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Mar 2017
I was asked what I would do
if I was given the blessing to be able
to see the future for just a moment and
spaceships soared across
my mind and I'd love to know
if scientists gained any knowledge
on the puzzling concept of holographic love
and I'm also strangely curious if anyone would
think in years to come to recite vows to their computer
but just as advances are beautiful
so is how we tend to fester and so
subconscious overgrew, engulfing
as I pondered what I would
feast my starving eyes upon
and I had seemingly no other
option but to change my focus to you
and ask you if you'd depend
now without hesitation
on the truth in the words you used
to recite to yours truly like a bridge
to get you from the beginning to the end
of the void that is now between you and I.
Written by
   Cinzia, Emily B and Mack
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