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Stefania Naomi Apr 2019
The land of flowers dancing in the countryside

Trembles as the doctor steps in hurry.

He searches for the souls who cried

Living in a world full of pain and worry.

No plans, no future, hope slowly died

This is not a happy ending story.

As hard as the lonely hearts tried

The past times are gone and left no glory.

Before, the doctor used to find his place

Where every single soul would keep him close.

Now, agony left barely any space

And the familiar time and place completely froze.

Why did he not follow the pace?

The winds and rain told the hearts to close.

If he hadn’t stopped the chase

The souls would’ve not decompose.

No families, the government destroyed them all

What once was purity and love, today it doesn’t matter.

They took every soul’s wings to let them fall

So the whole world began to shatter.

The sun, the brightness are not longer on the sky tall

When asked what happened, the hearts begin to stutter

And standing in silence they all begin to bawl.

A place that once was full of happiness and joy

Is now for those who can’t stop crying.

Although it’s harder to fix than to destroy

The doctor will not stop trying.

He had this dream since he was a little boy

And if not giving up means dying

The act and service he will still enjoy

As long as the world stops complying.
Stefania Naomi Mar 2019
Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass
Don’t tell me that you need me, prove me your fervency will never begin to pass
Don’t tell me you see our future in my eyes, hold tightly so our knot will not crash.

For the moon doesn’t always shine as the misty light takes its place
And feelings that bring agony are so easy to replace
Our future is traveling to a more enlightened place too far away to chase.

Don’t you understand loving me is to show, not just to tell?
You have to dive into my stormy waters gently like a shell
Forecasting every single wave might not serve us well
But by slowly learning how to float will shield our feelings like a spell.

— The End —