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3d · 35
True colors*
If the world saw your true colors
Would it be colors of life, love, warmth, joy?
Would we see yellow, orange, reds, pinks and greens, vibrance alive
Colors of despair and hopelessness?Would we see black and blue, greys and emptiness
Colors of selfishness and greed?
Would we see reds and blacks, gold and deep greens all kept to yourself?Colors of control, dominance, power hungry evil?
Would we see no color in an empty vessel?

If the world saw your true colors what glorious or sad show would you be?
Prompt: If the world saw your true colors
Concrete poured, flatten it just right,
Keep it neat and ordered, it's the way of our progressed nation,
Keep it controlled, no green shiny grass, no flowers disguising as weeds,
Pull them out, rid my streets of color immediately,
Don't let the colorful roam,
What chaos will reign against my tidy plan,
If you allow free spirits to Transcend,
What chaos will reign if feelings of Gay are out in the open,
Mingling with nature growing through the cracks in the pavement,
No, no, my small-minded need to make the world just so,
Cannot allow the green grass its freedom, the confusion of mixed flowers their minglings,
It must be ordered, ordained, religious manipulation suppressing the soul,
No cracks in my pavement I demand!

But oh, we're coming for you pavement makers, we're growing strong and furiously through your cracks, crumbling your concrete to dust, and we'll laugh as your sad little soul evaporates in our sun.
*Prompt: No cracks in the pavement
Without you I'm a rumbling volcano,
Bursting over on a daily,
Burning my soul with a raging fire,
Your alchemy purifies me,
Calms me,
Reveals the gold this fire formed,

I wish you'd stay with me every day,
Temper this angry heart,
I've been struggling alone for a long, long time,
With stubborn determination I've been trying to do all on my own,
Because I believed there was no other way,
I don't want to believe that anymore,
I'm tired of floating on this island with no home,
I'm tired and I feel sad but tears won't bring their release,
Reach out to me and offer a place of reprieve.
*Prompt: Your alchemy purifies me
3d · 27
A haunted heart
A heart alone, forgotten, since as far back as I can remember,
A heart lonely, overlooked,
Only the holder loving a haunted heart, a dying heart, a paling heart,
Still foolishly holding on, waiting for life.
*Prompt: Loving a haunted heart
Nov 8 · 237
Undefinable presence
RonliSong Nov 8
Struggles seemed never ending,
Long-standing trauma,
Survival mode a constant,
Then finally, a light,
The struggles hadn't subsided,
I just eventually morphed into an undefinable presence,
Stronger, magnificent, but lost,
What do I do now in this small world around me?
Prompt: Undefinable presence
Nov 8 · 191
RonliSong Nov 8
Crumbling shards am I,
Shadows obscure the truth of me, Illuminate I plead,
Save me
*Prompt: 'Illuminate' 15 words max
Nov 8 · 54
RonliSong Nov 8
It's difficult to not choose weak, and easy,
Consciously careless of consequence for the lure, the temptation,
Is too delicious to reason,

So you call upon temperance and remind yourself how far you've come,
The battles, depleting, fought and won, You remind yourself what you've missed, and lost,
What you could lose,

To find yourself in balance, in harmony, even if taut,
Once again,
For if you close your eyes you only see
Your light
*Poetry prompt: 'Temperance'
Nov 4 · 40
Forlorn hunt
RonliSong Nov 4
I'm not the hunter, I'm the hunt,
As least I was, for a long forlorn time,
A lost pitiful girl, no home, no family, no guidance,
Easy prey and the hunters knew
But now?
I'm not the hunt, I'm the hunter,
Yet hunt I don't,
Because why would I filthy my hands with such meagre prey?
Quiet in the shadows I stay
Where only the strong play
*Prompt: 'I'm not the hunter, I'm the hunt'
Oct 30 · 67
RonliSong Oct 30
No one person is better or worse than you,
Because you don't know your worst or your greatest,
Circumstances change you,
Can alter you in ways you would never expect,
Reveal depths of yourself you had no idea existed,

