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  1d Rafi
soul melody
your shoulder wet with
tears unzipped my skin

tender whispers traced
my breath and found
the buttons to my ribs

but my heart was undressed
by the passion in your anger
and your fragile words thereafter
-caramelised in pain-

i said 'a friendship's but as
strong as its worst fight

and then i
and labelled you

-Best Friend-
I want to thank you
faceless, nameless reader
for your kindness of sparing a second
reading an awkward soul's mundane poems.
Like screaming into a void with echoes.

you don't know me
but you lift the burden of my stress
so thank you
I hope warmth and kindness find you always
for a simple act of sparing a second to read my poem.
Thank you for reading, for helping me feel less lonely, for a platform where i can scream freely.
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