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Feb 2021
All black all black
Β Β Β  Don't crack, but it's constantly attacked
By whom you say? Anybody can be preying
On my skin, next of kin, down the street blue and black is still in
Two times riding while I was lighter
Cops thought I was white
But I beg, to differ my mama **** near white and my daddy black as coal
My great-grandma is irish and black,
She had porcelain skin and long shiny black hair, I was told
Stories of my ancestors, my kin folk long gone, skin colorΒ  ranges of light blues to the blackest night
Our skin was never the problem,
To solve, in addition we are more than
You can dissolve in one drink, one sip, one ship, two whips, three times sold
To the highest bidder, never too old
Do our history gets, it keeps repeating with every sound of a "click", a man run, children playing in the golden sun,
Fresh linen clothes line hung, beating of a drum, drinking way too young,
Don't know the words to a song, we hum
All black, all black
My true color, often being attacked
By contract, Iam given freedom
By God Iam alive
Give me black any day, for it outlines
The other colors anyway
Written by
Latitisha Hendricks  45/F
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