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RonliSong Sep 19
Spying on someone is about control,
So when I say you're controlling, you disagree?
When I say I can't trust you,
You say, but of course you can!
There is no friendship in this, therefore there cannot be true love,
When one insecure broken side of the puzzle can't function in a healthy way,
There is no honest relationship,
There is no honest you.

Truth is the truth and truth is revealed in actions.
RonliSong Sep 18
I've never held a gun,
But I can imagine, can almost feel the weight of it in my hand,
Feel the cold of the muzzle against my temple
RonliSong Sep 17
Can I find the quiet in those moments between crashing waves
In the space between raindrops
Air pockets in soil
Has my soul lost its way from
Where all connects with cosmic life
Can I look up to the stars and remember
Can I close my eyes and forget
RonliSong Sep 5
It's time for healing,
The call has been sung,
The call is singing,
But we're confused,
We're looking through an obscured view,
Shadow dust,
Chaos is in happening,
After all, extreme change cannot occur without extreme change,
There's purpose in the chaos,
There's freedom in the pain,
Hang on,
Through it all,
Don't let go of your soul.
RonliSong Aug 27
I am sunshine,
And ocean,
Chilled vapor in the breeze,
Wilting petals in the heat,
Heartbeat of a bee,
Cold rock underneath the waterfall,
Fungi on a broken branch,
The tallest tree,
The Osprey perched on the tip top,
I am borderless skies,
And the planets and stars that seem otherworldly,
I am all this
And more.
RonliSong Aug 24
I take a step back, away from you,
You're a trap,
A black hole,
No good will come to me by trusting you,

You don't know how to love,
You survive by controlling,

And now that I'm seeing this, understanding this,
And bit by bit removing your tentacles from me,

Your world is unraveling,
And as in your cycle,
You're trying to take me down with you.
RonliSong Aug 23
You've stained my spirit,
My joy,
I let a monster in,
What a foolish girl.
*Poetry prompt: 'Stained', 15 words max.
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