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ronli Mar 23
There are many of us,
Us humans,
Billions, more
Each one absolutely unique
In appearance, in thought
Have you ever wondered what we all mean,
What we really are?

Some of us are so beautiful, (I’m not talking about the magazine social media nonsense)

I’m talking about when a face smiles at you and there’s a moment of connection and maybe recognition?

And yes, some of us are ugly,
Some because life has just been too cruel,
And the light has gone out
With no hope or joy left to reignite

Some, because perhaps there really is an unexplainable evil in this world

But I don’t want focus on the latter,
I want to wonder about the beautiful ones,
Which I hope is the majority

I wish more would see and value what I see when we share a moment in a simple smile
A kindness
An acceptance
An acknowledgment
Of one another

Whether it be a loved one or a stranger,

I think that every time we connect with a smile we create a spark of positive energy

We should be creating more of these

Perhaps the sparks are able to reignite the light, in those whose have burned

Perhaps the sparks connect us to a light we do not see

And perhaps the sparks can elevate us,

Out of the dark pain and destruction that we have caused

Be conscious of who you are and how you are treating all that is around and within you
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