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Emma Nov 2019
i'll go there where the door is open. i'll go there where someone is wait for me
i'll go there where I am a welcome. i'll go there where is heart is full of love.
i'll go somewhere where's sun is shining.
i'll go somewhere where's warmt and soft.
i'll go somewhere where is for me thouse roses.
i'll go somewhere where i am needed.
Emma Nov 2019
Maybe it's okay we not been
Maybe it's okay we not
Maybe i was press too tightly
maybe i was blind, not yours
maybe we some kind of different
maybe i should stop to dream
maybe i should find my place now
maybe, maybe, maybe
maybe all was just a fantasy
maybe i should open eyes
maybe you was not enough for me
maybe was am I
maybe i should staying quiet
maybe i should stop
maybe i should stop so hard to trying
maybe i should stop to ask regard
maybe all it was my dreaming
maybe i was not in yours
maybe we some kind of different
maybe it's all my efforts
why i try so hard to move a stone
maybe i should to give in
maybe i should say good bye forever
maybe i should stop to search
maybe never was in your eyes
maybe your eyes someone else's
maybe all it's just imaginary
maybe i was blind
maybe i, for you was funny
maybe i was funny guy
maybe i was jest for using
maybe i was just a fool
maybe all my feels and dreaming
maybe it's just all my faulth
maybe it's again my intuition
maybe it is blind
maybe i should stop to thinking
maybe i should stop to wait
maybe i should stop to beeing your some kind of toy
maybe i will strike all dreamings
maybe i will strike all words
which i whispered to my pillow
when i want to hold your mores
when i need you most
maybe all is just illusions
maybe i should to be real
maybe i will to be waiking, from that funny dreams
maybe it is time to leaving, maybe it is time to move, maybe it is time when my heart is healing,
maybe this is will deserve,
maybe i will stop to waiting fooly,
for your silly love
  Nov 2019 Emma
Masha Yurkevich

is not a museum
for the good people.

It is a
for the broken.

Emma Nov 2019
her lightly hair were hidding very shyny eyes
when look at her I see the light
when look at her white shiny skin
her cheeks is burning by color pink
her voice enough for to be heared
she was some i amazed of
she was someone i loved
she was my secret lover
i lived this life with her in closet
to her
Emma Nov 2019
i will be by your side, no matter what
i will be there for you, i'll hold your hand
i will accepting you, each piece
i walking near to you, you feel my breeze
i staying by your side, it's not a lie
in hardest moment i'll looking to your eyes
i will remember our very firs  glance
i will remember how i felt then
i will be cherisht every moment and enjoy of life.
to her
Emma Nov 2019
i love hugging and kissing,
i love tenderness,
i'm a sweet marshmallow
  Nov 2019 Emma
Commuter Poet
This is about
Being present
In the moment
With another human

Not rushing from them
By our own
Desires and goals

Facing the shared problems of life

Whilst being true
To who we are
And what
We feel
23rd Nov 2019
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