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Emma Nov 2019
if you don't accept me,
you don't accept youself,
if you don't accept yourself,
you don't love self.
Emma Nov 2019
you was just an illusion.
you don't exist at all.
i opened eyes.
and what i see?
the empty place.
i was alone all time.
you made me to believe in fantasy. i opened eyes.
it's all was lie, no more.
Emma Nov 2019
you see big smile,
you see brigth eyes,
my life is look so perfect,
i know that many would be jalosy, but you just see what would i show you,
you see tatto onto my wrist and think,
oh such a beautiful,
but you don't know, why would i made tatto?
to hide my ugly scars, to forget about past, so many times i've tried to done my life with knife.
i'm happy it's a past.
i'm happy it's all done.
i was waithing too long.
i'm happy to be here now with you all,
we are strong,
we go this through,
we will be fine,
don't let's no one to hurt you.
ask for help
if someone wasn't help you,
another one will
in world so many kind and good people, not everyone are evil
Emma Nov 2019
Your thoughts become reality
Be carefull to choose
Life can provoke you
Life can to make regrets
Life can tempting you
Life can to give you doubts
Be carefull, because you choose your thoughts
Emma Nov 2019
life is kind of boomerang
everything you give, you will getting back.
Emma Nov 2019
nobody bring you nothing
upon the golden plate
if you want love
you have to try this
you have to search
if you just sitting idly by.
you'll stay alone forever
everything in your arms, build.
Emma Nov 2019
i will be by your side, no matter what
i will be there for you, i'll hold your hand
i will accepting you, each piece
i walking near to you, you feel my breeze
i staying by your side, it's not a lie
in hardest moment i'll looking to your eyes
i will remember our very firs  glance
i will remember how i felt then
i will be cherisht every moment and enjoy of life.
to her
Emma Nov 2019
i'll never fade away
whenever, where i am
in darkest place
even if whole world
want to stew my fire
i will be shine and bright
like sun, like lodestar
like candle on the table
in the dark room
Emma Nov 2019
i wish my brain has chip
so i can stop repeat
those memories...
my heart is faster beat
my mind still on repeat
i want to take this chip
i want delete a creepy vibe
i wanna change my memory
Emma Nov 2019
it's longest chain
to suit and unsuit game
a blood is burning in my vein
i climbing up on mountain top
i scream, i win, but that is not enough
you look at me with curved face
devaluation any steps
i am like Christmas tree on sunday market
my branches was decorate by garland
and everyone gives own price
they look at me like at the Christmas tree
Emma Nov 2019
your love were just destructive.
it's broke me fully in the parts.
it was a crash, it was a smash,
it's hurts, destroyed me.
it's grinded me in ash.
i was rebuild myself for new one.
thank you was broke me
Emma Nov 2019
little, little ego,
choking in the throat
biger, biger, biger,
little ego growed,
there's not enough
of breathing,
there's not enough
of everything,
the sun not sun,
the moon too cool,
Earth too *****,
the city too big or too small,
the dress not fit at all,
the lipstick it's too heavy on my lips,
dark smoke in my throat,
the metal ston onto my heart,
I feel each beat,
pulsation in my head
Emma Nov 2019
when violence will stop?
when will wake up this world? when evil will be gone?
when will we take masks off? when will we learn tell true?
Emma Nov 2019
i was broken fully
i'm healing piece by piece,
but slowly
it's long process
Emma Nov 2019
I'm loved, I'm glowed
i cared, i needed
but maybe i am humanoid?
if it's so hard a human be
i cry, i try, i hate, i lie
i make mistakes and so imperfect
so maybe i am humanoid?
but still i am important
Emma Nov 2019
i'll go there where the door is open. i'll go there where someone is wait for me
i'll go there where I am a welcome. i'll go there where is heart is full of love.
i'll go somewhere where's sun is shining.
i'll go somewhere where's warmt and soft.
i'll go somewhere where is for me thouse roses.
i'll go somewhere where i am needed.
Emma Nov 2019
i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready,
i'm ready to be loved,
i'm ready to be cared,
i'm ready to be needed,
i'm ready be respectfull,
i'm ready be enough,
i'm ready for the real life,
i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready.
i'm ready for the love,
i'm ready, i was waiting long enough
Emma Nov 2019
Oh you think
I lost,
but i win,
i win the right to be
my own,
to be myself.
Emma Nov 2019
no, don’t keep me within the framework,
I’ll come out of them anyway, because I’m jelly, I’m just jelly.
Emma Nov 2019
it was just lesson,
i've been learn
i am appreciate, i grown
just lesson, nothing all
i've learn to love myself
i've learned to walking slow
you was just lesson
i've been learn
to standing strong
and after storm, still stand,
i will not fall
i will grow more and
and after that
i getting stronger
and after pushing
i will still raise up
and shining more
than i was shine before
and every pulling back
just move me forward
so far away, so far away
it was just lesson
i've been learn
to getting stronger
i am appreciate for all
Emma Nov 2019
the lesson I was learn.
you can't make someone love you. if some don't let you in.
give in, don't try too long.
you waste your time.
just left him.
no need to try in vain. love yourself.
