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Warren-Johnson Aug 2021
Poetry be a vehicle

For me it's transported me from that dismal place of days so Grey
Their hue so dark became the tarmac for life's emotional highway

For writing be a vehicle taken us through many a dreary day

Then it dropped me at a the curb of happiness
I only needed to step out
To run down its pathways through color filled gardens
Roses n tulips be where grimace and decay once resided
Melodies and laughter now replacing tears n sorrow
I saw love as a fallacy now a possibility
Poetry be a vehicle

Mine be a chariot with gold n silver
Now boasting hope n joy out proudly

No more just getting from point a to b  I stop and smell them roses and love life's journey

For poetry be a vehicle
Warren-Johnson Aug 2021
I had/have a dream how those great speaches start (Martin Luther King jnr) (Nelson Mandela)

Oh not to steal from their glory but I'd say I too dream!

A dream of a life where we needn't be  bothered by treachery and deciet!

A dream of a life where violence ceesed to exist!

A dream where love meant just what it should

A dream where there were only true's
No false box to tick

A dream where I would be seen the same whether I arrived on a donkey or a Leer jet

But these just be dreams!

What a glorious ponder maybe induced coma be a option?
At least my heart can reside there whilst I dream!

Oh dream on
Warren-Johnson Aug 2021
I've often heard it said you need to love yourself in order to love someone else,

Yet we with little thought, for those we love❤️ sacrifice all!

That be good! as long as the sacrifice made brings you joy!

However on the contrary we allow the mundane needs of others be the sacrifice of our happiness, pleasing others or at times just to avoid criticism or conflict.

This being said being considerate to others needn't fall away, yet be it a sacrifice to your happiness or wellbeing, then take stock of your needs wants goals, and first make sure they remain achievable!

All the time be YOU! never waiver there !

Be true and be true to yourself first, and if being true wasn't a priority that be positive change to administrator!

Others will either fit in or sacrifice (the same rules apply to them too!)

So be True!

Be Happy!

Be Loving! (for you can't fight love)

But most of all be

Warren-Johnson Jul 2021
An experience par none
With hunger far more than lust
Insatiably I want to devour
With a drive far more than just passion! For these carnal desires are soul fed!
I pondered if I misbehaved in anyway couldn't keep my hands at bay always yearning to touch!
With a need to see the pleasure overload! and wow even just being normal I can't!
Just one look in those eyes and I have desires in an instant all bottled up at once that I'm sure most only have over a lifetime!
Now to contain my hunger to stop insanity rolling in! (drive me crazy) an understatement I'm certain  Well at least till our next soul feast!©
Warren-Johnson Jan 2021
If I could only turn back time
I’d do most of it the same but I know my mistakes
I’d improve of course!
But mostly hearts I’ve hurt
If possible I’d do things better there
More time with my loved ones
If only I could!
And of course cut out those who do only but take from you!
I can if you allow me to direct the future better though sure we can get a lot out still
We are never certain of tomorrow!
We need to secure today!
Don’t discard of time you could have done so much more with!
Be extravagant with those words I love you!
But more than that show them as much!
Spend it wisely and  extravagantly on those who really matter!
I know I have that in my heart I hope I get to fulfill it in my life to come!
Oh if only Could I know I Can!
Warren-Johnson Jul 2020
Output determines altitude!

As would the gauge of the hole determine how fast the ship would sink!

Warren-Johnson Jul 2020
Wow see that bright light
With beauty, So radiant, so true
We all have this ability
Yet so  few really do
Its that beautiful gift
Passing friendly glances
We show lovingly to some
Oh what a beautiful gift

A room full of happy kids could be seen as shimmering stars
Smiles across the floor
If we wore ours as children do
Wouldn’t we shimmer too?

Oh smile what a beautiful gift
Don’t let it go to waste
Just smile and shine from within
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