This fact doesn't pardon anyone's behavior,
But it does gift you freedom from resentment and revenge if you truly understand it
Oct 29 · 316
RonliSong Oct 29
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where people stay quiet and still
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where memories echo and trill
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where life is found fulfilled
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where sense has found its will
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where my heart breathes tranquil
*Prompt: 'Meet me at the cemetery gates'
Oct 28 · 48
RonliSong Oct 28
You see I'm beaten, I'm raw, I'm exposed,
Salty winds whipping against a rough rock
Merciless waves thrashing
I could never go back to building picket fences into green lawns believing I have all in order
Trying to control and maintain your little rose tinted bubble
The thought of it enrages me
That bubble would be a tortured prison
The depths of me would screech out in pained anger
I could never go back to small talk and feigning concern for the worries of the privileged
I can't go smaller from here
I can't pretend anymore
Oct 17 · 102
Sun day
RonliSong Oct 17
Today was a day of beautiful simplicity,
Ease of emotion flows without constraint,
Without captivating pain,
Or confused turmoil,
Truth is never complicated,
Being yourself without fear,
Speaking truth of mind and heart,
To simply be,

Not concerned with what tomorrow may bring,
But hopeful, it'll bring a day  as lovely as this one,
And if not, at least I'll get to carry the peace of today with me.
Oct 10 · 71
And alive
RonliSong Oct 10
What a relief it would be if my heart could cry,
Releasing the tension found in each aching beat,
Unfurl pain,
Cracking the hard shell I've become,

What a relief it would be if my heart could weep,
Streaming tears washing out,
Unfurl hurt,

Making space for blood to flow,
Rich and sweet,
And alive.
Oct 10 · 177
RonliSong Oct 10
You can see someone from your youth, and they still look young,
They look light,
They look like a stranger in your dark world,
And you wonder why you have had to plunder through the decades burdened with so much heaviness.
Where is my respite?
When will I be free and feel young,
Because even when I was young,
I still carried a weight that they never seemed aware of.
Oct 9 · 180
Wandering in the dark*
RonliSong Oct 9
I didn't accidentally stumble in one day,
I  wasn't wandering in the dark lost and confused,
I was trapped in it,
The dark arrived suddenly and viciously,
Snatched and pulled me in,
and I've been fighting my way out ever since.
*Prompt: 'Wandering in the dark' 70 words max
Oct 7 · 93
Pain and hope
RonliSong Oct 7
I made it through the dark journey,
The journey of hopelessness,
Of pain consuming,
Perceived weakness,
I made it through all this,
And although I may still be in pain,
I feel hope.
Oct 7 · 73
RonliSong Oct 7
It took me some time to realize the truth,
That when love eradicates hate,
It's not you I'll be looking at but me.

It's me that's set free when I finally see that I'm a better person than you'll ever be able to be.
Prompt: 'When love eradicates hate'
Sep 28 · 254
RonliSong Sep 28
How fickle a soul, where one day exuberant, the next but a wither.
*Prompt: use the word 'Wither' 15 words max
Sep 19 · 31
Honest you
RonliSong Sep 19
Spying on someone is about control,
So when I say you're controlling, you disagree?
When I say I can't trust you,
You say, but of course you can!
There is no friendship in this, therefore there cannot be true love,
When one insecure broken side of the puzzle can't function in a healthy way,
There is no honest relationship,
There is no honest you.

Truth is the truth and truth is revealed in actions.
Sep 17 · 35
RonliSong Sep 17
Can I find the quiet in those moments between crashing waves
In the space between raindrops
Air pockets in soil
Has my soul lost its way from
Where all connects with cosmic life
Can I look up to the stars and remember
Can I close my eyes and forget
Sep 5 · 164
Current state of Earth
RonliSong Sep 5
It's time for healing,
The call has been sung,
The call is singing,
But we're confused,
We're looking through an obscured view,
Shadow dust,
Chaos is in happening,
After all, extreme change cannot occur without extreme change,
There's purpose in the chaos,
There's freedom in the pain,
Hang on,
Through it all,
Don't let go of your soul.
Aug 27 · 46
Who am I?
RonliSong Aug 27
I am sunshine,
And ocean,
Chilled vapor in the breeze,
Wilting petals in the heat,
Heartbeat of a bee,
Cold rock underneath the waterfall,
Fungi on a broken branch,
The tallest tree,
The Osprey perched on the tip top,
I am borderless skies,
And the planets and stars that seem otherworldly,
I am all this
And more.
Aug 24 · 58
RonliSong Aug 24
I take a step back, away from you,
You're a trap,
A black hole,
No good will come to me by trusting you,

