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 Dec 2021 Camille
I read your writing
and tried to respond
but the dot kept spinning
all day long…

I made myself a promise
and pledged to hold on
never given up
on the outlet for my songs

So if you don’t hear my cheerful
daily rhyme
I’m sure the gateway will open up
in due time!
Traveler 🧳
 Dec 2021 Camille
 Dec 2021 Camille
There is not a scar
that I despise
The lunar surface
forever wise!

The cuts they heal
leaving their marks
A punch in the eye
a stab in the heart

Wound are a places
where light shines through
But it never hurts to say
I still love you!!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
I met a girl
Last night,
When the stars aligned
In a straight line,
Like a 2-d plane
With the axis-aligned,
She came in
Like an external variable,
To bring another dimension
To add an edge
And take the edge off,
While I try to understand
This secluded sense
Of restless validation,
I try to jot it down
These words in commotion
Alas, poetry in motion.
and then I woke up.
 Dec 2021 Camille
David P Carroll
It was snowing all
Through the cold night
And the beautiful snow
It's falling
Over rivers and tree's tonight
And the fields and highways
Are all covered in snow
And the star's shining so bright
And I'm watching the little squirrels playing in snow
All through the bitter cold night.
Snow ❄️🌨️❄️🌨️❄️🌨️❄️
 Aug 2021 Camille
Traci Sims
Big egos dream big
Yachts no longer speak of wealth
Billionaires in space.
 Aug 2021 Camille
The Fragments
 Aug 2021 Camille
Cold coffee,
Drought soul,
Pale blue,
Broken bones,

Chapped lips,
Tired skin,
Plain vanilla,
Broken again,
The fragments... of my being
I feel like an open book
not just some words on paper,
with still some story to tell
trying to mean something greater.
perpetually surrounded by stories but finding one for yourself is almost like a needle in a haystack!
Years ago
A pen was found
Its grip was blue
Slightly chipped

It wrote
Everyday on sheets, white
Flawlessly on the lines
Words did glide

It had a special place
Where it rested
After a long day
At the desk

Its home was warm
A wooden drawer
Strategically placed
Easy to fetch

Now it has been years
It longs to see the desk
At dawn
A practice now clearly gone

It lay still
In the wooden drawer
Cold and blue
Ink-less dry
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