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Eryri Oct 7
The moon keeps it's good side to us,
It basks in the positive
Projecting joy and happiness.
But it conceals its darker side,
Draws upon the depths of the Dark.
This side is a mystery,
It wallows in a shady history
Shared only with
Its nearest and dearest:
Victims of the dark.
Oct 7 · 28
The Best in People
Eryri Oct 7
She makes no apologies for seeing the best in people.
It doesn't make her blind to their faults,
Merely more tolerant of them.
Oct 6 · 28
Memories Adrift
Eryri Oct 6
I'm coming to terms with my age:
Realising that memories are captives of Time,
That nostalgia is nothing but a hazy, rose tinted wallow of the mind,
And no matter how tightly shut my eyes
I'm never really back on my childhood street,
With the ever-present puddle,
The goalpost van,
Friends and our stupid siblings.
No, those times are lost to time.
But lost is fine,
They're out there, somewhere,
Unanchored and adrift,
And I can live with that.
Oct 5 · 74
Eryri Oct 5
That boy who lived my life
Before I became a man
Will be forever playing football
On that day of that summer,
For that day still exists on some plane
And will never end:
A source of great comfort,
As I age and fade into routine.
Sep 22 · 68
Eryri Sep 22
Bwrw fama, arol dy' Sadwrn braf,
Penwythnos dwytha union r'un fath.
Welsh weather
Eryri Sep 21
The Barista did warn me,
But my home brewed hubris
Really blew up in my face
When my boiling hot porridge
Eruptively boiled all over the place.
Sep 15 · 38
Temporal Trauma
Eryri Sep 15
Time's tight leash restrains ever more:
Youth runs without looking,
Adulthood takes in the views but not the meanings,
Parenthood siezes your social life and shakes it like a rattle;
A head-spinning temporal trauma
Leaving a void filled by nostalgia
- the middle aged man's worst enemy -
Sunny dazed days of drinking
In heavenly beer gardens,
Laughing without thinking.
But time yanks the leash,
Drags you back into today,
This hour, this minute,
To the ***** diaper
And your soiled hand.
Eryri Sep 11
Memories aren't what they used to be;
A sunny spin on what happened to me
Hid the truth of pain,
From which there was, actually, no gain
Other than the mastery of denial,
That kept me going for a while
Until delayed maturity helped me realise
That we all work hard to idealise
The excitingly messy parts of life
That cut a thousand painless cuts.
Sep 9 · 35
Abandoned Books
Eryri Sep 9
Six books resting by my bedside
So many words left unread
As I watch Netflix in my bed
Sep 3 · 38
Rejected Dad
Eryri Sep 3
I love you.
I have to,
I want to,
I need to,
I'm your dad,
It's my duty
And my honour.
I thought you felt the same,
So imagine my shame
After running through pouring rain
To save you from the horror,
The anxiety and dread
Of your first day in school,
To find you smiling and enthralled,
At the after-school club
You weren't meant to attend,
And didn't want to be saved from
By your loving dad!
So I say, my darling daughter,
Enjoy it all:
9 to 3,
September to July,
2019 for the rest of your life.
I love you.
Caru chdi x
Eryri Sep 1
Such distant voices,
Like echoes from a recent past,
Calling over rickety field fences
Gently swaying the flourishing corn,
Diminishing as it nourishes,
So that the hearer only hears
A ghostly murmur and not the cheers.
Aug 27 · 34
Ageing Giant
Eryri Aug 27
This former giant, 
Commander of man and beast,
Now lies prone,
Horizontal to the Vertical of his prime,
Struggling to hear
Struggling to think
Struggling to commune,
Aura diminished to a dim dot glow
A sorry sight to behold
As age takes a steely hold.
Aug 26 · 154
Eryri Aug 26
A forgiving tree draws tepid water
From its pitifully small patch of earth
Set amidst a barren desert of asphalt.
Its indignity is furthered still
As its leaves drop, not on the floor,
But on the bonnet of my Ford.
Aug 21 · 42
Lost Wallet
Eryri Aug 21
Has anyone seen my wallet?
I left it on the roof of my car
And drove my Christmas drive.
If you find it you can keep it:
I'm moving on.
Driving license,
A ton of reciepts,
Ten Euro note,
Maybe eight pounds cash
And a book of stamps.
Mostly a reminder of a dreary life,
Heavy, not with cash but ****** expenditure.

