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  Oct 2017 Denecia
I don't want to tell her not to go
But I don't wanna have to see her go

Your fingers gracely on my skin

sunflowers by my bed
Your scent on my pillows and head

Could I record your voice
To replay it

I'll hold you
Consume your love
And return it

Dance with you

Only if you were to love me too
Denecia Oct 2017
Been tryna stay hella positive
But sometimes that's hard
Cause people will walk right past your feelings with no regard

You been tryna turn me into you
And it makes no sense
Thought you loved me for me
Why did you build this fence?

Putting up this fence who you tryna keep out
I got my own plans, why you tryna throw my **** out

You got plans, plans, plans but I got a lot of plans too
Why is it so hard for you to share with me, I've always shared with you
Denecia Oct 2017
Pain rings around my heart
Thoughts in my mind of you with another
How could I be so blind
Is this all real
Or will I wake up, cold sweating
Vetting, but what's the point if the action is nothing
Arguing for nothing
Searching for nothing
Instead of looking through my eyes, I want you to take this heart from my chest
I mean you already had it but this time I want you to use it
Use it to feel my pain
Feel the feeling of having your trust mean nothing
Take it, hold it, see if you can sleep with it
I know I sure didn't
Denecia Oct 2017
Lately I've been In another world
I hear you but I don't hear you
Thoughts been racing, hard to fall asleep
Looked online it said to count sheep
But I keep counting problems
Don't tell anyone because they'll try and solve em
I got maps but I don't know where to go
Wish I could live in my mind it's the safest place I know
All my problems are in here but I don't have to face em
People seem sincere but sometimes it's hard to place em
I don't know if their the problem or if I'm the problem
All I know is I got problems
And they hard to face
So I just keep em stuck in my mind it seems like the best place
Because out in the open they cause pain
Sometimes I feel like my mind just needs a drain
Or maybe just alcohol
Jack or Paul

— The End —