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Jun 2021 · 38
And from those ashes I blew
    Into a man formed like you
     Flowing through his fingertips
     The light of this world
      And from his rib and by his     side a helpmate
       She will begin her journey
        With him
        Guided footsteps, never seen
        By eye's of those who fail to
Jun 2021 · 39
You choose the path but lose your map
Forget to do the math, subtracting everything from you
Becomes your aftermath
You bathe in a bath filled with wrath
Brazing, burning desires all soaked into in your calves
Leaves your skin scorned from drying off with sandpaper
Bouts of depression, anxiety you fight everyday
Just to get up out of bed, feels like a tomb being lifted away
Mind, is tormented, wires disconnect
Finding who you are in a world of rejection
Take care of you!
Jun 2021 · 41
If you know me, then you know what I like
No dipping of the finger
For a quick taste or bite
I am with the frills and the lace
Many consider it to be in good taste
You may not like the pinks and pastel colors as much as me
Or the brightness of yellow sun dresses on a warm summer day
That's where we are different
And that's okay too
I am a fluttering butterfly and you
  A proud cockatoo
That's why I do me and you do you!
Jun 2021 · 41
Me (wimpy)
They call me wimpy because I don't like fight
My muscles not as tone as a wrestlers body
Cute in the face, but not considered a hottie
Well, Iam a wimp
Ask those still here
Because I prefer schedules over random parties
Or is it I have order in my life that
You fail to make time for
Chaos and drama are not in my plans, humbleness keeps me real
Let the coolness of my calm persona, be a breeze for you and your drama
Happiness lives within me
I glide as though walking on clouds
Proud to be the wimp that I am!
I wonder why my poetry is different
I wonder why I cry at some verses and laugh on the inside at others
I wonder why it hurts me when I see others get beat
I wonder why my tears are clear and not colored
I wonder why Iam afraid of my sons to grow up
I wonder why my heart flutters, everytime one of them walks thru the door
I wonder why I can never truly say "goodbye" when leaving
I wonder why there is no loyalty in law

Is it because, I write from my pain and grieve my ancestors demise
Is it because my thoughts run so fast, that not even the paper can hold them
Is it because I know that raising a hand takes more strength than two arms to hug
Is it because my pain has no color or melanin
Is it because images of their future is unforseen at times
Could it be that you are happy to see them or just happy they are still alive
Is it because "goodbye" symbolizes ending and we still have so much to do
Is it because loyalty requires justice to be seen and heard
#Some thoughts, questions I have
Apr 2021 · 34
I am..
Deeper than the oceans  sea caves
Heart-strings unattached, bleeding love into the words I speak
Giving more than just my thoughts
But passionate kisses of sweet memories blowing in the wind
Catch them whenever you see me again
#whenhesayhelikesyou#givehimversesinstead 😂😊
Apr 2021 · 53
I really despise those signs that read Stop
   Stop what? Stop living, stop breathing, stop get off my neck
Everything has to stop
Crying, laughing, running away from something,  cars on the street
Everything has to stop
Stop shooting my brothers
Stop murdering our sons
Stop putting us in a box
Stop calling us out of our name
Stop reporting us
Stop thinking you're right because you have a gun
Stop pretending to be like us
Stop, stop, stop
Now you put your hands up!
Apr 2021 · 41
Self check?
A life lost to senseless cause
     Or is it effect, that you forgot
      To put yourself in check
       Before you brush your teeth
       Lay your clothes out for the next day
Did you check in with yourself?
Self check? Sanity check? Mental health check? On my grind check? Good choices check?
Which box did you forget to put
That x that marks the spot
That people pleasing attitude
  You are not
   That try me today look on your face
Or that I don't need this trouble
   With a side of total disgrace
   Check on you before you do anything
Am I always right? Do I really have to fight?
Why am I angry at my boss? What keeps me awake during the night?
My dreams, my fears, reminders of what's to come
  Moving forward means I have to
My sanity, my focus, my thoughts and my hands
Feb 2021 · 184
Shelf life
I am an old can, expired way past my open date
Fresh is not a word I would use to describe me or my pain
Maybe blunt or numbing or agonizing
Could be a part of my new recipe for life, for living
You see, this old can, has been in the same shelf for last few months and today out of all the **** days out of a year
She decides to open me up
I'm sour, ugly rotten inside til my core my juices; they clump when she began to pour me out
No doubt, I was ready six months ago or maybe even 2019
But now, she can't even enjoy my the sweetness of my whole, golden, buttery flavored goodness
Tosses me like nobody's business,
And yells, "we out of corn"
****! I was happier in the back, with
The spam
Feb 2021 · 37
Deep dip
Iam energy, Iam time wrapped up in a bowl of fruit
Sweetness is the taste of my lips, my eyes using my collosal mind to grip
Where I slip into a downward spiral, deeper than the underwater caves, darker sleepless nights turn into long
Crying days
Puffy, sweaty, Im just like a blow fish, ready to pop! I need my strength, to rise back to the top
To breathe again, gasping for air, I choke, cough a little(tiny air bubbles pop)
Nothing changes, but the time
I go back in for another dive
Feb 2021 · 39
My words, are like  birds that fly off the page into the wind, gestures to pretend, hand shadows into two digit dividends, multiplied by toes that step out into the light cause words don't walk they take flight.
Feb 2021 · 45
Sweet side of "Honesty"
Slaps in my face, "you're a total disgrace
Don't leave home without taking your things"
You're a loser, can't do nothing right
I want you out of my sight
Too **** bad, you are a waste of a body
Should have given you up a long time ago, now look who's sorry
I'm tired, don't want you anymore
And don't forget to close my door
... Wait, I'm sorry come back Honesty!
Feb 2021 · 38
Empty space
Empty space