Go ahead, steal my ID,
Who'd want to be me?
Not I!
But, drawing a parallel
Between my wallet and I,
Deep in a quagmire,
Weathered by winter,
Waiting to be found.
Not very subtle I know,
But here's my rebuttal:
A seemingly tough exterior,
Vulnerable to stormy weather,
Stitching that will fail the test of time,
Spilling out its contents,
Laying bear all it once held in.

But if not found presently,
Maybe in time it will be,
And be of some passing interest
To some far off future finder,
Who'll wonder for a second who I was,
And ask, "how did it get lost?"
And "what became of those two children in the photo?"
And "what the hell was diesel anyway?"
Aug 20 · 31
Who's Nuts?!
Eryri Aug 20
He's not been well,
He's experienced a living Hell,
But he's got guts
And, over time, he's realised
It's not him that's ******* nuts.
Eryri Aug 20
The walk I wasn't on
Was, by all accounts, a good one,
I wish I'd been there
Because you were there,
But I bet you had nothing to say,
Probably distracted by nature's display,
Studying the forest's floor
Daring to be the bore
Looking up, occasionally
At the forest's canopy.
Eryri Aug 13
Scuffed brown shoes
With laces as long as your arms
Skip and scrape upon the cobbles
Skimming over tiny puddles
Reflecting a hundred suns
Dipping in and out of a thousand clouds.
Aug 12 · 34
Newly Apolitical
Eryri Aug 12
"Don't be political" the Maestro said,
"It don't age well and it sure as Hell don't sell"
So I gave it up,
Called a by-election on my insurrection,
Lost my deposit
But couldn't give a ****.
Now I switch off the news
To focus on my muse:
The little things.
Yep, meditating on the minutiae
Is where it's at,
"Embrace the boring"
The Maestro added
"Politics will leave them snoring".
So here's to the mundane,
The housing estates
Where cars clog the streets,
The lunch deal brigade
Staring at the sandwiches,
The workplace kitchen
Where hygiene standards vanish:
A land called Mundanity,
Where the seemingly sane
Are all insane.
Eryri Aug 11
I'd like to pepper my poems
With referenes to Greek mythology
Or sprinkle a little Norse legend
Throughout my stanzas.
But, alas, it will never be:
For, you see,
I utterly failed my Literature GCSE.
Aug 11 · 40
Unfair Weather
Eryri Aug 11
Summer rain rusting my brain
Unseasonal winds
Pushing over bins
Gales and rain in the UK at the moment.
Aug 10 · 102
Fire in the Disco!
Eryri Aug 10
Hazards lie in wait
As the Disco lights ignite.
Rhythm the seducer
The DJ the inducer.
Eryri Aug 3
Fragments of a cacophony hung in the air,
A note here, a note there
Broken glass crushed underfoot
Traffic-cone-trumpets playing flat notes
A grievous insult to the left
Uproarious laughter to the right.
Jesus, it was such a good night!
Aug 2 · 46
Time Doesn't Fly
Eryri Aug 2
Time passes:
We must accept this.
Three years IS three years
No more
No less.
Your child grew gradually
Over those three years
As you all went about your routines:
So your Facebook surprise
At the passing of time
Seems a little odd.
Time doesn't fly,
It passes us by as a constant
Whilst our deadly dull routines
Wish our lives away,
Day after accelerated day.
Jul 31 · 41
Aunt Moon
Eryri Jul 31
I hung tantalisingly in the night sky
For a billion and more years,
Your coy companion,
Your one-faced little twin sister
Left barren by our mutual creation.
Glad was I then
- as an Aunt to your four billion children -
That you sent twelve to visit me in my dotage.
I do you hope you visit in peace again soon.
Yours faithfully,
The Moon.
Jul 31 · 350
Eryri Jul 31
My dear Astronaut,
Love you to the moon and back:
Easy on splashdown
Jul 21 · 35
Eryri Jul 21
Your creeping tendrils reek of toil and stress,
They've taken root beneath my bed,
Your nourishment is the nightly sweat,
That drip drip drips off my forehead;
You lap it up greedily.
Every drop intensifying your desire to confuse me,
To consume me with self-doubt,
Slowly but inevitably,
Turning my mind against itself.

