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May 2018 · 149
i am the dream you are scared to make come true
May 2018 · 187
i had a wish
the night
i understood
that i love you
sky fell down
beneath my feet
and i was afraid
to take a step
not to crush
the shooting star
i made a wish to
May 2018 · 154
i tried to forget
till i understood
it is impossible
to tear out the heart
live on
May 2018 · 134
his bad memory
there is no sweeter lie
than the one you hear from a man
being in love with you
and once asked about the lovers
he had before you
answers he remembers none
May 2018 · 134
that is unfair
i envy your dog
that with impunity
is allowed to stare
at you every time
with eyes full of love
when i tried
to imitate him
you looked away
May 2018 · 129
the hardest love
what is it like to love unconditionally
she asked
and i answered
melting and longing
at the mere mention of his name
and at the same time
accepting a fact
that another woman
will take his surname
some day
May 2018 · 140
hope is the last to die
i think i can stay
a little bit longer
in your hands
they make me feel
safe and
useful like a bee
looking for a flower
in the middle of
harsh winter
May 2018 · 206
not easy
my life's mission is being a woman of a good heart
not on the knees
May 2018 · 110
is any-body part out there
i have punched
in his chest to check
if there is still a heart
and it was
May 2018 · 96
with my god i speak every night
he teaches me
how to trust
someone bigger than
and takes care of me
better than anyone
May 2018 · 76
c h a n g e s
are flying up to me like
b i r d s
till today
i was closing my windows
not to hear their singing
in the mornings
May 2018 · 78
may i call this love off
yesterday in my bed

revolution took place

nobody got killed

especially he was very fortunate

because if he never loved me

what i was crying for

May 2018 · 68
dr freud would be proud
you've been like
almost five years long
psychodynamic therapy
pretty effective
i must tell you
i got cured
you keep lying
on the couch
if my heart is a sea
you are a seaside
that is why your beaches
are my little paradise
the waves may cover you
in a gentle rush of love
out of the blue
May 2018 · 83
the very last time
we've met in bed
your body said
bye bye
to mine
May 2018 · 76
some relations
make me feel
i have drunk
one beer
and hangover
lasts for years
May 2018 · 88
if you're gonna chasing me
please smell like pine trees
warmed-up by the sun
bowing down to the sea
May 2018 · 109
good question
why do you care of someone
for whom you are
May 2018 · 112
see the world with her eyes
l o v e   h e r
she's strong
enough to
stay tall
but needs your
p u r p o s i v e    h a n d s
to raise her up
in case of fall
May 2018 · 114
regretfully yours
my dear friend
i don't mind
you fulfill my days
but you scared me a bit
yes you did
coming silently
when i was laying
next to him
look at these
faded photographs
we've never taken

flourish summer
our faces above water's surface
gaze fixed on each other

all faded all faded all
no second can go back
no touch i can feel one more time
all the memories haunted me every night
till the burnt down
like forest set on fire
by one match you provided me with
i don't feel anything

your brittle voice in my head repeats unbearably
and echoes from the walls
anything anything a n y t h i n g
i don't  f e e l  i don't
May 2018 · 63
be my shelter
meet me halfway
like all the husbands
cannon into the future wives
like kids finding on the streets
homeless dogs and cats
as it should be
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— The End —