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Messy winds through my hair
Winter coats collected as yesterday's old news
Setting my forgotten self straight
clothes do make the man
with a warm wind at my back
now I live more carefully
People exchanging words
Poetic chats
Connecting them
To presents and pasts
Friendships grown
Over a screen
Words read
And believed
Making friends through Hello Poetry
I miss the wind in my hair
And sandals on my feet
I miss the rain
And the beach
I miss my dad
He died of covid
Almost a year
I miss you daddy
Do you see me over here?
I like myself
When I'm with me.
Most important friend
To be.
A friend indeed
Is a friend in me.
And that's most important too
I am
A better friend
For you.
Love poems
Are for those
In love
For those
I set my alarm to wake me
Should someone like you
Into my life.
I am
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