An unwilling host for your dark massy form,
I carry you silently dusk to dawn.
You grow fatter day-by-day,
Becoming ever more greedy night-by-night,
Taking joy in supping on my liquid fear:
Like the perfect storm at sea,
You are too big to weather.
You are a ferocious dog let slip his lead.

You have blocked all escape routes,
Your shifting, insiduous form did that stealthily,
My mind, turned-in, paralyzes me:
A mental and physical double-lock,
Confining me to my king-size prison,
Meaning you can gorge upon my misery,
Until you leave nothing but an empty shell,
Then friends and family will all agree, 
"at least now he is free of his living Hell"
Eryri Jul 17
Something high in the sky is superior
It views me as completely inferior
I fear for my soul
Lest it fall down a hole
Into a fiery Lake Superior.
Eryri Jul 16
A ****** of Orange and Yellows
Pushed you through the Blue
Into the star spangled Black backdrop
For the White-Yellow companion
Of your Green and Blue Mother Earth.
Jul 14 · 720
You Dug
Eryri Jul 14
You dug today
Some mud and clay
With two-year-old hands
And a giant *****.
You dug today
A new place to play
Filthy, muddy wonderlands;
Just the place for an escapade!
Eryri Jul 12
I miss those days when I could turn heads,
And woke up each morning in other people's beds.
Not autobiographical. Ha ha!
Jul 10 · 206
Human Constellation
Eryri Jul 10
Two of you,
One in a lunar limbo
And billions of us.
Armstrong and Aldrin
And Collins
And Earth.
One small step
Two deep breaths
A billion or more gasps.
Mother Earth, Module and Moon:
a human constellation.
Jul 8 · 113
Populist Narratives
Eryri Jul 8
Lava flows and transfixes,
A painfully slow maggoty writhing
Overcoming what it should not catch,
Scorching deep rooted flora,
Creating blank canvas desolation:
Fertile ground for dark new seeds.
Jul 5 · 205
Death and Life
Eryri Jul 5
Death comes and death goes,
Leaving the living living and grieving.
Jul 1 · 245
Language Botherers
Eryri Jul 1
An ancient language,
Perhaps the oldest,
But still a target
And the **** of jokes
From many many English folk.
Yet another ignorant joke about the Welsh language on Twitter, again by someone who should know better. Seem Welsh is always fair game. I do stress, it's not ALL English folk
Jun 30 · 53
Orphaned Clones
Eryri Jun 30
Abandon the failures,
Imperfections are unacceptable:
Loved ones were perfect in shape and spirit
(in imperfect, idealised memories).

Flawed not flawless,
These bespoke folk:
They are and are not that rotting loved one.

'Failed clone'
Society's latest stigma.

'Orphaned clones'
The lowest class.
Jun 29 · 210
Eryri Jun 29
"The rash keeps coming back!
They've given me a cream,
But it keeps coming back"
Public symptoms announcements:
It never ceases to amaze me
The willingness to declare illness.
Jun 25 · 110
Love's in the Box
Eryri Jun 25
Love's expressions hide deep within my mind,
I lack a link from mind to mouth,
Leaving me dumbstruck whenever I am lovestruck.
My Cupid is mute and wears a Dunce's cap,
His hands quiver and his arrow is blunt.
I long to steady myself,
Sharpen my wit,
To hear my own voice tell of my love.
But this is too much, too soon;
Love is a heavy weight
And sinks deeper in thought if left undisturbed.
So, I took to ink and paper to put words to feelings,
The pen hovered, frigid, not wishing to kiss the paper
But muscle was mightier than the sword.
With touch achieved, my love bled onto the page
And expressions of love were conceived.
Ecstatic at my first experience I tore out the page
Read and read again and again,
And vowed to read aloud my words.
However, it was not to be,
My fear of shame being my enemy,
Struck me dumb once more
And guided my hand to a Heart-Shaped box,
Wherein I deposited my bill of love
Never to see the light of day
Nor the silvery glow of a Hunter's moon.
Jun 24 · 68
Eryri Jun 24
The petrol flowed into its stomach.
Me, its feeder and its keeper,
The taxed and the fined,
The disqualified and the uninsured.
The gullible, puppy-eyed fool
Who bought a machine
To make him look cool.

