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Jul 11
Hey. Yea you. You with the short brown hair and those big beautiful eyes.
Yes I’m talking about you.
I miss your smile, the way your eyes light up like the stars when you see me, those six dimples when you laugh.
I miss your touch, the way your small hand would grab mine when we walked together.
I miss your energy around me, you were and still are my most prized possession.
It hurts to know your so far from me but yet so close to me.
I cry ... I cry a lot about you and I think you don’t know how much I really miss you.
I miss seeing you put food in your hair because you thought it was okay to play with it.
I miss knowing that whenever you were near me you would be calm.
I miss the sound of your voice and being able to see you every weekend. You leaving my side as been soo hard for me and I’ve been hiding it so well
I love you so much I hope to see you soon.
I love you mi rosita my beautiful little rose.
This is to my little sister. We will be reunited soon❤️
Written by
Nani  17/F
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