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Jan 2021
You sow that seed
                Hands so tired, they bleed
               Wraught iron, black coal
               Freedom last, like pure gold
               My young, my youth, all gone
               Wisdom teeth, break new,
                All because God knew
                It was time for me to grow
Up in this world, limited flow
Call shots, make my own
Giving birth, sowing a seed
Times two, to let them see
Me in one and the other in me
Casting jewels upon the great sea
Open doors, closed eyes, braiding her
Hair between my thighs
Hot days, long nights, fan me cool
Sweet jazz lullabies
Craftiness catch a bliss, new dreams
Hit or miss
Weight up, walking the town, giving inches of my emotional crown
Full, tired, ready to quit, old mother
Wisdom provides mother's wit
Advice and guidance, like the wolves
Leading the pack, her firmness in words destroyed distractions during attacks
Played out, not true, I am only 22
Lived hard, liquored down with
Bad choices, ****** the sweetness from my voice
Now it's firm, hard, no sway
Like my body, no room to play
Times have changed, my life too
Can't imagine it without my two
Still jewels in my eyes, but now I
See more than just their lives
I see my own, hard and tried
Too many tears, so many goodbyes
Fears of the worst, nightmare scares
It's all too much for my wirey gray hairs
Simple, and complete I sowed my seed
Sow the seed# mother#life
Written by
Latitisha Hendricks  45/F
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