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Deepali Sep 5
I miss those happiest days of the past. Childhood memories are being held carefully, like glass.
A fleeting instance and an unguarded moment of heedless joy, yet those memories are fading into aeons of time.
Deepali Feb 2022
I left writing and went to acknowledge my surrounding...
I met many people who asked me about my well-being,
but no one was there to heal me...
I used to have people in contact, but no one was with me...
I also got a lot of good friends,
but did not find one true friend...
However, I don't sense it dreadful because my family and 'I' was, 'I' am and 'I' will be enough for myself...
And that's why I came back here again to write..........
P.s- 'Hello poetry' stop giving me that d*** f*** "502 gateway error".....
Dec 2021 · 106
'Dark Verge Of Life'
Deepali Dec 2021
Everyone formed a group outside, but I was made aside,
Inside the four walls I was falling apart and nobody to care about my forlorn heart.
But, I gathered courage, went out, met everyone with a smile but all of a sudden got ignored, again?
At last, I was left alone in the dark room with the 'Heart of Pain'.
Nov 2021 · 131
Deepali Nov 2021
Date- Ever since started seeing the world with my own perspective.
                  Love You Zindagi.....
But, why you always have to hate me?
Why you always have to assess me?
  Why you always have to wane me?
     Why can't you simply Love Me?
              Love Me Too Zindagi.......
'Love you zindagi'..... 'Love me zindagi'- These are the lines of the song, from film "Dear Zindagi",
where Zindagi means Life.
Oct 2021 · 103
Deepali Oct 2021
Changed my wooden life to a sheet of 'morning sky of endless blue'.

Are like the sky, I see everywhere
I go
And my friends be like ''wohhh'', it's who?

Are the ray of sunshine to my unlit entity,
Which is known by few.

Are like a scenic view, that I want to see through.

My life will be a mess without you, when I close my eyes, it's just
'All About You'.
And that's the moment when I realised
I have fallen for 'YOU'.

Are the present and future of mine, whom I wanted to say,
'I Do'
I Love You!
Sep 2021 · 269
'Keystone of Life'
Deepali Sep 2021
Love; a song of life, every heart has to sing it.
Love; a dessert of sorrow, every mind has to cross it.
Love; an ocean of happiness, every soul will have it.
If you love someone, then do it with your heart.
If you have love, then always wish happiness for your partner.
This life is yours; you love but, don't expect too much from others, because love gives freedom🕊️ not a deadly dragon's kingdom🐉.
Sep 2021 · 392
Ongoing crisis
Deepali Sep 2021
Is the life unfavorable towards you,
Only towards me?
Why you're happy,
Not hexing at anyone's happiness, I hope everyone is happy in their life🕊️✌️
Jun 2021 · 117
'Devotion towards Divine'
Deepali Jun 2021
When a person is devoted to something or someone he moulds himself accordingly.
The way a drop of water falls on a river becomes the river itself.
In the same way, cession your body and soul  to the devotion of Almighty, then you will be also seen as the form of Almighty.
( The voice of the Divine)
Jun 2021 · 281
Deepali Jun 2021
A man articulates his love through words, but a woman can embody more love through her silence.

If you want to know about Patience, then look at your mother.

If you want to be introduced to the actual strength in life, then look at the mother of your child.
If you want to be introduced to genuine care, selfless love, then look at the father of a daughter.

Even if you believe that you have known everything, you can never know a
All humans are different, everyone's onus is not same, where a woman's sacrifice is known to all, but man's sacrifice goes concealed.
Jun 2021 · 458
Deepali Jun 2021
What you want?
But remember, you have to walk alone on that path which you have chosen today.
Jun 2021 · 753
Life's Veracity
Deepali Jun 2021
When sorrow comes, a person gets stuck
When happiness comes, a person goes astray.
Jun 2021 · 306
Deepali Jun 2021
God never leaves anyone's side, rather
we leave the side of ethics.
Time never leaves us, rather we leave the side of time.
Parents never leave their children, rather children leave their old parents.
Success never leaves us, rather we stop struggling.
In the end Earth will not leave us, but one day we have to leave this world.
Know the basis of your life.
Jun 2021 · 365
Meaning of life #2
Deepali Jun 2021
Truth never claims that I am true,
But lie always claims that only
'I am true'.
May 2021 · 91
Meaning of life #3
Deepali May 2021
If you're insulting someone, in reality you're losing your respect.
May 2021 · 225
Meaning of life #1
Deepali May 2021
More than a hundred words of advice, one stumbling block of experience makes a person stronger.
Sep 2020 · 66
Deepali Sep 2020
Never blame your fortune, you have been born as a human being, if not this fate, what else?
Aug 2020 · 66
Deepali Aug 2020
How much patience a person has is never known,
Until someone grieves him excessively.
When a person's forbearance is
Then the voice comes from his heart
And makes an impact,
That causes the relationship to break.
We know; after breaking the rope it is not as same as before and once the relationship is broken,
It does not remain the same.

That's why do not bludgeon a person so much that he has to lose his forbearance.
Aug 2020 · 70
About is love..
Deepali Aug 2020
Love is never with the person, it is with personality,
Love is never with the body, it is an adoration between two souls and
Love never dies because the one who dies,
Of course, is not love but a semblance of love.
Aug 2020 · 62
Deepali Aug 2020
Don't use time and words fluckily because none of them comes back.
Aug 2020 · 74
Weight of Soul.....
Deepali Aug 2020
..The mind speaks when speech or words are silent,
When the mind is silent then the intellect speaks,
When the intellect is silent then the soul speaks,
And when the soul speaks,
God is interviewed...
Deepali Aug 2020
I come with darkness, lightning and thunder;
I am Rain.
With the blowing winds, the branches of the swaying trees, I give pleasure to the mind and the body,
Oh Brother! Because
I am Rain.
From falling of my first drop, trees, plants, animals wobble with happiness and humans with sadness.
Some says why the rain happened and some would say why it happened over here,
But I bear everything because some of my friends are very distressed
And if I don't come, my friends will be sad,
Because for them I am their deity; a giver
And for the rest
I am just a rain.
I bring the flood with me but leave the new fecund fields with farmer.
Why it happens every time when I come,
Why do you want to drive me away from yourself,  but when I am not there, why do you complain to the God?
But after that I obey to the Lord and come over here again and again because the lord has said that, it is my duty to keep you all elated, because overall
I am just a Rain.

And some commitments also becomes yours which you all know, but do not follow in ignorance.
If I show apathy towards my duty?
You can't think or imagine of what will happen.

You have come empty handed on the earth and will go empty handed, but when you go, first think what you have given to this world, because people remember you for your
good deed!!!
Aug 2020 · 53
Value of moments☆
Deepali Aug 2020
•.• Never get away from loved ones for dreams in life
There is no avail of dreams without loved ones in life... •.•
Deepali Aug 2020
• Beauty is meaningful only when the character is also there,
Money is meaningful only when ethics is also there,
Intelligence is meaningful only when the conscience is also there,
The family is meaningful only when there is love,  altruism and credence in it....•
Aug 2020 · 47
Deepali Aug 2020
Keep the strength in the thoughts not in the voice because, the crop is in the rain not in the flood......
Aug 2020 · 39
Deepali Aug 2020
Mind full of thoughts, but heart fully lost...
Aug 2020 · 66
Deepali Aug 2020
There is no jewel more expensive than simplicity that's why it isn't worn by everyone....

— The End —