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When evening falls
Where once was light is now dark

As with the heart

‘‘Twas a place to leave your mark

Was it not happiness I sought?

Yet darkness you brought!

Pondering this as birds pass by, songs in flight!I

I come to realize ‘‘twas never yours!

My happiness be mine!

Now knowing this I’ll not give up happiness nor fight!

For negative be negative I’ll have not that!

That sinister trait, Your dark won’t be!

For its light for me!!!!!
As lockdown pursues the hours of day five many a moment to ponder!
Most will seek that missing link, yes the link the one that they know is not in their lives! A lot not sure what it is!
It be a relationship with Jesus, a step back into our faith, knowing he died for Me and You! or meeting him for the first time! the wonderful event  of being saved!  
With all my heart and soul I pray all I the people I know and love and multitudes more gain this wonderful loving relationship and tremendous event of being born again!
Along with these thoughts I ponder I identify those logs in my own eye as I look at the world for the splinter in theirs!
I realize with much lament those I wronged or have been wronged by myself as with them would probably not get the opportunity of expressing this! So all I can do is in my heart forgive and pray the same in return!

God Bless our world!
Much love to all!
Out of nowhere Air Supply’s  song jingles in my mind,

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you!
Too often I’ve felt that throbbing inside! Truth be told it took a whole lot of hurting to realize we can’t rely on anyone but ourselves for that happiness and once we truly happy alone then a partner either fits in or not if they do it can only only compliment that in harmony!
Must say it be a awesome thing to have that harmony on a permanent basis, but I know I won’t fall apart without it !
Hmmm what a waste! me the hopeless romantic hahaha yeah why else do I only hear the poetry in music?
Warren-Johnson Dec 2019
Sitting on a deck watching the rain over the river I can’t help and ponder!
After a weeks worth of days mostly filled with rain,
And the pitter patter on the roof hardly even noticeable.
Brings me to think how we always complain it’s too hot or it’s too cold and,and, and!
Instead of embracing what we have we seek the negatives!
Is this how we as humans were made?
Or is it our choice ?
We have to see that for every situation, no matter how grave it may seem or how much we are at a loss, there is always a positive to every negative!
We just need to start embracing the positives!
Life is Good!
Life is as beautiful as you want to see it!
For if I wanted to be short sighted, I would have only seen the rain drops on the water!
Yet there be so much more!
Warren-Johnson Oct 2019
Hardly through this nightmare!
Haven’t even left yet!
And she’s lining the next culprit up ?

How do you ignore the wounds here today
ready to let someone in!
You in a vulnerable time
So easy to say just what you want to hear!

But more than than
If your hearts on the line should you not allow it to heal learn and grow stronger?

Oh I know the vulnerable turns to lonely and the lonely turns to miserable!

But we stronger than we allow ourselves to believe!

Our happiness belongs to us
We determine our own happiness
So although a partner who is well matched
Can compliment the person you are and make you happier
But first it’s happy you should be already!
Warren-Johnson Sep 2019
Life be awesome
Oh yeah we have our ups and downs
But life is a short little adventure we get on earth!
Best to live life to the fullest!
Love true!
Love with all you are!
Be your greatest!
Forget those who don’t appreciate you!
Surround yourself with people who lift you up!
Who you can look up to and aspire to grow with!

Life is beautiful!
Embrace it and tell those you love, how much they mean to you, at every opportunity!

When asked how old I am at birthdays
My reply be, I’m not!
I am 47 years young!

The way we look at life be as the sentiment of the Glass be it half full? Or half empty?

Are we busy dying?
Or busy living?

Yes love life!
For its Yours!
Warren-Johnson Aug 2019
Time spreads thin
Memories grow dim
Life goes on they say
Trying to keep hurt at bay
Miss you we do
Feeling lost
Empty at times
Hurts more at times as these
But you my friend in our hearts always you reside
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