t a Cosmo quiz —
    it’s a social experiment.

    Because no one ACTUALLY
    answers these questions honestly
    without looking like
    that douche at the pool
    trying to get as MANY
    high fives as possible.

    Yet, we all do it.
    Alone or in public.
    Day or night.
    LED screen spice up our lives.

    It was probably
    best embodied
    by that girl taking
    filmed for minutes
    on the way to school,
    the video soon posted,
    by her dad
    trying to teach  her a lesson?
    Or trying to get attention?
    Either way, he might as
    well have hashtagged it

    Like most humor
    we laughed at her
    because we are her.
    We see a dripping
    masterbating to
    itself in public.

    Wait, it,
    sounds wrong
    when you name it.

    But there is
    a name for it:

    Digital masterbation,

    You won’t agree
    that you do it too.

    But I’ll bet
    most of you
    get excited
    thinking about
    notifications too.

    Why is that?

    You’d never admit it.

    You can say
    I smelt it, so I dealt it.
    Call me a preacher,
    a hater, or a hypocrit.

    But I'd rather you call me a
    digital masterbater too.

    And then remember the last
    time you opened Instagram
    or Facebook
    or Twitter
    and took a selfie
    or hashtagged something
    or posted a status
    that your still breathing.

    How long has it been —
    a minute, an hour, a day?

    Now try making fun of her.
masterbation brings you pleasure
gothic mistress
gothic mistress
Nov 19, 2010

no slavering kisses

like a dog on heat

no schoolboy fumble

wanting you to beat his meat.

no grope in the dark

or a letch to grab your tits

no rancid breath,nor sweaty skin

to grasp you in his mits.

just you and your fingers

and your own dirty vices

pure ecstacy of loving yourself

with your battery op devices.

it is all in the touch

the rhythm of your wrist

the way your body squirms

giving a wriggle to your hips.

a gasp n moan

masterbation brings you pleasure

frustrated tensions fade away

as you fiddle at your leisure.

reaching your crescendo

a throb a pant a sigh

eyes slightly misted

youre at your dizzying high.

copyright gothicmistress 2010

I close my eyes
And lick my lips
As Full hands
Turn into finger tips
They go down my side
Then over my thighs
The hands begin to undo
The laces on my shoe
Then the buttons on my pants
Maybe this is what they call romance
The hands know what's next
And what'll feel best
As they slip between my legs
The more my body begs
They stroke where it feels right
And my muscles become tight
When I finally I cum
And all of my body is numb
I finally open my eyes
And realize my body has told lies
For I lay in bed alone
With only hands of my own

#love   #self   #lust   #bed   #hands   #body   #like   #confusion   #intensity   #masterbation  
Were the same person so its not gay its masterbation .
alebastard jones

I'm only agressive because u made me this way . Every day u insist upon calling me gay .
But we are one so don't try to fight this Sensation. Were the same person so its not gay its masterbation .

When there's a time machine im gonna go back in time and make love with my younger self. don't hate on me its masterbation.
Feb 23, 2010

she'd make love if she knew
if she could
if she would
when her life seems to spiral down
mental capacities limited more and more
she sips a little 80 proof
packs another bowl and waits for
listens to music that reminds her of beautiful boys
that have long gone
moved on
beautiful boys they dance and sing play music together
in her dreams all of them
together smiling faces
cheating messes
with some hesitation
she'd make love if she could
make love to a bar of soap
it's all you got
they ended short short relationship with a parting wish
"go fuck yourself, bitch"
...and as she stands in shower
wonders if they'd feel satisfied
if they knew she did exactly that
it's all she has
one parting wish
and a bar of soap

my fingers were put to the keys and out this came instantaneously.

written december 31st, 2009.
So many victims fallen to masterbation
Drifton A Way
Drifton A Way
Sep 2, 2013

A cosmic ray dispersed into creation
Tail wagging upstream with elation
So many victims fallen to masterbation
Anxious seed sprouting with incubation

