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  Feb 2 Mary Anne Norton
Submit totally
to the Nature,
And Nature
will surely
change you
and give you
Poetry in motion
Words dressed up
Played down
Dancing across
Toilet paper double ply
Chalked sidewalks
And ghetto walls
Sewer plates
And bus seats
Train terminals
.Church benches
Bathroom stalls
Everyone needs an
Encore of words
To touch or heal
To make one
Whole again
Or put a smile
Upon one's face
A.laugh or two
Perhaps even a tear
A collection of
One's thoughts
A collection of
Whatever the case
Words are
Poetry in motion
I am not a starving artist
I have been well nourished
By the sound and seasoned
Crumbs from
The words and music
Paintings and dancers
Athletes and doctors
Parents and teachers
Students and others
Now to savor and
A photographer takes to
Field. Camera in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A poet takes to
Field pen and paper in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A click of the camera
A click of the pen
Both will have a story
To tell
One in picture
The other one
In words
The end result
Will be visualized or
Both viewed from
The  Heart
The  cold wind slapped me
In the face
And brought me
To my senses
Such activity in
The early morning
Two unexpected gulls
Just enjoying the sky
Dancing over the lake
Taking a bow
Dipping in the
Cold water
For curtain closes
A baby cardinal
Calling in the sky
One two three testing
Her vocal chords
And the resounding
Of birds
Answering her call
Dark purples and grays
Line the sky
And  the movement
Of the lake quickens
Stillness all around
Peace overflowing
I'm no longer cold
Nature has warmed
My heart
The sun and moon sharing the sky
Their love radiating from opposite edges of life's greatest masterpiece
When looking up at the amazing beauty of the sun and moon out at the same time on opposite sides of the sky.
There is nothing more powerful than that connection.
I take a breath
And breathe in
The morning sound
Of geese honking
With their peers
Watching wet snow
Melting on the ground
I listen as morning
Conversation begins
And hot tea
With milk of course
Awakens me
Won't think of the
News announcing
More dead bodies
And crying souls
And wondering
Why it's so
Hard to put on
A mask
And keep the
Nor wonder about
The future
Instead I'll say
A silent prayer
For all lives lost
Through hate
And sickness
And natural causes
And love
And resolve to
Lead a Life
Good enough
For one more breath
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