Aug 12

It stands for me
I am the meaning of swag
Don't hate appreciate

swag yolo

#yolo   #swag  
having control on your swag
kris wu
kris wu
Mar 19      Mar 20

having control on your swag
is more important
than having control on your life

This is the definition of swag.
Isaiah Herpes
Isaiah Herpes
Aug 10, 2013

V-necks, low pants.
Bad grades.
Rude assholes
This is the definition of swag.
So why would you brag?
Because it really sounds like a drag.

come at her like
Whats your name?
What you in to?
naw thats not ganna work
got to get those words that ganna get you
Thinkin Thinkin
hold you like the pedals i'll never bruise
Naw to deep thats way to soon
how can i do this
step up to the table like hello my name is Luis  
man im like screw this
stressing to much thinking to far
gotta act quick before another dude raises the bar
I got it i got it i'll dance for her
naw got to think out the box
done thinkin ... i'll just wright a poem
Send her my thoughts.
End it with XOXO i like you a lot.

Alec Reyna
2 days ago

What are they
Are they like Walnuts?
Or peanuts
Or bust nuts
Or some other kind of nut
The world needs to know

i don't know
Haiven Victoria
Haiven Victoria
Jun 27      Jun 28

They broke my heart
They made me feel like shit
Id like to thank them for breaking me like a tooth pick.

Im glad they broke my heart
Cause I would have never met him
So ill never look back at those times again


I am sick of never writing my poetry
letting her write herself, make up her own stories
sell her snake oil

some say i have swag
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

A Poem by quinfinn

" senryu "

some say i have swag
others call me romantic
i am just a man

© 2013 quinfinn

Swag, swag
Duke Johnson

If Jesus had a casino
I'd be a holy roller
Swag, swag

Got so much cheddar
I be making cheese curds

Praise be to the based god
Yung trap lord
Action Bronson
The holy trinity
SSwag od

Praise our holy father based god, and his disciples the yung trap lord and bronsolini, the symbol
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