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Xoi Feb 2017
she's terrible you said
I pronounce as if it's free
she waited for you,
longer, you see
but to execute finely
same as thee
is the result of a
miserably complicated flee
and for what reason
did I take a knee
to her, stand alone
but mirroring me
Early or Late?
  Feb 2017 Xoi
Julia Elise
Title (optional)
cliche word combination begging you to read on

something about love
something about lost
probably something about brokenness too
a story of heartbreak and being destroyed

an overused simile because those are the easiest to understand
maybe some rhymes about how, like a bird, time flies by so quickly
a closing line that contains the only actual feeling
something about what could have been

Notes (optional)
a monologue describing the words that should have spoken for themselves

Tags (separated by spaces)**
#love  #supposedunderlyingmeaning #imissyou #thisisthecryforhelpihopeyousee
this poem is about the art of poetry as a whole, and how those who do not understand the power that words can have try to write the previously mentioned poems, and end up disgracing the sacred name of the poets' society.
Xoi Feb 2017
Ignite what you wish, just promise me
to adore the flames since it's the last
thing you two have combined
and for otherwise is energy wasted
and we know you love wasting time
regardless if it's yours to take
but for the duration of the fire
enjoy every spark and cheers
with the shotgun next to the jacket
along side the rest of her unfound things
I just owe it to say to the ash that remains
it's a shame you forgot you can't burn down your pain
  Feb 2017 Xoi
I did not mean to fall
for you but it's
your words
that made
me do
I didn't just
gave in that easily
just because you were
so nice and sweet every
time we speak.
Xoi Feb 2017
I never asked you to stay.
I didn't expect concrete to form
around your feet
or give you a leash to keep close.
All I wanted for was company
at the times I wanted to
remember how a heart beats.
It isn't enough to brush your leg
or accept your embracing touch.
I liked reminding myself I'm
not the only one with
permanent damage and
tracing your skin helped
to instill in my thoughts
that maybe someone
had ruined you too.
Just maybe my outline
wasn't strong enough and
Your shell had no choice
but to crack
Xoi Dec 2016
My hands are wide open for as long
as you'd like them to be
They are much less receiving when
you say "I love her" to me.
  Dec 2016 Xoi
Lora Lee
There is a new fire
in my soul
           its curves  
                wrap themselves
               around me
             like a hot
sheath of flesh
snakes of pleasure
       twirling in my deepest
           pumping inside
    my veins of mesh
Those licks of flames
caress as they spew
  they **** in my spirit
        spit it out anew
                undulating hips
        matching my own
            a middle east song
                igniting my bones
        suffusing my blood
with the raw, the bare
filling me up
with sparkling lava,
                   so rare          
This combination
          makes for a recipe hot
               like a piquant ghost pepper
                  in my spiciest spot
Now let me weave words
Let me conjure your
let me drench colors
upon your eyelids,
my spirit's
proximity vivid
Let me drown you in
in frothiest frequencies
           of love
let this symphony play out
powers screeching above
and as this vivacity beckons
          the soul in your eyes
our stormiest spirals
       will spill out rainbow fire
           and rise
for as we grow and reach out
there is a death of limitation
              as freedom breaks out
                   in ocean-soaked
Our mutual worlds
heal each other's hurts
as my tongue licks
your wounds
rejuvenation asserts
hot springs of
filling up cells
sensations of textures
a ringing of bells
as I weave this spell
around you
            fear not that you
will disappear or
thine own self lose
for we have only to soar
as we
   coax out
        the muse
gets realllly going at 2:11

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