My words don't have a home, no worries of being alone
They have each others cues in understanding how we use them
My words don't have a home,
They live inside my power dome
A guide for cells, nerves array
You could read(feel)them like braille, tracing the spine of my vertebrae
My words need no introduction, they
Create a page of mass production, thoughts zooming in and out like blinking lights, causing a word-collision or combustion
My words need no help, they have a voice as loud as a bomb, move justly
Onto my paper, taking care to do no harm
My words are all I have
To show you who Iam
Words that provide a map
Of where I am and my future
With the touch of pen to hand
Feb 2021 · 39
All Black and blue
All black all black
    Don't crack, but it's constantly attacked
By whom you say? Anybody can be preying
On my skin, next of kin, down the street blue and black is still in
Two times riding while I was lighter
Cops thought I was white
But I beg, to differ my mama **** near white and my daddy black as coal
My great-grandma is irish and black,
She had porcelain skin and long shiny black hair, I was told
Stories of my ancestors, my kin folk long gone, skin color  ranges of light blues to the blackest night
Our skin was never the problem,
To solve, in addition we are more than
You can dissolve in one drink, one sip, one ship, two whips, three times sold
To the highest bidder, never too old
Do our history gets, it keeps repeating with every sound of a "click", a man run, children playing in the golden sun,
Fresh linen clothes line hung, beating of a drum, drinking way too young,
Don't know the words to a song, we hum
All black, all black
My true color, often being attacked
By contract, Iam given freedom
By God Iam alive
Give me black any day, for it outlines
The other colors anyway
Feb 2021 · 42
Shadows in the sun, distance upon their lands
Dancing up the dirt, til rain becomes their stand
Calling or hollering, all of my ancestors names, singing in tune with gold and silver pieces in our hands
Passing down traditions, rituals of our tribes, around my neck I wear the sterling feather with pride
Feb 2021 · 109
A broken heart can be mended
        A chained heart can be unleashed
        A torn heart can be repaired
        A giving heart is fair to share
        A young heart, imaginative, bliss
        A old heart, time capsule of 50
        Years, plus first kiss
        A cold heart, infiltrated with hate
        Closed valves, no open gate
       A hearty- heart, filled with
        Laughter, love, and memories
        The heart does not forget
         It just keeps beating
Feb 2021 · 52

