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494 · Jun 2
RonliSong Jun 2
I am a strong woman,
But I have my weaknesses,
And its those weaknesses that keep our relationship together.

If I try shed them,
Our relationship ceases.
It halts, it stalls, it's empty.

That's the foundation of our relationship;
My weaknesses.

It's what you use to fuel yours,
It's what you've always done,
With every different version of me.
485 · Aug 2019
a note
RonliSong Aug 2019
I feel the earth I tread on

The air I breathe

The ocean that I come from

And the love

That is me
466 · Apr 27
RonliSong Apr 27
So much pain,
We've caused ourselves,
Us, this human race,
Such heart wrenching heart ache,

War, poverty, abuse,
Hate, racism, anger,

How can we believe in magic,
When we keep destroying it all?
456 · Mar 8
Outside of my dreams
RonliSong Mar 8
Always searching for you,
Outside of my dreams

Always waiting for you,
to come and find me

In every dream
You appear,
and I hate leaving you there
445 · Jul 8
Lost girl
RonliSong Jul 8
Desperate to be validated,
To be seen,
To be loved,
Girl's mind clouds up with the need,
Fixates on the first boy or man,
That she believes is a connection,
A connection to herself,
To her loneliness,

Looking for yourself through someone else's broken self,
Will only take you further away.
427 · Jul 14
RonliSong Jul 14
Playing with fire because life feels dull,
Looking for that spark to ignite... Anything.
Prompt: 'Playing with fire' 40 words max.
372 · Jul 12
In the pudding
RonliSong Jul 12
The truth is in the actions,
And the results of.
Not in your words or rose tinted views.
353 · Aug 22
Sunrise Sunset
RonliSong Aug 22
Pull me out of the fearful shadows,
New familiar light warming the edges of me,
Will I have the strength to let it seep,

Can this cold body crackle to life,
Climbing out from the Earth like dead roots breaking,

Open my eyes, embracing the light,
Granting it permission to enter my soul,
Puncture my heart with golden yellow,

Melt me and remould me,
A breath of resurrected life,
Warmth now seeping out
337 · Jun 12
Whispering Demons
RonliSong Jun 12
If I could summon up demons,
To haunt and taunt you,
There's only one thing I'd ask of them;
To whisper in your ear late in the nights,
Telling only the truth.
333 · Aug 15
Tear open
RonliSong Aug 15
Crack open the hidden, the shaded, the unknown, the unrealized parts of your mind. Rip out of the small shell and see more, be more...
'Who's worse, the guy that puts the bolt in the cow's skull, guilty, or, or, the people that sit around a restaurant and eat it. '

Line from the series 'Based on a true story'. I love this line as it's thought provoking, brings a new awareness.
316 · Oct 29
RonliSong Oct 29
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where people stay quiet and still
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where memories echo and trill
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where life is found fulfilled
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where sense has found its will
Meet me at the cemetery gates,
Where my heart breathes tranquil
*Prompt: 'Meet me at the cemetery gates'
312 · Aug 3
One voice, one soul*
RonliSong Aug 3
My core feels shattered, scattered, isolated and alone,
Am I to believe we are one voice, one soul,
When I can't even find my own?
*Prompt: 'One voice, one soul' 40 words max
300 · Jun 11
RonliSong Jun 11
I am raw and exposed,
Feeling primal as if I have nothing left to lose,
Yet I have plenty to lose.

I'm on a dangerous precipice and I'm not looking back,
I'm screaming over the edge,
Dying to jump,
Hungry for it,
For reckless abandonment.

To let go,
Let go of sanity and moral manners,
To rather let out a blood curdling scream,
Let out the inside of me,
Set it ferociously and voraciously free.
280 · May 31
RonliSong May 31
Everything matters,
Everything you say, think, feel, do,
It all matters

And the only way to make it worthy,
Is to let go

Let everything you say, think, feel and do,

Stop trying so hard
Let be the moment
And the moments will live
One after the other

Making up a worthy life
A life of meaning,
Of purpose,

Of love
In it's simplest and most complicated form
278 · Jun 20
Order of magic
RonliSong Jun 20
I want more,
This life is a bore,
I want colours dancing around me, from within me,
Creativity bursting like stars,
Lifting me off the ground,
I want magic.
264 · Jun 24
RonliSong Jun 24
And one day you'll realize,
You are a part of it all,
From the galaxies to the earth to the water,
It is of you and you of it.
255 · Sep 28
RonliSong Sep 28
How fickle a soul, where one day exuberant, the next but a wither.
*Prompt: use the word 'Wither' 15 words max
RonliSong Jun 23
All you can see in the mirror is you,

And in the background,
The idealized versions of you,

Your yet to be met accomplishments,
Adored by the world,

Your grandiose a shrine,
Of you, you, you,


Your humility a lie woven in to hold the picture just right,

Your love for others?
It's broken,

And one day when the mirror breaks,
There'll be no one and nothing left but the broken pieces.
237 · Jun 10
Outside of quiet
RonliSong Jun 10
Looking, looking,
Always wanting,
Searching, searching,
Always hoping,
Chaos flooding the mind
Drowning the soul
Making prison bars out of noise,
Unease, discomfort,
Lost and losing.
237 · Nov 8
Undefinable presence
RonliSong Nov 8
Struggles seemed never ending,
Long-standing trauma,
Survival mode a constant,
Then finally, a light,
The struggles hadn't subsided,
I just eventually morphed into an undefinable presence,
Stronger, magnificent, but lost,
What do I do now in this small world around me?
Prompt: Undefinable presence
229 · Mar 17
feel my reflection
RonliSong Mar 17
It aches,
I'm on this mission of finding my own strength,
You don't want to need anyone you know,
Or to want someone,
Not even a friend do I need!

But it's not true,
And I fear I'm only being weak
If we were meant to connect
Then why are we all so alone?

Why do I look at a picture of your face
And feel my reflection
227 · Jun 27
Heart Failure
RonliSong Jun 27
Freedom you found as you left this world and me behind...
Prompt: Use the word 'Freedom'. 11 words max.

This was written for a very special friend who passed.
223 · Jun 17
Artic Waters
RonliSong Jun 17
Take me under the clear crisp waters,
Where time and chaos cease,
Let the chill of the water bring life into this withering soul,
And remind me I matter.
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