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945 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
Is it funny how irony is every where
it comes just mere
just at the right moment
at this moment
the irony of me
me being here for her
but now she looses her love
she doesn't realize i have some to give
and that's the most painful isn't
when someone doesn't feel the same for you
as you do them
and thats the irony
she loses love as i have some to give
but she broke my heart
and her promise
yet im still here
irony a little much
irony is such a touch
that no one gets
so im here on my knees right behind her
as she stands infront of me back to me
back to my heart
while shes crying
and im broken holding my heart
thats what i imagine

640 · Feb 2018
NiGhT sKy
starchild Feb 2018
I used to share a room whith my father
he would go outside and sit in his shed
he would go out with friends
and get drunk

anyway when he was out
every night
I would stay up till midnight
and I would watch the stars and the moon

They'd like to sparkle and glow
iluminating the dark room and the outside
I always like to have a conversation with them
As I heard the clutter of conversation between stars

I always had my personal conversation with the moon
the moon would always give me complements
on how the light reflected on my pale skin
that nobody else liked
On how my personality was different
Which nobody loved
On my interesting take on the world
which everybody put me down for
And on my funny and different mind
which everybody called me dumb

On the first night of me doing this
the moon and stars forever became my friends
Id count everyone of them
id name everyone of them
Every time they appeared
Id say hello to each one before we began talking
We always has the funnest of conversations

And then midnight comes around
And I say to all of them
Good morning
Because I know they go away when the sun came up
So I said good morning because midnight is the start of
A new day
(I never liked the sun for chasing away my friends)

And id do this every single night and still do
But around the time I began kindergarten
I began to truely notice that some stars have disappeared
but there would be new and different ones
So I named the new ones
and welcome them
and things changed a little
Everytime a new one would come in
Id just name it and we'd continue our conversations

And there was this one star
Very unique
It was off in the middle of the sky
all alone no stars but far off around it
and it shined brightly
of course the other stars weren't avoiding this little star
In fact they were trying to go to the poor thing
but the sky had its own plans so it stayed alone

All that night i had a fun conversation
And at midnight I went to say good morning
but i forgot to name the poor star
so right when the clock struck 12:01
I named the star "Hayden"
and I said to Hayden good day
And he sparkled and I went to bed

The next day I went to school
and I felt how Hayden felt
that day were having hot chocolate
and watching the nightmare before christmas
it was into the school year and a day before winter break
I was sitting in the back alone
watching the show
and this boy.... he walked up to me
and sat next to me and he said
" interesting movie huh?"
I just sat there and stared in amazement
And I shook off the look and just said "yah"
I'm going to spare you the rest of the conversation and just say
we became good friends
at the end of the day we shook hands and I said
" my name is Tommy."
And he said
" its nice to meet you Tommy ... my names Hayden... its nice to be your friend."

I walk away in amazement

but that night Hayden isn't in the sky
And never was again
And me and Hayden at school were friends
all the way up to fourth grade
He turned around and stabbed me in the back
He betrayed me and left me alone
And I never saw him again

I was truly alone again
Just had the stars and moon as friends

And new stars continue to roll in
And I continue to name each one

But I wonder
what happens to stars?
do they become suns
do they just explode and destroy and disappear
like he did?
And I say to myself
" not all stars disappear
not all stars will be that way
but we know
Stars are your friend when no one else is"

See everyone is a star in there own way
each different
and In a different location
But you gotta know
were all in the same sky

And as the moon lights up my life
And my room and the outside
I think and know
I'm glad to have the nigh sky as my friend
Cause when I'm dead
I don't wanna go to heaven and have fun
I don't wanna go to hell and watch those he wronged me
I want to dance and walk around the night sky
and truly meat the moon
and each star
Sun (even though if they chase away my friends
They deserve something to)
Black hole
I wanna meet everyone in the sky I saw
all of those who were there for me when I was alone
The night sky is mine
and my friends home
Don't worry
No one is alone
for the leading moon
isn't days doom
its happiness
and my true. happy. home.
I love you all.... I love my friends and I love those of you who like my poetry.... you don't have to like my poetry I'm not one of those people. I love you all anyways.
500 · Jan 2018
Blind Love
starchild Jan 2018
There once was a blind girl who hated herself
because she was blind
she hated everyone but her loving boy friend

He wanted to marry her
but she said only if i could see you
and one day someone donated a pair of eyes so she could see

Then he proposed to her
but then she found out he was blind
So she said no

He ran away in tears
And he left her a note at her house saying
"Take care of my eyes dear, i love you."