Emma Nov 2019
How do you live with lies inside your heart?
How could you live to know you love someone?
How would you live, you get this life just once.
How could you live in lies?
How could you live if everyday you lie?
To someone. How could you?
Emma Nov 2019
life is a very unpredictable thing, today you are the king, tomorrow no one and vice versa. don't judge people by the cover.
Emma Nov 2019
she was a bird.
she had a big heart.
she thought that everyone like that.
she look at world with open eyes. untill the stones were falling onto her.
she still a little bird.
but she was hurt.
her wings were bleeding.
she cannot flying anymore.
she's just a bird with broken soul. she looking at this world with open eyes still.
Emma Nov 2019
cars, no hearts, no souls, no warmth
machineries from metal were consist.
old factories and smoke.
big cities and high-rise buildings. fake smiles, fake faces, cold nights. lonelliness and empiness.
no speach, no words.
around just masks.
just masks around me.
Emma Nov 2019
same as asking an elephant to fly or a tiger to be friendly,
the same as waiting for it to rain in winter and snow in summer,
the same as writing with an eraser or trying to tear metal,
the same as expecting from a dog that it will meowing or from a cat that it will speack
it is impossible, let me be myself, do not expect anything from me that I cannot give you, I do not expect from you that you will ever remove your ego.
Emma Nov 2019
under pressure.
under stress.
i ressist, have no regrets.
1000 problems,
1000 words,
1000 points.
anxiety, rush, depression
i have to rake this mess all alone
Mess in my head
Emma Nov 2019
i tired to run and see always back. you scream come on, come on,
but never enough.
still run and run, you don't notice that i can't breath.
i tired to trying please you.
what ever i do, it's never enough for you.
you think it’s nice to feel not enough, and whatever you do, you’re never satisfied, I’m so tired of trying to meet your expectations.
Emma Nov 2019
i killed by your sweet poison.
i dropping in the ocean.
i falled in water of your lies.
i choke, have no emotions.
i killed by your sweet poison.
i killed by your sweet lies.
your coldnest and your freeze,
i am in snow of icebreath.
so don't belive, you don't believe girl.
this smile, it's nothing more than lie.
Emma Nov 2019
her lightly hair were hidding very shyny eyes
when look at her I see the light
when look at her white shiny skin
her cheeks is burning by color pink
her voice enough for to be heared
she was some i amazed of
she was someone i loved
she was my secret lover
i lived this life with her in closet
to her
Emma Nov 2019
i love hugging and kissing,
i love tenderness,
i'm a sweet marshmallow
Emma Nov 2019
the rain of tears is falling
the river flowing, boiling
my heart is slowly healing
my pieces get together to the one
there no more shame to crying
because while tears are falling
while tears are falling from my eyes
my heart is slowly healing
my pieces come in one.
Emma Nov 2019
I hope that you really will find someone who will suit you and who will really be enough for you. I wish you all the very best. thanks for all the lessons.
Emma Nov 2019
why would you understand
i had bad time and memories
i try to struggle hard
to clean my mind
like pictures from the gallery
why couldn't wait till heal
why rush and be insulting
i wish to be an understood
but how could I?
if you not me and never had this memories
Emma Nov 2019
What do you want?
i wanna this and those,
i wanna jump and just lay under palm tree,
i wanna those and this,
i wanna that and it,
i wanna go there and be here in same time,
i wanna write and wanna job,
i need to study by the way,
*** why i want too much?
too much
Emma Nov 2019
I forgive you, no body perfect.
But I never will come back
Emma Nov 2019
if you do not take this lesson with me, you will go through it again and again with others until you learn the lesson.
to someone
Emma Nov 2019
if you asked for forgiveness, maybe I would forgive you.
To someone
Emma Nov 2019
Don't trust someone who say if you will do this for me,
then I will love you.
It's not love.
Emma Nov 2019
if a person does not want to be bothered or have no time for you, you need to leave alone and start own life.
To someone
Emma Nov 2019
I didn't find myself in the trash to look into your mouth and run after you.
Hope I said enough clear.
To someone
Emma Nov 2019
i tried too hard to please your ego. by days and nights, but not enough
i run and run and still keep running.
but never been appreciate or loved. i cannot give you how you want it. because you even doesn't know. i'm tired and my heart intoxicated by bitter poison of your words.
i cannot breath and choke inside your haze.
the darknest smoke of lies around me.
the fog is clinch so hard my lungs. i'm tired, you was broke me by ruler and your rules.
Emma Nov 2019
he tried to pull me on the bottom. but i don't wanna to be choken.
i wanna fly like a butterfly,
i want to enjoy my life.
he tried to push me in the darknest.
but i don't wanna to be lost.
i wanna be in lightfull,
i wanna be in love
Emma Nov 2019
don't let other people become who they want to see you
To me
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