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Zack Phillips Apr 2017
Wake up late and sleep early
Everything's the same
Same salty taste
Same boring place
Same frustrating video game

Wake up early and sleep late
Everything's the same
Same Netflix show
Same footsteps below
Same flickering of the flame

Wake up and sleep
Everything's the same
Same **** routine
Same depressing scene
Same struggling to reclaim

Wake up and
Everything's the same.
Zack Phillips Nov 2016
The Journey winds down the lonely Road
Flanked on the sides by Spirits
Recognizing the faces nearest
They stuff my backpack, add to my Load
In their countenance is where their fear is

Starting out, weak dumb and small
With no mind for allegory
See the winding Road before me
In this beginning, I have to crawl
In this humble beginning, I begin to see

Standing now on my own two feet
Toddling down the road
Now I'm in exploring mode
Hoping for someone nice to meet
Hoping for a special Someone nice to know

Getting stronger, day-by-day
Trying to conceive the end of it all
Hoping my missteps don't make me fall
Wondering what Price I'll pay
Lost deep in introspective thought; my mind's enthralled

Now I pause along my path
Knowing I'd have to find some meat
Seeking this one special treat
Sneak away to divert His wrath
I look eagerly for a baker to entreat

The glowing Angels guard the sacred Ground
Forcing me to cut short my break
Showing, not telling, my mind to stay
A breathless whisper without a sound
That breathless whisper said all they needed to say

Now strong and tall and unperturbed
I wonder what lies beneath
The Road spans o'er what's underneath
I let my mind wander, undisturbed
And wonder about the secret hidden heath

Wiser now but youthful still
Talk and research of subjects profound
None of which fail to confound
Waiting patiently, I walk with Time to ****
While words of thoughts buzz lazily around

No longer Young but I am not old
My appetite for destruction, curbed
My longing now for just a Word
The One that can be forever untold
But only Once does It need to be heard

I am old now and growing weary
I see now the end of the Road before me
Winding up to those Benevolent Three
As I draw closer, my eyes with old age, bleary
I heard them say 'I love you dearly'
And slipped into Their Grace.
Thank you for the inspiration Dr. Lewis!
Zack Phillips Oct 2016
One White, pretty and clean
One Black, shady and mean
Their Puppy perceived as crazy, nice, even humdrum
The Truth is none, maybe just a conundrum

Picture a big Dog, a ******* risen from Hell
None understood, to many, just a mere shell
He loved many *******, therefore fathering many puppies
His intentions were redeeming, his soul would be condemned

Picture a small Angel, genius incarnate
She walks a lonely road, always menial, not subordinate
Angel carries a curse, and that of a strong will
For it was the choice of life that brought her thrill

Two Dogs from opposite litters and homes
Harboring different triggers from opposite roams
Meeting in a place of retribution and salvation
Trying to end the Common Search for Reconciliation

Two dogs, one Black, one White
Seeing them together, a very odd sight
Only one Puppy would leave their nest
Always in turmoil, never knowing which Dog barks Next.
This one was written by my good friend Ian, an aspiring poet
Zack Phillips Apr 2016
Wanting to love you as a friend
But also to start this over again
For sure, my heart is on the mend
Eyes that are closed can't see the end

But that doesn't mean that I won't care
That I will never again be there
I just want to make sure we're fair
While Moving (on) to the next stair

We are in this together now
And will make it out somehow
No matter how much sweat drips from our brow
We'll steel our resolve and grab a towel

I wish that we could forever be
That would be so perfect to me
Eyes still closed, so I don't see
Trying to escape from reality

It's not your fault that I'm this way
I wish so bad that you could stay
Eventually, I will be okay
But eventually is not today

Please don't let this make you sad
I hope this doesn't make you mad
Just know that in the time we had
You made me feel much more than glad

You made me love more that I could love
You became all I was thinking of
But like in a wedding, I release a dove
In peace, I have to set free my Love
Zack Phillips Feb 2016
Perpetually ******, peeved and put-out
                        Cocked my cans back to give them a clout
                        Surrounded by slithering serpents suffocating my shout
                        Asking angry ******* what their apathy is about

Longing for her luscious locks to be locked with a look
Burgeoning, bumbling, believing love's broken book
Tired of the teasing, I take what I've come to took
Nestling near, cradling only my pillow in my arm crook

                              *******, *******, **** right you're going down
                              Fixing your ******* face into a freckled frown
                              Grouchy and greedy, I gasped seeing her gown
                              Hungry and *****, I can't leave the scent, like a hound

              Where was 'we' written in the wedding
              Roaring raucously, I rip off her ring
              Zealous, jeaous, I zag away from my zig
              Can't you cantankerous ***** see I want to be **KING
Sorry for the foul language! Written in one sitting during a moment of inspiration
Zack Phillips Nov 2015
I wish these lines in my mind would straighten out
Not really sure how they got twisted about
All I want to do is break free and shout
But no, that's not what it's all about

I wish I understood where I stand
I am, after all, only a man
I just want to reach out, and again feel your hand
But I can't, after all, I'm only a man

I'm so tired that a forever sleep is too short
I'm so confused and my thoughts must be sorted
I don't know if I want or need you Lauren
I need my thoughts to be sorted.
Zack Phillips Nov 2015
Hush now child, it'll all be fine
I'm right here, right by your side
Here's where I always hope I'll be
Wrapped in arms of a lover who loves me

Hush now darling, it'll be alright
I'm fighting hard with demons of the night
But all for you, and never in vain
I'll fight forever, for I've so much to gain

Hush now baby, I'm here with you
I hope that nothing gets between us two
I hope our love can go on and on
And I'll wake up next to you each and every dawn

Hush now dear, they're coming near
Stay low and wait until till it's clear
I'll signal when we can keep going
Crouch down, leave nothing showing!

Hush now, I'm through with listening
Looking at you, my eyes glistening
You were the last suspect in this crime
And now I realize we never had time
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