Cars are real jerks.
Jun 19 · 61
Eryri Jun 19
Three times up,
Four times down.
You do the math,
He can't,
He's out for the count.
Jun 18 · 90
Five Men on Stools
Eryri Jun 18
Five men on stools:
Men of the hour seeking power.
Silly fools.
Bickering and sniggering,
Blowing their own trumpets,
Apart from he who blows a Trumpette
And cares not what he says,
And whose fans care not what he says
As he stumbles into power
And feels the hand of Churchill upon his crotch.
Jun 14 · 68
Eryri Jun 14
You ripped the door off:
The electro-magnetic attachment
Was no match for your frustration,
Which goes to show,
You cannot guard against
A young man's anguish
Manifested as rage,
A judged and stigmatised rage,
Born of poor attachment:
An open door that was never closed.
Eryri Jun 10
Memories compressed under a thin sheet of glass,
A camera first and telephone last.
My laughter, my pride and my joy it stores,
Joylessly sealed in a metal and glass sandwich.
But this little device taking over my life,
Has one disadvantage:
A finite memory full to bursting,
As it warns me it's 'Dangerously Low on Space'.
Eryri Jun 10
'Soak in a Vinegar solution'
He told me.
'Leave for 30 minutes and dry in the sun'
He added sagely.

****** idiot.
Jun 3 · 33
He Was Once a Tadpole
Eryri Jun 3
Just as a frog cannot relate to a tadpole,
He could not recognise his younger self.
No retrospective map of life had he,
No string-tied bundles of diaries
Or heavy-hearted Journals
To reunite him with the naïf
Who floated along life's river
Unaware of being navigated by others,
Others who rowed but did not instruct
And abandoned ship on the stroke of his eighteenth
Leaving him overawed and falling overboard,
To eventually flounder upon the shores of independence
Until he was forced to stand on his own two feet of clay,
Like some evolving amphibian
Waddling into life,
Stomping and stumbling in the quagmire of society.
A faux pas here, a faux pas there,
Slow and painful lessons
That built resilience and self-reliance
Resulting in a proudly self-made man,
Now unaccustomed to failure
And whose memories of humiliating failure
Have sunk to the bottom of the river of his life.
Eryri Jun 1
The weather was changeable,
A warming sun for the previous hour,
Then, without warning,
The wind rose high,
The roof rose higher:
No use running for cover, I thought,
Since the cover had gone the way of my courage.
You see, I had a role to fulfil
Sure, its fulfillment in sunny spells was a breeze
But in a Force Ten gale?
(Cue howls of laughter)
Progress was at the pace of a snail
And nerves are torn to ribbons
(Much like the poor flags).
Was it life or death?
Well, it depended on how much you didn't wish to die.
Luckily for me, my aim in life is not to witness death
And that is why I pushed on,
And huffed and puffed
Until we got our Lifeboat to the stricken drunken Jetski pilots.
May 28 · 48
Robbed of Song
Eryri May 28
My heart, it knew a song or two,
But thanks to you
And your heartless crew
It succumbed and withdrew
And now it beats a beatless beat:
The sing-songs are gone
The melodies muted
No dawn chorus
Or drive time sing-along.
Oh ****, I miss the rush
Of singing my favourite tunes
Thinking my voice was completely in tune
But no,
You took that away from me,
Stole my singing,
Robbed me of rhythm,
Left a shell of an amateur singer
Whose voice is silenced:
Packed in a loveless vault:
Combination unknown.
May 26 · 42
Unrepentant Tenant
Eryri May 26
We heard a creak in the attic
I sent my wife to investigate.
She's still up there,
Negotiating with our new-found tenant
Who is totally unrepentant
For having snuck into our home
And setting up camp.
Eryri May 24
The polite crowd clap and whoop
Their brogues and plimsoles tap the floor.
Yeah, they worship and adore
This little mess of a group.

Their tunes were never mainstream
Which is just how the cool kids like it
Their identities pursue the dream:
Reject the norm and fight it.
Eryri May 21
Incessant mindless chatter,
Myself and I jibber-jabber.
Lots of in-brain clutter,
So I pull down my cerebral shutters.
Cognitive dissonance?
I plead ignorance
(or do I?).

Alcohol is bad,
Smoking makes me sad,
But on the other hand...

The rumination,
The never ending contemplation,
I'm indecisive
Not in any way incisive.
Constant internal dialogue
Long long monologues,
That is why, at 9.30am,
I'm still stood in my underpants.
Eryri May 18
My friend is a very good man,
Nothing to hide
No terrorist ties
But still,
He really looks like Carlos the Jackal.
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