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Apr 2016
Wanting to love you as a friend
But also to start this over again
For sure, my heart is on the mend
Eyes that are closed can't see the end

But that doesn't mean that I won't care
That I will never again be there
I just want to make sure we're fair
While Moving (on) to the next stair

We are in this together now
And will make it out somehow
No matter how much sweat drips from our brow
We'll steel our resolve and grab a towel

I wish that we could forever be
That would be so perfect to me
Eyes still closed, so I don't see
Trying to escape from reality

It's not your fault that I'm this way
I wish so bad that you could stay
Eventually, I will be okay
But eventually is not today

Please don't let this make you sad
I hope this doesn't make you mad
Just know that in the time we had
You made me feel much more than glad

You made me love more that I could love
You became all I was thinking of
But like in a wedding, I release a dove
In peace, I have to set free my Love
Zack Phillips
Written by
Zack Phillips
   Sisilia, NA and Angelica
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