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Deepali 2d
If you're insulting someone, in reality you're losing your respect.
Deepali May 7
More than a hundred words of advice, one stumbling block of experience makes a person stronger.
Deepali Nov 2020
~Erudition is not attained without happiness and
There is no reverence without erudition,
There is no peace without faith
There is no happiness without peace. ~
Deepali Sep 2020
Never blame your fortune, you have been born as a human being, if not this fate, what else?
Deepali Aug 2020
How much patience a person has is never known,
Until someone grieves him excessively.
When a person's forbearance is
Then the voice comes from his heart
And makes an impact,
That causes the relationship to break.
We know; after breaking the rope it is not as same as before and once the relationship is broken,
It does not remain the same.

That's why do not bludgeon a person so much that he has to lose his forbearance.
Deepali Aug 2020
Love is never with the person, it is with personality,
Love is never with the body, it is an adoration between two souls and
Love never dies because the one who dies,
Of course, is not love but a semblance of love.
Deepali Aug 2020
Don't use time and words fluckily because none of them comes back.
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