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 Jan 2020 Eryri
Samantha Cunha
your love

in vain

my seaside dreams

in vein

harbored heart

in vain

abyss of cold desires

in vein

the needle

in vain

the rush

in vein

your love

in my veins

this heart

in vain
 Jan 2020 Eryri
Keith Wilson
 Jan 2020 Eryri
Keith Wilson
I found out
my football coupon was void

There was me
thinking I had won

and going out
in a blaze of glory

For a few minutes
I wanted to sing

My head was in a spin
 Nov 2019 Eryri
 Nov 2019 Eryri
It desperately pleads with me as I turn it between my fingers.  
It knows what I'm contemplating; dreading its own death, a slow sinking to the murky depths.  
It's time to follow through;  
A quick flick of the wrist and the deed is done.  
I imagine my flat stone screaming in terror as it skips across the lake's tranquil surface.  
My imagination is twisted.
 Aug 2019 Eryri
Anne Sexton
Many a miner has gone
into the deep pit
to receive the dust of a kiss,
an ore-cell.
He has gone with his lamp
full of mole eyes
deep deep and has brought forth
Jesus at Gethsemane.
Body of moss, body of glass,
body of peat, how sharp
you lie, emerald as heavy
as a golf course, ruby as dark
as an afterbirth,
diamond as white as sun
on the sea, coal, dark mother,
brood mother, let the sea birds
bring you into our lives
as from a distant island,
heavy as death.
 Dec 2018 Eryri
We only talk at midnight
When you can't sleep
and I'm lonely
not a soul in sight

Close all windows
She can't hear a noise

I do everything for them
I ask for nothing in return

Desperate feelings
immediate reactions

I can't bare
to hear
someone's judgement

So I become their perfect person

I belong to this earth
and I have no ground

Lost in a forest
with no sound

I'm a lonely bird

will hear me sing
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