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And from those ashes I blew
    Into a man formed like you
     Flowing through his fingertips
     The light of this world
      And from his rib and by his     side a helpmate
       She will begin her journey
        With him
        Guided footsteps, never seen
        By eye's of those who fail to
You choose the path but lose your map
Forget to do the math, subtracting everything from you
Becomes your aftermath
You bathe in a bath filled with wrath
Brazing, burning desires all soaked into in your calves
Leaves your skin scorned from drying off with sandpaper
Bouts of depression, anxiety you fight everyday
Just to get up out of bed, feels like a tomb being lifted away
Mind, is tormented, wires disconnect
Finding who you are in a world of rejection
Take care of you!
If you know me, then you know what I like
No dipping of the finger
For a quick taste or bite
I am with the frills and the lace
Many consider it to be in good taste
You may not like the pinks and pastel colors as much as me
Or the brightness of yellow sun dresses on a warm summer day
That's where we are different
And that's okay too
I am a fluttering butterfly and you
  A proud cockatoo
That's why I do me and you do you!
They call me wimpy because I don't like fight
My muscles not as tone as a wrestlers body
Cute in the face, but not considered a hottie
Well, Iam a wimp
Ask those still here
Because I prefer schedules over random parties
Or is it I have order in my life that
You fail to make time for
Chaos and drama are not in my plans, humbleness keeps me real
Let the coolness of my calm persona, be a breeze for you and your drama
Happiness lives within me
I glide as though walking on clouds
Proud to be the wimp that I am!
I wonder why my poetry is different
I wonder why I cry at some verses and laugh on the inside at others
I wonder why it hurts me when I see others get beat
I wonder why my tears are clear and not colored
I wonder why Iam afraid of my sons to grow up
I wonder why my heart flutters, everytime one of them walks thru the door
I wonder why I can never truly say "goodbye" when leaving
I wonder why there is no loyalty in law

Is it because, I write from my pain and grieve my ancestors demise
Is it because my thoughts run so fast, that not even the paper can hold them
Is it because I know that raising a hand takes more strength than two arms to hug
Is it because my pain has no color or melanin
Is it because images of their future is unforseen at times
Could it be that you are happy to see them or just happy they are still alive
Is it because "goodbye" symbolizes ending and we still have so much to do
Is it because loyalty requires justice to be seen and heard
#Some thoughts, questions I have
Deeper than the oceans  sea caves
Heart-strings unattached, bleeding love into the words I speak
Giving more than just my thoughts
But passionate kisses of sweet memories blowing in the wind
Catch them whenever you see me again
#whenhesayhelikesyou#givehimversesinstead 😂😊
I really despise those signs that read Stop
   Stop what? Stop living, stop breathing, stop get off my neck
Everything has to stop
Crying, laughing, running away from something,  cars on the street
Everything has to stop
Stop shooting my brothers
Stop murdering our sons
Stop putting us in a box
Stop calling us out of our name
Stop reporting us
Stop thinking you're right because you have a gun
Stop pretending to be like us
Stop, stop, stop
Now you put your hands up!
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