Privileged To exist
we have no choice
Growing like a cyst
No time to rejoice

Cognitive effort to grasp us being alive
Ponder the place from where we derive
Reasons for life and why we must strive
Are we honeybees with earth as our hive
Pray to the heavens for when we"ll arrive
Greeted with a smile and god"s high five

Effortlessly we all continue to live and be
Subconsciously evolving the human tree
Temporarily renting this vessel of a body
Surreptitiously evading death to be free

;     Similar to to masterbation, self gratification, that first one,..
Jack R Fehlmann

I'm doing this backwards it seems.
         This living, this life, this exhistance...
If that really is, what it is,... A gift, or a punishment?
         Similar to to masterbation, self gratification, that first one,..
                  Never another, not even the immediate second,..
After the first of anything,
           Has been,...  Is done,... Gets finished,...
                             Is experienced for the very first time,...
                                            The next and next and next,  the second...
              and on and on and on and on... are much much less intense.
More understood, less mysterious,... Less amazing,...  more like practice.

He meets the Master, the master of masterbation.
The DedPoet

John Carlisle the un assumed hero,
He is a brilliant absolute zero
Born in the city of Sin,
Sex all around, here S.T. D.s win.
And through it all he hates sex crimes,
Having never busted a nut, his sad times.
In his maddened fury for sexual gratification,
He meets the Master, the master of masterbation.
He is Master Bater, the one with the touch,
He can make you bust, it doesnt take much.
In his search for a new hero to be born,
He runs into John Carlisle while buying some porn.
John, I see your frustration,
I must warn you of the evil villain, Mr. CASTRATION.
I need a new student to battle this fool,
Cum with me, become my tool!
John wanders and tells of his invention,
"  I invented a nut busting gun, I wanted to mention."
Train me in the sexual battle,
I will do almost anything, but I will not do cattle!'
Master Bater has found his new man,
I will train you in the ways that are banned.
You will become the nut buster of the city,
Maker of sexual loyalty and unflashing the titty!
You will be honored as you battle these villains,
Stopping the likes of Blue Balls, and his hit men.
You will be against the crazy woman known,
She has a Cameltoe that has only grown.
It has reachrd her belt buckle, so large they call her Moose Knuckle!
You will face a hardened criminal deadly,
His name be Viagro, battle him headily.
Take charge of the Sin City,
And get laid son! Get some twin titty!
And so Orgazmo was born,
Here in the slums, sexual deviants be warned!

Yeah its from that movie but im gonna make it a series on hellopoetry. I think i gotta lighten up. Poetry can be deep and drive one to places that we did not know of ourselves. So im ressurecting Orgazmo. Enjoy!
her to go I'm glad she taught me about masterbation
Softly spoken
Softly spoken
Oct 22, 2011

I got this great sensation.
With a broad imagination
And I love to think
Where other brains are weak
So educate me
Teach me that one plus one in ya bedroom
Means later on a wife and groom
That if I don't pull out and stay in
9months from now we got a baby coming
We all need education
No don't put me no class room I want hands on
I want to touch feel and embrace the sun
And yes I know its hot
But so was you and look what I got
I'm getting educated
Now that I know about the birds and the bees
I got a lil knowledge on astrolegy
Can we go on please
Without this thing called education the brain is dead
She brought me to life the first time I got in her bed
She educated me taught me things I never knew
Like you can have sharp pains in ya heart from what someone else might do
That you can be heart broken yea she taught that to me
She also demonstrated that one time she left me
Although sad for her to go I'm glad she taught me about masterbation
Or else I would be in a world of shyt
Sexually fustrated holding all these nuts in
Man fuck education half of the shyt we don't use
And knowing one plus one don't stop ya heart from getting bruised
I hate education of life I should of stayed in public schools
Instead of coming out to the real world and takin off my sschool shoes
I don't want to learn
That falling in love sometimes can burn
Damn you education
I'm gonna make a collabaration of the two
The real world / school education and sell it to ya kids in school
So they won't be fooled
When someone comes and try to educate them
And still I have a great sensation with a broad imagination
I got my books pen and paper early preperation
For this shyt called education

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