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 Sep 2018 YexMarie
It’s a bond formed with thousands and thousands of hours
It’s a friendship adorned like a bouquet of flowers

A cluster of yellow roses
For the companionship that bloomed
Or a bunch of chrysanthemums
For the wholehearted support during the adversities that loomed

A few irises
An unsaid message of dedication
With some violets
  A proof of everlasting devotion

And pink carnations
A promise to never forget each other
Plus some hydrangea
A gratitude for being understood in spite of our soul bearing different colors

Some blue tulips
For the genuine loyalty
A vow to never leave
And of course ivy
A promise of continuity of the wonderful friendship
That we will definitely achieve
Dedicated to my best friend
 Sep 2018 YexMarie
There is a seedling
Planted in
The soil of my heart.

She’s delicate
But full of life;
A priceless work of art.

A gentle touch,
A loving hand,
Is all she really needs

To open up
And face the sun,
And sprout her first new leaves.
You're personality is just so shiny,
it comes out and shows the best in me.
When you're near everything seems to just gleam,
if someone's near they'll see what I mean.
The shadows disappear into a glittery mist.
They lights come out to say hello in your midst.
Your waves cause sparkles,
causing my heart to grow,
and allowing it all to flow,
into what it's meant to be,
because you're shiny.
Heading to get what I need,
and there I see,
your halo,
it's so bright that I can't keep you out of sight,
although try as I might,
there you go making my world full of rainbows from your afterglow.
When I look at you I confuse you for the sun.
You're so bright and so much fun,
I just feel lucky to have come across that glint.
In case you need another hint,
you're just so shiny,
it's amazing just to get a glimpse of you.
You're so shiny,
I cannot dream that there'd be a being so bright,
but then you came and I knew,
that things are different,
it's all better,
I see what's made you tick,
you've seem to do the trick,
of taking any pain,
and filling those holes with sunlight.

— The End —