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Oct 2020
I came from a long line of brown skin women
They came from you, the earths dust
From there, we earned our stripes on our backs
Attacks, abuse, cuss words to demean us
Gold-rim glasses over the edge of his nose
He was the master of disguise
Chose his weapons well, we could see the hate in his eyes
Gathered our dignity, or what was left
Traded it in for a tin of salve
Painted those scars, deep wounds and cuts
Wrapped in linens, draped in blood
Suffered a dynasty, of black skin pure as gold
Sold for less that's what we were told
How many stripes represent that flag?
Many times I pass out, from being gagged
I wake up and think how long will this last
Sad but true we are re-living our past
Written by
Latitisha Hendricks  45/F
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