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Camille Oct 2020
The calming breeze passes by
Luring me in, soaring so high
Drying my tears in every eye
Looking above to the night sky
Saying goodbye with a bitter lie
Catching my breath as I deny
Perceiving everything in my mind's eye
Wistful belonging as I sigh
Camille Oct 2020
And, in an instant, it all stopped
All the minds that have been blocked
Uncovering the veils of illusion was constant
And all suddenly became distant
Feeling stuck inside a box
Wanting to be free, as these chains unlocks
Camille Oct 2020
And in an instant, everything became black
And still, here you are Zac
Not looking back, but straight into my eyes
Still hearing echoes of painful cries
Staring straight into my soul with a painful glare
And I turned back and you were still there
  Jul 2020 Camille
Imran Islam
Today, in this heavy monsoon rain
I've walked with you in the green grove,
In solitude,
I couldn't restrain my gaze
from your walking in the rain.

The monsoon rain has touched
upon your beautiful face
How do I tie my drunk mind
after looking into your rainy eyes
I've lost myself in monsoon floods.

Your clothes have soaked
and eye polish has washed
In these heavy monsoon rains
You're walking along a long path
What's wrong if I follow your steps!

Stop monsoon rain, please!
My darling has wet through
and she's melting with shyness
Maybe there's still a long way to go
and my happiness is to win her heart!
Camille Jul 2020
Cutting all of the strings attached
Repairing the holes that were once patched
Curing all of the scars left by mistake
And thus, left me with heartache
Fixing these imperfections that they all knew
It broke my heart into two
It left me blue, but it made me see through
Picking up these pieces one by one
All of these work shall be done
And I shall reap what I sow until all that was left was none
Slowly all of these chains were undone
Alas, I will see the shinning sun
Camille Jul 2020
If loving you is a secret that I shall take
Then I shall take this heartache
I'd rather love you in secret
Than lose our friendship
I am not opening my closet
Unless you tell me in private
How do I know if I am still in my head
With all of these tears I've shed
Stopping myself to not express
Leaving me with distress
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