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Orpheon Jan 22
Look you,
See the sunset,
Emblazoned across the sky,
In burning hues of crimson and gold,
Framed in the naval strains of infinity.

Listen you,
Hear the rain,
Dancing on the rooftops,
Singing to the celestial beat
Of the thunder.

Look around you,
See your world,
See it shatter,
See the spinning, glittering fragments,
Falling into the dust beneath your feet,
Just like the crystal ball you see this in…
This one actually has a story to it - I was walking home from the bus stop after school one day (I think I'd have been 15 at the time) and looking at the sunset, this poem just popped into my brain, and I repeated it to myself the rest of the walk home where I wrote it down as quickly as possible to avoid losing it.
Orpheon Jan 21
These are the times,
That no-one tells you how to live.

The times when you wake up,
Hours early,
And your mind is filled
With thoughts of them
What they'd say,
What you'd say
What they'd want you to say
What you'd want them to say

No-one ever tells you how to live those times,
No-one ever tells you how to not be hurting,
No-one ever tells you how to silence the fantasy.

The times when you look up
From your own life,
And the world around you seems to have gone mad,
The stable society you trusted all your life
Seems to be breaking at the seams,
And the people in charge
Don't seem to know what they're doing,
Or care to listen to those who do.

No-one ever tells you how to live these times,
No-one ever tells you how to not feel hopeless,
No-one ever tells you how not to feel helpless.

The times when you go to bed,
And as your brain shuts down,
And all the civilised parts of you switch off,
You're left with pure feeling,

No-one ever tells you how to reconcile those feelings,
No-one ever tells you how to deal with them,
No-one ever tells you how to live,
Without feeling loved.

— The End —