Shadows in the sun, distance upon their lands
Dancing up the dirt, til rain becomes their stand
Calling or hollering, all of my ancestors names, singing in tune with gold and silver pieces in our hands
Passing down traditions, rituals of our tribes, around my neck I wear the sterling feather with pride
Jan 2021 · 233
Silent goodbye
The eyes never lie
       Single tear for goodbyes
       Dripped down my face
        Wanting to hold you, love
         You, embrace
          Gone now ,no way to say
           All the things I need to say
Jan 2021 · 54
You sow that seed
                Hands so tired, they bleed
               Wraught iron, black coal
               Freedom last, like pure gold
               My young, my youth, all gone
               Wisdom teeth, break new,
                All because God knew
                It was time for me to grow
Up in this world, limited flow
Call shots, make my own
Giving birth, sowing a seed
Times two, to let them see
Me in one and the other in me
Casting jewels upon the great sea
Open doors, closed eyes, braiding her
Hair between my thighs
Hot days, long nights, fan me cool
Sweet jazz lullabies
Craftiness catch a bliss, new dreams
Hit or miss
Weight up, walking the town, giving inches of my emotional crown
Full, tired, ready to quit, old mother
Wisdom provides mother's wit
Advice and guidance, like the wolves
Leading the pack, her firmness in words destroyed distractions during attacks
Played out, not true, I am only 22
Lived hard, liquored down with
Bad choices, ****** the sweetness from my voice
Now it's firm, hard, no sway
Like my body, no room to play
Times have changed, my life too
Can't imagine it without my two
Still jewels in my eyes, but now I
See more than just their lives
I see my own, hard and tried
Too many tears, so many goodbyes
Fears of the worst, nightmare scares
It's all too much for my wirey gray hairs
Simple, and complete I sowed my seed
Sow the seed# mother#life
Nov 2020 · 63
Beauty and the Beat
Beauty and the Beat

Beauty, bountiful, bold as before
Bound to bombastic, beats out the door
******, rhythms swaying from the heat
Better be careful, she can be belligerent and blissful, within one greet
Your ears begging for more, soft banters of classic blues, and baritone soothes the course
Best at what she brings, her voice, her songs, the beats;this beauty and the beat
Nov 2020 · 59

 Blandness is an understatement to describe all of your glory
History in rocks, mountains, rivers, carry your story
Beauty in golden streams, flopping fish won't keep still
Desert lands, stretched seemingly far, hot, smoldering days, jaguars preying for their next ****
A land of opportunity, an apple started it all, created to be a distraction, caused a different protocol
The sun, the moon;our planets unite, with bright stars in between them, that outshines any light
Our world, spinning, glowing in  his love, true universe was created from the heaven's above
Nov 2020 · 42
Ice Cold(Dead)
Ice Cold(dead)

  All the things that matter
Meticulous brain splatters
Upon a cold body, rotten inside
Time not still, his clock steady chiming
Knobs, beats of an old heart, growing closer to a young man
He will never become!
Nov 2020 · 51
Brown Brother
My brown brother, unlike any other, a mother gave you that smile

    My brown brother, coco skin like smooth leather, taunt, unwelting as if Pocohantus wrapped you herself

My brown brother, almond shaped eyes, drowning in your pool of high and low tides

My brown brother, give me" that ****** healing," kind of lover, deep sleep, because you had me feenin'

My brown brother, whisper those sweet nothings in my ear, caressing the beat of my heart with your tongue(without fear)

My brown brother, together we are one, with lines distorted of bodies connected, we eject the passion of a love unprotected
Nov 2020 · 40
Tongue twisted
Tongue twisted
   My doctor says my tongue is twisted, I believed in him, until I finally resisted
Conquering my fears of locution and phrases, lingering catches to my amazement
Giving my tongue a twirl of flight, ordering my food with no menu in sight
My tongue, remembers what to say, it does
Giving off gasps of hmms or ughs
Everything taste better when it's nice and warm, hot food sanitizes
My stomach walls(mucosa)
The way I sing, express my thoughts, makes an intensifying calabash of sauteed, seasoned vocables
I chew and bite, eating my words up gives me pure delight, savory juices that let loose in my jaw bone, creating a saliva fight
Who wins? I guess the words did, because I can't handle the spin(rotation) of the tingle in my lingo
Nov 2020 · 97

