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I could say
that I know what I want from life

I could say
that I want life

I could say
that I know what I want

But I don’t
 Sep 18 RonliSong
and I’m still hanging on to the promise of “I’ll see you on Tuesday.”
rest easy kasey
You hate everything that surrounds you. You think the universe betrayed you in so many ways. You feel hate underneath your skin, and so you hated yourself more than anyone. But I won't let you, will you let me?

- karen, 08.04.17
 Jun 16 RonliSong
A M Ryder
This kindness?
I don't trust it
Like a purple sky
Before a storm
Beautiful; but
Do you realize
The birds are
Agitated and
The ants are
Marching in circles?
Heart of gold
To selfless
To keep the riches to myself
Voluntarily shared the wealth
But most were taking in the form of theft
I use to be filled to the brim
Gold coins overflowing out of the chest
Now when I look inside it
There’s hardly any left
I felt each piece that was taken
Never to be returned
Maybe I should shut the lid
But that’s a lesson I haven’t learned
My heart is to big not to share
So the lid stays open
Even if there’s a risk another gold piece may be stolen
full oblivion
or demand of consciousness
i am i am i
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