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alit 1d
wants to be slick
but isn’t pro at this
how you have my back one day
and forget those that starve with you
the next
different breed indeed
solids don’t stay they leave
if you do me wrong shame on you not me
a blessing in disguise
but u betrayed me
got others on speed dial
go for them not me

- dishonest to the core you hurt me
alit 1d
how you doin me
like let’s play pretend
i hope for the best
but here you put on the same act
for every female
no point intended
just stating facts
there was evidence
theres only one of me
and many of them
karma will be the best revenge
when I move on
And ur left like the next
alit 1d
She told me I live in the shadows but I got a  voice that can be heard I got work to be done
Business to handle
Ima do that
alit Mar 13
God had other plans
To  hear of you passing
Seeing you after dad  was hard
My heart still aches
I look for signs
Your not there
Your in another place far away

I wonder if you saw me hugging you for the last time
I hope your with me

I think of you everyday
Why didn’t you tell us you were hurting
I’ll forever feel your pain
You not being in my life hurt
You not being in this world destroyed me

- I am so broken it numbed me
alit Mar 13
I wanted a love that felt safe
where I felt secure
not where I wondered
where would you could be
who you are with next
I guess I asked for to much
I wanted a forever kind of love
you only gave me a short term
honey moon phase
kinda love
alit Mar 6
can we be friends without the benefits
can you be a boy
who actually cares
- accepting applications
alit Mar 6
I hate that this is the way I feel
I hate myself
I hate the idea of even giving my trust to someone
Love is cute
But what if that person is full of ****
I gave it my all to get ****** over
I seen this **** play out to many times where it gets my stomach sick
I made up my mind
Other people are deserving of love but not me
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