Let me caress your mind
Relax to unwind
Engage in selfless, bliss of intellectual abyss,
Cerebrum explodes into galactic stars, infinite in touch, surrounded by Mars
Let me show you the words to say
Explicitly, play with tongue, tied, tunes of verses we shall use
Let me hold you tight, until our bodies unite, catch on fire in a bubbly desire to render our true identity only to ourselves
For we know the truth lies in,  hot baked apple pies made with love from our ancestors dried cries
Let us shower our children, being great is only a half step away from the graveyard nearby they play and old schools of books once learned ,burned
Let us make peace, in all the land, that stretches like a rubberband, constantly reminding us of what lies ahead of that gloried doctrine sold to those already dead
Oct 2020 · 135
The One You See
For the woman in me
The one you can not see
I will show her only if you plan
On staying
If not, just leave
##tothineownselfbetrue##womanwithin##self worth
Oct 2020 · 44
Honey Child
Honey child,
It's been a while since I seen you smile
Caught up in the river, for half a mile
Skin so smooth, and rich, couldn't get past that last glimpse
Of how you make those dimples,  perfectly oval shaped, deep
Blessing your skin, God thank you for this beautiful treat
Shiny, white pearls in your mouth, you call them teeth, I call them sweet
Glowing of the white truth, that cast away dark clouds(frowns)

Honey child, please don't even get me started
Of your glow and humility, leaving those intrigued, departed
Kind hearted, gentle voice keeps me engaged, always have something
Intelligent to say
Let the words fall off your tongue,  rub my thoughts of conundrums, increase the blood flow;your venomous songs
I pray they bite me every night, until my wrongs become right

Honey child, please be mine
Til we become one, twisted up like twine
Wrapped around a bottle of fine wine,
Looking beautifully, adorned, we ferment over time
"Honey child"
Oct 2020 · 61
I came from a long line of brown skin women
They came from you, the earths dust
From there, we earned our stripes on our backs
Attacks, abuse, cuss words to demean us
Gold-rim glasses over the edge of his nose
He was the master of disguise
Chose his weapons well, we could see the hate in his eyes
Gathered our dignity, or what was left
Traded it in for a tin of salve
Painted those scars, deep wounds and cuts
Wrapped in linens, draped in blood
Suffered a dynasty, of black skin pure as gold
Sold for less that's what we were told
How many stripes represent that flag?
Many times I pass out, from being gagged
I wake up and think how long will this last
Sad but true we are re-living our past
Oct 2020 · 33
There is plenty of that to go around
My world, not yours is upside down
Cast a spell to change the ending
Doesn't matter anyway, your dreams are still pending
Cash them in, to get what you've lost
Only to realize that truth does not cost
A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your time
Worthless,  jingling coins ain't worth a dime
Pity for the owner, who fail to know his
Worth, of giving it away for free when he could have sold it for gold
Oct 2020 · 42
My sisters, my sisters
When I think about my sisters
  So many thoughts pop into my mind, like who we are on the inside
How those thick thighs, always seem to fit just right in our jeans
We are bursting with excitement when it's time shine
Unrelentless, beauty, cost her nothing on a dime
She is black and perfectly flawed, in many ways, but that doesn't change her day to day
Working, single mothers, taking care of her family, mothers of the church with their large sisterly- love fan base, independent, sister students, with educated dreams, lift those heels high as they cross
Disappointment  streams, corporate - collard women making high profile calls, cubicle sista-girls behind those plastered print walls
Thick- skinned, tough, we know our place; sisters with an attitude, get out of our face
Humble, smart, and run an at- home business; our sisters are doing it big; they are fearless
Raught, ratched, gum-popping sassy one's, come in all colors, styles and fabrics, with the smoothness like silk or put you on a guilt trip, rip you like a piece of tweed
Happy- go lucky, a threat to many that don't know them yet
Reminded of the way, they make a brother feel when he has had a taste
Of grape, chocolate, almond, color or even light skin sister appetite
He can't resist that bite or smell of fragrance of the night
Our sistas got it going on and no one sister is the same
We are different in every way, catch us in theater or a plays
Sisters bringing light to the dark, sparking conversations; with food for thought
Changing laws in our world, no longer is she just a "sister-girl"
She is woman
She is you
She is us multiplied by 2
She is all that
She is hip and a bag of chips
A poem for sisterhood💕
Sep 2020 · 44
Daddy Blues
Playing instruments with his
Stretching tones, foot pedal to the drum stand
Watching my father play his blues, I catch a smile, the number one clue
He romances the keys of the piano with his long fingers, gliding so swiftly
A boom- tap, tap for the drums he hits, gives a quick spin of the cymbal, then tap hi-hat
Pow-boom, boom the room is shaking, from all the sounds of music he's making
I clap along, this beat sounds good to me
I am his audience, he is my melody
I did this for my son, who hardly plays his trumpet. Lol😂
Sep 2020 · 289
Unfaithfully Yours
He got her on a whim
   Drunk in love with a pint of      Hennessey
Drank their desires in a red cup
Filled it up to the  line of corrupt
Stuck in darkness, love gone
Wrong, passionate for nothing
When it doesn't belong
Sober we wake and find the damage is done
Nine months later, I have a son
Sep 2020 · 46
A cup of sadness
I close my eyes
     My lids are heavy
     Like cream with a side of sadness
      I need some peace in this madness
     I scream out loud, but can not hear my own voice
     There is silence, where I once had a choice
      Gone but never forgotten
      I move on, longing for that one last kiss goodbye
       The end for her stops here and now
        She no longer in pain, an angel, she has her wings
Wrote this after hearing my friend's mother passed. Sad😢
Sep 2020 · 54
Hot pots, my tator tots
Are all hot to trot
Going down as history in town
Gather round the table to eat
Grab your forks, these sisters are done
Good in one way, their mother gave them that
***** looks, can trigger a spat
But they maintain their grace, standing tall,  they hold high their crowns in high clouds
Of joy and serenity, praises to the Father
That allows his beautiful daughters to saunter this earth, with all their girth
Giving birth to woo-child, their seeds have planted
Blossoming into the women you have called them to be
Flowers, soft, but gentle, they embrace all that is pure
The sun shines on their butter-nut colored skin, glazed-golden kisses
This must be easy living
Not for them, it's hard enough they grew up rough
But as they grew, more of what not to do
Stood true
Their lives, changed forever
In a second, no more waiting for things to happen
Took charge of their own destiny,
With love in one hand and fear in the other
Grabbed  fear by the neck, to give love a chance
Wringing out the old ***** water, to give life a fresh start
They wipe their plates clean,
Their reflection is seen
Sep 2020 · 42

