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Camille May 2021
Till our last tear drop falls to the floor
We shall meet again, my friend.
Camille May 2021
And maybe,
when the time comes,
we can be together again.
Camille Apr 2021
Imagining scenarios in a different perspective
Looking deep in your imagination
Scars starts to rise; it seems to be ineffective
And with an empty canvas, you start with your creation
And as you go on, the cycle repeats itself again and again
And as you conquer this mess, you shall reign
Camille Mar 2021
Your piercing words full of deceit
Were once from a garden of blossoming flowers
Blinded by these false realities of hope and love
I didn't see it coming
The devil was in front of me all along
Camille Nov 2020
Conflicting ideas turn into one
That was me
Identities of one was safely undone
As it shall be
The world was telling her to hold the gun
Wanting to set her free
With each word and action done
You can see
The fight that she had won
It was the key
  Oct 2020 Camille
Cassandra Stevenson
I stay up at night
Unable to sleep
Because I know if
I do indeed dream
I will wake only
Disappointed with reality.
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