You don't know how to love,
You survive by controlling,

And now that I'm seeing this, understanding this,
And bit by bit removing your tentacles from me,

Your world is unraveling,
And as in your cycle,
You're trying to take me down with you.
Aug 23 · 61
RonliSong Aug 23
You've stained my spirit,
My joy,
I let a monster in,
What a foolish girl.
*Poetry prompt: 'Stained', 15 words max.
Aug 23 · 64
RonliSong Aug 23
I'm a bird in a cage that I willingly walked into,
Ignorantly, naively, blindly, but still willingly,
Now that cage is overgrown with suffocating vines,
Threatening to violently consume me,
Closer and closer they creep toward me,
They've already blocked out the sun,
But not all of it...
I have to find the way out,
And blossom and bloom,
And of course, fly.
Aug 22 · 353
Sunrise Sunset
RonliSong Aug 22
Pull me out of the fearful shadows,
New familiar light warming the edges of me,
Will I have the strength to let it seep,

Can this cold body crackle to life,
Climbing out from the Earth like dead roots breaking,

Open my eyes, embracing the light,
Granting it permission to enter my soul,
Puncture my heart with golden yellow,

Melt me and remould me,
A breath of resurrected life,
Warmth now seeping out
Aug 21 · 61
RonliSong Aug 21
I want to pour out of myself,
Into my true self,
From the deep, the unknown, the unrealized,
Dark and light,
As there can't be one without the other,
I want the More that whispers from the ignored shadows to be realized,
I want that burning and drumming whispered shouting to scream out of me,
To burst and burn all that's in its way,

I am not here to be mediocre,
I am not here for a mundane human experience,
I am not here to be politely good or broken bad,
I am not here to serve,
I am not here for you,
I am here to Burn.
Aug 15 · 333
Tear open
RonliSong Aug 15
Crack open the hidden, the shaded, the unknown, the unrealized parts of your mind. Rip out of the small shell and see more, be more...
'Who's worse, the guy that puts the bolt in the cow's skull, guilty, or, or, the people that sit around a restaurant and eat it. '

Line from the series 'Based on a true story'. I love this line as it's thought provoking, brings a new awareness.
Aug 3 · 312
One voice, one soul*
RonliSong Aug 3
My core feels shattered, scattered, isolated and alone,
Am I to believe we are one voice, one soul,
When I can't even find my own?
*Prompt: 'One voice, one soul' 40 words max
Jul 29 · 68
RonliSong Jul 29
I am not even an island,
I don't share the growth of the fauna,
The energy of the wildlife,
Or the touch of the waves on my shore,
I am barren and sore.
Jul 27 · 55
Divine find
RonliSong Jul 27
You won't find divinity in the outside,
It won't seep out the adorned church walls,
It won't speak from a book,
Or gift from a sculptured symbol,
It won't sustain in tradition,
Or grant comfort in regulation,
It won't heal through congregation,
Or answer through a man deemed esteemed,
You can't find divinity in the outside,
You won't reach the depth you need,
You won't find place or purpose,
You will keep circling the lonely path of seek.
Jul 22 · 83
Cancerous cells
RonliSong Jul 22
Life is fragile,
The chronically cursed realize this,
If your body fails you,
Your mind too,
What do you have left?
Why do you fight to live in torture?
Is it the spark of light that makes up you,
Never quitting even though all feels like hell,
Is this honorable or fear based,
Would it be a sin to take your own life or a gift?
Jul 22 · 214
RonliSong Jul 22
I lost flowers of color, of blossom, of bloom,
When ignorance was snatched away,
Shadows revealed and darkness gifted a bouquet.
*Prompt: 'Lost Flowers' 40 words max.
Jul 22 · 69
RonliSong Jul 22
You can tear me apart again and again,
I will never come back together the way your weak self demands.

