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Oct 2020
When I think about my sisters
ย  So many thoughts pop into my mind, like who we are on the inside
How those thick thighs, always seem to fit just right in our jeans
We are bursting with excitement when it's time shine
Unrelentless, beauty, cost her nothing on a dime
She is black and perfectly flawed, in many ways, but that doesn't change her day to day
Working, single mothers, taking care of her family, mothers of the church with their large sisterly- love fan base, independent, sister students, with educated dreams, lift those heels high as they cross
Disappointmentย  streams, corporate - collard women making high profile calls, cubicle sista-girls behind those plastered print walls
Thick- skinned, tough, we know our place; sisters with an attitude, get out of our face
Humble, smart, and run an at- home business; our sisters are doing it big; they are fearless
Raught, ratched, gum-popping sassy one's, come in all colors, styles and fabrics, with the smoothness like silk or put you on a guilt trip, rip you like a piece of tweed
Happy- go lucky, a threat to many that don't know them yet
Reminded of the way, they make a brother feel when he has had a taste
Of grape, chocolate, almond, color or even light skin sister appetite
He can't resist that bite or smell of fragrance of the night
Our sistas got it going on and no one sister is the same
We are different in every way, catch us in theater or a plays
Sisters bringing light to the dark, sparking conversations; with food for thought
Changing laws in our world, no longer is she just a "sister-girl"
She is woman
She is you
She is us multiplied by 2
She is all that
She is hip and a bag of chips
A poem for sisterhood๐Ÿ’•
Written by
Latitisha Hendricks  45/F
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