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cosmicrealm Aug 2020
Second bottle of wine,
Tonight, I'll drink it all down
To numb every feeling inside,
Until my heart completely drowns

Beneath the endless starlit sky,
I'll pen a woeful verse,
The immense silence that encompasses
Reminds me the rhythm of your awful words

Clouds of dullness pervades,
I'll weep aloud in pain,
Untwine the screeching torment inside
To unleash sorrow of tears—like rain

I'll lay and shut my eyes at rest,
Wander in dreams, the place we first met
Reminisce every second shared with you
Before my darkest nightmare had come true

I want to untie the agony wrapped in my heart
Yet, I want to cherish the dulcified memories
For the ghost of you haunts me at night
As I wake up tomorrow, another cycle of tonight

Again, the dark reveals a secret I've hidden,
Covered in tears and sweat, buried so deep
Truth is, in spite of all the pain and uncertainty,
I'd still choose you, in a heartbeat.
Have you ever imagined how powerful the night is?

First-ever collaborative poetry written with @Mayari
cosmicrealm Aug 2020
My lovely dear,
All throughout the years
we’ve been in joy and pain.
The need of sun and speck of rain,
to cultivate the soil for rose be born,
with petal of bliss and pain of thorn.
To love someone comes with joy and pain. They are part and parcel.
cosmicrealm Jul 2020
We praise You
Our Almighty up high
We glorify You
For You are the giver of life
The greatest artist of all time
The universe itself is Your own masterpiece
You are our Divine Architect
cosmicrealm Jul 2020
I still remember
the shadowy day.
You chose others over me
who needed you the most.
The cavity of the earth
swallowed me in self mortification—
expecting too much from you.
During the time that I needed you the most, you were not there with me. You chose other over me. I was expecting that you'll lighten and cheer me up. Yet, you weren't.
cosmicrealm Jul 2020
Your love was like a potion
that heals me
whenever I feel feeble.
You healed my soul
from its melancholic tragedy.
Yet, unconciously
it was slowly tarnishing
me inside like a poison.
the love that healed you in all your pain and misery. yet, unknowingly, this love is slowly killing you inside.

— The End —