But eventually,
I will resemble a monster.
Prompt: 'Tear me apart again and again, I will never... ' 35 words max
Jul 21 · 181
RonliSong Jul 21
Another sprinkling of trauma,
With a smear of disappoinment overlaid,
Another day in pain, feeling alone,
Except for the burning company of anger,
Numb to the world because joy revolted,
Dragging hope with it.
Prompt: 'Numb to the world' 40 words max
RonliSong Jul 19
At one time,
My spirit sought the warmth of the sun,
To sing with me in harmony of equal enthusiasm,
I believed in magic with an effervescent efflorescent hope,
But then the shadows sent out silent vines,
Grasping the tails of light,
Climbing higher and higher unnoticed,
Until hope and magic seemed a fool's game,
And the sun left to find someone warmer,

Now I must fight these vines of darkness,
Believing in magic once more,
Believing my spirit is worth the sun's love and the galaxies grace,
That I can be made up of such majestic truth that my soul struggles not to climb out of this body,
With overwhelming joy.
Prompt: Use the words 'Effervescent efflorescent'.
Jul 19 · 154
RonliSong Jul 19
Is Abusive,
Is Abusive.

This is not love,
This is not trust,

This is not truth.

Instilling fear,
Is not love.

It is weakness,
A need to control and diminish.

Sacrificing my soul, my essence, my very being,
In order to stabilize your moods,

Is not love,
It is not pure.

I must be free of you,
I need to be free of you,

You've taken too much from me.
Jul 15 · 192
RonliSong Jul 15
I'm learning to see past the haze,
To find my feet in the truth,
My hands to ungrasp,
To hear the quiet.
I'm learning to acknowledge the sand under my feet,
Embrace the cool ocean waters and
Thank the sun.
*Prompt: Use the words 'I'm learning to' 40 words max
Jul 15 · 60
Sweet refuge
RonliSong Jul 15
I don't wish I was dying,
But sometimes I think what if I was?
I guess it's a craving for that feeling of fragility
Of suspension
Perhaps I want to see more clearly,
Through the fog of everyday messes
Perhaps I want to step out of the anger I'm harboring,
Remove the toxicity it breeds

To think of 'what would I feel like if I knew I was dying',
Is not enough as if you actually were,
If you were handed the death sentence,
Only so much time before the cancer eats all your cells for example,
You'd live in a different way,
You'd be lighter,
Scared too,

I want to know what it feels like to be free of pain
I want to believe in joy
Jul 14 · 54
RonliSong Jul 14
You showed your true colors,
It was a stab to my heart,
Calling me names,
That's a child's game,
You don't see me,
You don't see my truth,
You're too jaded by your warped point of view.
Jul 14 · 54
RonliSong Jul 14
Just because you're not summoning the demons out with alcohol,
Doesn't mean they're not still there.
Jul 14 · 60
Remembering death
RonliSong Jul 14
What would you let go if you were dying?
It's an oddly empowering feeling... Dying.
Fragile, delicate, gentle.
Hate dissipates, anger too,
The fragility feels like love.
Cells detaching and hovering for a bit,
Looking down on all that was loved and is love,
Looking down at you.
Forgiving, accepting, understanding,
It will do you good to remember.
Jul 14 · 427
RonliSong Jul 14
Playing with fire because life feels dull,
Looking for that spark to ignite... Anything.
Prompt: 'Playing with fire' 40 words max.
Jul 12 · 372
In the pudding
RonliSong Jul 12
The truth is in the actions,
And the results of.
Not in your words or rose tinted views.
Jul 9 · 83
RonliSong Jul 9
Vivacious is my hungry spirit,

Veiled by shadows of perceived restrictions.
Prompt: use the word 'vivacious'. 11 words max.
Jul 8 · 56
Being death
RonliSong Jul 8
I feel like my heart is going to be ripped out again,
Anticipating it,
Where suddenly every cell of you is fragile,
Holding a wisp of breath to survive,
To hover through to the next moment,
Of life,
Of being alive,
While your mind subconsciously tries to define death,
You don't understand,
Why grief feels this way,
Why the extinction of this person you loved,
Has ripped your being into shreds.
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