Kinda' wanna start this whole day over
    I feel heavy, kinda like a rock over a cliff, a boulder
On my shoulders, this pandemic
Got me down
    My words have hidden, in dark corners of my mind
I can't see them, until my inner light begins to shine
Until then I will lay here and rest
Giving me time to recoup for my best
Foot forward, pressing on towards my goals
Times are changing, but for whom does the bell tolls
Social distancing, six feet apart,
"Spread your legs", "get my ID out the car"
No flu signs, coughing dry, my heart is heavy from so many death goodbyes
Support black, support local,
Trying to stay afloat, with all the slack
Leash on life takes a turn for the worst, hoping my protective bubble never burst
If it does, the air will slip away, and I will have blown another day
Sep 2020 · 642
Read Me
I say "check out my poetry"
"Tell me what you think?
They wave me away, uninterested
I ask, "help me with words, ideas to add"
They nod off, into a short nap
I continue to write, with all of my might
Hoping to gain more insight, on why these words won't stop flowing
Giving me life, they keep growing
Like the buds from fresh dirt
I will continue to push thru, all of my pain and hurt
My eyes see the words, but my heart knows their beat
Humming like a bird, looking for that sweet nectar to eat
I gather my thoughts, write them down
I say the words in my head and pronounce them out loud
Dictionary is my friend, helps with understanding
Guidance from my mother, of ways to use my poetry as a branding
Introducing a new business, one not thought out very clearly
I fell into poetry by accident, now it's using me sincerely
All of my hopes and dreams are now of ink
They don't wash away, not matter how hard I blink
My mind races, to catch up to the journey
Ink over matter, the facts makes ink worthy
The words have won, and I am their pawn
Forward I write, my ink lives on
Sep 2020 · 56
Black Beetle(funny poem)
******* beetle crossed my path
So many legs I forgot to do the math
Watched him crawl into my shoe
Waited for him to come out, guess he stuck like glue
Scared, tense, I'm not myself
Shaking, Lay my controller on top of my shelf
I hope I see him before I go to sleep
Ain't nobody living in my room for free
See his head peep out, "I got you now!"
Try to run and hide from this karate- chow!
I'm screaming and talking junk to this big ugly thing
Got me twisted, if you think I am playing
What now? Beetle? Whatcha gonna do?
Lay there, rest in peace til I bury you
For my middle child, Daniel💕
Sep 2020 · 118
Cut off
Cut off
Cut away
Not open to the pain

