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ronli 7d
Sometimes it’s okay to rest
To try anyway
When there’s so much goodness
You almost feel you must retreat
Anxious energy
Unfamiliar energy
Good energy...
You are so much good
You almost feel you must retreat
You’ll be okay
More than
Hold on
ronli May 15
I do believe in magic

I feel love

Consuming me and radiating from a place that stretches over galaxies

I’m this one small person

Standing all alone

And I can feel the galaxies rushing through me
ronli May 13
...the world I live in is frightfully small

...this has troubled me for a long time

...four walls made up of the same land

...the same energy

...holding me in do I get out?

...where do I go?

...will I ever feel alive peace

...this tiny world I live in is frightfully small

...and this troubles me
ronli May 12
One wouldn’t think it’s possible to be lonely within a relationship, detached even from yourself

One wouldn’t think that love would start to filter in only once the relationship is severed

One wouldn’t realize that you’d then end up with a new kind of loneliness

A regret of time lost

A regret of accepting so little for oneself  

Of not giving to yourself; unconditional and abundant love

And now a new aching kind of loneliness is found

And I don’t want to be so lonely anymore;
I just wasted years struggling to draw love from you,
Trying to find it within myself

You’re gone
And I’m happy
I’m so happy that the continuous pain of being with you is over

Yet I still have to recover
To regain
Heal from the trauma of us

And I don’t want to,
I don’t want to give what I went through with you anymore time than what is already lost
ronli May 11
the small sounds we voice
thoughtless movements
heart beats dancing at their own will
a tune we each make
I hear me
I hear you
I feel life
I know love
ronli May 11
It’s frightening the amount of years
My heart has been closed
It’s frightening the amount of years
I accepted your small offerings

Oh I ache now
I want more
I want to give more
I am vast
I am full
Yet alone and isolated

It’s heartbreaking the amount of years
My heart has been hidden
ronli May 9
If your song is true
Your beat rises without a thought
You dance to the music that seems to find you
The music that you yourself create
Your heart beats, percussion
Your soul, melody

Radiate light, life, love
Hear the sound
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