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28/M    99% of what i write is written drunk.
oliver g wilikers
24/M/Scotland    melancholy
24/F/USA    I am the happiest person you will ever meet. I am the saddest person you will ever know.
Erik Welsh
M/Pensacola, FL    photography from my eyes, music from my hands and mouth, poetry from my head, and all of the above from the heart
Jackie Mead
60/F/United Kingdom    I am a published Children's Author I have three children and five grandchildren, a sixth on the way. I love writing, reading, poetry, running Connect ...
25/United Kingdom.   
a z u r e d r e a m
a lover of life
Kyle madill Baker
29/Other    A rambling mind that would like very much to talk to you about the world and more.
david badgerow
29/M/Florida    yes, i have tricks in my pocket, i have things up my sleeve. but i am the opposite of a stage magician. he gives you ...
Camp Johnson Crossing NW    “Violins are for sissies” she said “I play violin” I answered “I like sissies” she replied
🇸🇬    Wield them proud for they are your own. Words are yours to cast in stone. Unsheathe them with reason and rhyme. Reveal them so they ...

— The End —