Give up
Give in
Make the changes, required to win

Leave a trace, of the past
Go the distance, trust your path

Guard your heart
Protect your mind

All good things come in due time
Aug 2020 · 38
The lush and tall grass grows, this fervent color every year
Only to wilter away into light beiges and darker browns

The brightness, yet deep beauty of a radiant, emerald stone
I remember being this color, in middle school, break ups and whispers among friends and enemies not cool

Ocean's with algae, intensified darker  greens, against blue lit skies
Green sea turtles swimming, on their journey to no surprise
Spring brings brilliant, greenery all around, expanding it's touch from the trees to the ground

The color of bills and billions are made, we cash out, we cash in, or put it in the safe(bank)
Diced cucumbers and green peppers, long onions, for our salads, some lettuce, or leafy spinach incorporates this great palette
Green eyes, green signs, green-with  jealousy or envy, we despise
All of this talk of green, has gotten to me
I think I will lay down and take a green nap
Aug 2020 · 49
Shopping Cart Love(funny)
Shopping cart Love

I'm going to the (love )store to buy me a man
I hope he can fit in this big ole' trash bag
I wonder if they have men on sale this week?
Gotta pick up some other things,
Like broccoli and new bed sheets
I know what you're thinking, and that is not true, but the market in men has great value
He's worth more than my flat- screen tv, but less than a car
Girl, these men in this store are the best quality, by far
They are nice, we hold hands, he even opens my car door too!
Shucks! I might even find a man for you!!😂😂😁
Aug 2020 · 39
Our Town
Cowboy dreams
Poor girl screams
Lick the cuts at the seams
Stained jeans, rivers and streams
Run through this town as much as it please
Parched thirst, rumbling in the dirt
Gathered crowds watches until someone gets hurt
Spit fire, horses at rest, all is calm
It is time to retire(Country town retires)
Aug 2020 · 92
New York Minute
I dipped my finger into the nectar
Sweetest thing since sweet November
Butterscotch drops is all that I can remember ******* on when I was a young tender
Globs  of snow on those cold winter mornings, in my gloves I can still fill the numbness
Walks to the park, when spring grabs us, watching school kids get off the yellow school bus
Hopscotch, jacks, handball on the concrete wall, fun times galore, we couldn't even catch them all
Splashing in water from street hydrants, bad idea, watching the cops come close it up again
Sidewalks  became our summer mural, engraved with hearts, flowers and ugly words we learned
Hot, sweaty nights, streets are still busy, with couples walking and I hear screaming, "somebody help Jimmy!
My time spent here will always be remembered, New York City,
bred and born, lifetime member!
Aug 2020 · 48
I Found you
The joy you give me is unlike any other
Our spirits are joined, instantly one
Of love done wrong and sometimes not even together
We lost time of what is truly important
Given the situation, we let our lives lay dormant
To the influential, expertise of false lovers advises
We cut off all tides, to those evils in disguises
To put love first is a must, for sure
To show love first, is almost unnatural, but pure
Like driving at night with no glasses
Love is knowing you need each other, minus the past
Subtracting all the hurt and pain, even though it's painfully there
Aware of what's more important and showing love that can be fair
Giving in to your own crazies, and sticking to the storyline
Love is more than just a word, it's an action stamped in our hearts and mind
If we took the time each day to remind ourselves of who we are
The self-love we have for us would make us better by far
Giving love and showing love to others is good indeed
But showing love to yourself, is a
constant need to feed
For how can we learn to love someone else, if we first don't loves ourselves
I caught a glimpse of happiness, dancing in fresh daisy flowers, with sun-kissed skin

I wonder where she learned to dance that way, could have been her mother, who passed away?

