Nani Oct 6
I feel empty.
Empty like the person sitting in a room all alone.
Because we all know that everything she feels is gone
Her body is numb and her heart is broken Feeling stuck like she can’t leave that place
Because it’s an infinite maze every path would lead you to the beginning.
Starting to feel hopeless, starting to give up on everything.
Letting her feel every part of her body, the way her heart is beating and the sounds of the birds flying.
Waiting on the response to get out of this glue sticking her in place.
Feeling so empty not knowing which piece of her heart to follow
Because they say follow your heart but she has it into a million pieces so which one does she follow.
Only Lord knows what she’s going through.
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Nani Jul 11
Hey. Yea you. You with the short brown hair and those big beautiful eyes.
Yes I’m talking about you.
I miss your smile, the way your eyes light up like the stars when you see me, those six dimples when you laugh.
I miss your touch, the way your small hand would grab mine when we walked together.
I miss your energy around me, you were and still are my most prized possession.
It hurts to know your so far from me but yet so close to me.
I cry ... I cry a lot about you and I think you don’t know how much I really miss you.
I miss seeing you put food in your hair because you thought it was okay to play with it.
I miss knowing that whenever you were near me you would be calm.
I miss the sound of your voice and being able to see you every weekend. You leaving my side as been soo hard for me and I’ve been hiding it so well
I love you so much I hope to see you soon.
I love you mi rosita my beautiful little rose.
This is to my little sister. We will be reunited soon❤️
Nani Jun 24
Sentí odio en mi corazón
No por nadie ...
Pero odiaba todo que yo era
Todo de mi
I am .
Insecure... insecure about everything
My body. My weight. My face. My personality.
It’s as if I’m trying to force myself to change into someone else ... and I’m failing.
The tunnels went dark for me and I find the light for others.
But why can’t I do the same for me ? Why can’t I find one single piece of perfection in myself?
You learn to hate who you are from listening to all the negative things you were told.
You let that be writtten all over your body and all you can see is all the words that have hurt you.
But the people who love you don’t understand your insecurities because they see no flaws.. why is that we can’t have the eyes of the people that sees us beautiful.
Beauty within, beauty covering us externally.
Let it be a moment ... just so we can learn to love ourselves.
So we don’t have to feel the way we do .
Because not even the words of an attractive guy or girl can cure our hearts.
The heart has to be healed.
And the only way for our insecurities to go away is by believing in ourselves and loving ourselves.
So let it be a lesson, you are beautiful oppose to what you think about yourself.
I haven’t wrote anything in a while
Believe in yourself even ifyou have a disorder, even if you not okay with the way you look or the way you act. I hope you guys enjoyed the poem. Leave a like and comment
Nani May 2
The tears running down my face are like endless streams there’s no stopping them
And the mask I wear destroys itself at night
Because at night is where I truly become myself
You fool the ones you love and betray yourself in becoming someone you once could never imagine to be
You ride a roller coaster with the name Life and it’s something you battle all the time it’s never ending
You try and appreciate everything but everything you do is taken for granted and your beautiful light soul becomes the darkest one
Nani Apr 16
My Heart fell to the ground when I saw you
I was spilt in half
I had to learn to build myself up and become the person my innerself feared
You helped me become who I am today
My anxiety kept me silent and I’m learning to break it and beat it
I’m the warrior and anxiety is my cancer
Fight until you can’t no more
Don’t let your fear beat you to the ground and become your leader
Rebel through it all
Become fearless and don’t let it be the death of you
You are strong enough to win

— The End —