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Aug 2020
Pass the bread, pass the peas, pass the butter, if you please
Pass the food that we don't like, chicken cacciatore, umm, what a delight
Pass the grapes, red wine is best, baked macaroni pasta put to the test
Pass the napkins for our mess, and pass the blessings for our guests
Pass the salt and the pepper, parmesan cheese shaker, now that's clever!
Pass the jokes, and the coffee, Luisa's strawberry shortcake tarts are sweet and salty
Pass the convo, pass the events, stories of grandparents in their teens
Pass the much- needed laugh, to Uncle Joey who's always mad, maybe later he can pass it back
Pass the good times, and the bad,
Although some memories are sad
Pass the plates, all the dishes, maybe Aunt Ginny will do the dishes
Pass the times we ate so late; Pops took us out for a pizza date
Pass the drama, pass the cries, pass by all the goodbyes
Pass the hugs and the kisses, past loved ones we truly miss
Pass the contacts, emails and numbers, pass the Twitter, snapchats and Tik Tok for the younger ones
Past the time for us to leave, passing more kisses in disbelief
Pass the coatrack near the door, dinner with family is never a chore
Never more, we know that time will pass again, for us to be together in a family way
Written by
Latitisha Hendricks  45/F
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