Or maybe it was her grandmother that braided her golden locks into one braid

I remember seeing her on the front porch, with her long fingers in your hair, while you sipped on country time lemonade

The joys of watching you from afar, and how you used to catch fireflies in an old mason jar

I've waited and kept you in sight, without a doubt you will always be my special nightlight

My dreams of you and I together, holding hands tightly, grass between our toes
No worries, no woes

Us sitting in rocking chairs, watching the world turn as time goes by
And today, I caught a glimpse of happiness with you again dancing, in your white dress

But this time, I have the chance to dance beside you and forever you'll be mine till it's our time to bid adieu
Aug 2020 · 59
Pink Cotton Candy
I taste the warmness from the freshly spun bubble-gum flavored cotton candy

Twisted into a bun of fun optimistic, childhood dreams,
Wrapped around my tongue in spins and twirls of sweet and salty delight

Iam lost in a bitter fight, of my love for sweetness and the vibrant color the carnation cotton clouds

My thoughts flutter away, like butterflies; the cotton candy dream is coming to an end

For I know the thrill of having two favorites in one, my favorite color and my favorite treat

Savory, smells of confectioners sugar and strawberry tarts, makes a blend of playful sweets no one can resist
Aug 2020 · 107
Unity is one

We become close, we hunt together, we eat together
We live in unity
We die alone

Unity is one
Aug 2020 · 205
Pass That
Pass the bread, pass the peas, pass the butter, if you please
Pass the food that we don't like, chicken cacciatore, umm, what a delight
Pass the grapes, red wine is best, baked macaroni pasta put to the test
Pass the napkins for our mess, and pass the blessings for our guests
Pass the salt and the pepper, parmesan cheese shaker, now that's clever!
Pass the jokes, and the coffee, Luisa's strawberry shortcake tarts are sweet and salty
Pass the convo, pass the events, stories of grandparents in their teens
Pass the much- needed laugh, to Uncle Joey who's always mad, maybe later he can pass it back
Pass the good times, and the bad,
Although some memories are sad
Pass the plates, all the dishes, maybe Aunt Ginny will do the dishes
Pass the times we ate so late; Pops took us out for a pizza date
Pass the drama, pass the cries, pass by all the goodbyes
Pass the hugs and the kisses, past loved ones we truly miss
Pass the contacts, emails and numbers, pass the Twitter, snapchats and Tik Tok for the younger ones
Past the time for us to leave, passing more kisses in disbelief
Pass the coatrack near the door, dinner with family is never a chore
Never more, we know that time will pass again, for us to be together in a family way
I caught a glimpse of happiness, dancing in fresh daisy flowers with sun-kissed skin

I wonder where she learned to dance that way, could have been her mother, who passed away?

Or maybe, it was her grandmother, that braided her golden locks into one braid

I remember seeing her on the front porch, with her long, fingers in your hair, while you sipped on country time lemonade

The joys of watching you from afar, and how you used to catch fireflies in an old mason jar

I've waited and kept you in sight, without a doubt you will always be my special nightlight

My dreams of you and I together, holding hands tightly, grass between our toes, no worries, no woes

Us sitting in rocking chairs, watching the world turn as time goes by

And today, I caught a glimpse of happiness with you, again dancing in your white dress

But this time, I have the chance to dance beside you and forever you'll be mine

Till it's time to bid adieu

Aug 2020 · 51
A love like no other
We get up, we kiss, we eat breakfast
Only to do this again the next day and the day after
It's been twenty-two years, now
Our kids have left, they call us sometimes
Our home is still intact, but it is quiet
Left with memories of smelly-dogs,
Stinky gym socks and grape jelly
All rolled into a life, a blanket of soft,
Patterned delight that we shared for
Only a time
Retired, older, but still us
We get up, we kiss, we eat breakfast
We get up, we kiss, we eat breakfast
The last time I saw my father, I was just two years old
I remember the smell of his cologne, mixed with alcohol
I remember when he carried me in his arms to someplace new
A place I had never been before, it smelled of cigarettes and of a *** of stew
People looked at me and gushed at how cute and fat I was
There it seemed like a lifetime of pass the baby, but it only lasted a second
Those seconds were all I remember of my father
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