So she ran back to him
but found out that he was already on a train to new york
she knew she couldn't get back to him

So she wishes she was blind
so she didn't have to see this awful world without him.

And they both never stopped loving
442 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
they all suround me
calling me a villan
a freak
a deamon
a monster
just because how i act
my personality
my insaneity
and i realize if they waunt a moster ill give it to them
ill unleash my rath
just because they waunt a villan
but i realize that villans dont get happy endings
but no matter what i do
388 · Jan 2018
starchild Jan 2018
see i think myself alone
whith friends that are there but not at home
but as i look hard
yes i may be crazy
and live in a house of cards
but i realize im not alone
not everyone hates me
but as i look closer
we are together
even if we dont know eachother
we are together
together as writers
together as poets
together as puppeteres
togethers as crazies
because i may be crazy
but all the best people are
so lets all be together
as one
316 · Jan 2018
Happy ending
starchild Jan 2018
I've been told to get over it
to just ignore the bitter hatred
to be happy
and  I guess its about time

I've finally escaped the darkness
but I haven't been happy
I be written plenty of things
and none of them have been happy

I've been told to be happy
but how can I be happy
when all i know is sorrow
and heartbreak

but now I've realized
it is time to be happy!
I'm tired of letting them get me down
so now I'm getting told to be happy

and I say
I have a small feeling it wont last long. =)
296 · Nov 2017
My Dream oF broken revenge
starchild Nov 2017
We destroyed worlds=) you remember don’t you?
We were unstoppable all of that good determination hehe we were the ones that really needed a bad time hehe=)
Turnaround friend you’ve made a crime.
If I had to go back on the deal that I made for you so don’t walk over that line
or else buddy then I’ll have a great time.
But brats like you don’t play by rules
and boys like me I CAN’T BE MADE A FOOL.
So let’s go let the room GO RED
let’s go so I can chop off your head =)
Go ahead and try to **** me if you’re able.
You should know that MERCY’S JUST A FABLE =)
I can tell you’re really sick of dying
but I’m just going to keep on fighting.
Just let me win
you can’t play forever
even if killing is more fun together
I’ll just reset and come back a killer
and with every try I’m even more determined than you are!
This is where it stops this is where it ends
you keep telling me those words hoping I will understand
But even if I hear you I’ll just **** you again, are you really just that dumb or can you only feel numb=)
Go ahead and hit me, you’re not able
I can tell you want to stop trying but it’s too much fun watching you dying=)
Just let me win you can’t live forever
You winning will be a never
I’ll just reset and come back better you can’t stop me I’m just going to let her=)
credits to undertale and grace simpson
286 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
Thanksgiving is for thank
Its in the name and its true
But society turn out slaves and blanks
Such a clue
But truth is such a lank
So why give thanks so true
So we give thanks to blank
Give thanks to who
Give thanks to the nice people
The people haven't broken your heart
To the people  whom you love
And who love you back
I give thanks
To the one I know who will never love me back
And who broke my heart
And to my friends
For even if some did not tell me
But I give thanks
And I give love
Happy thanksgiving and give hugs to those you love  :)
starchild Nov 2017
Yes im mad
cause i had love ill never have
but now that revenge and irony reaks
i creak
and i dont know why
this is what i waunted, die
now she loses her brother
the one shes love even more then her mother
And now i feel sad
because i got my broken revenge
and i didnt waunt it
i didnt even meant it
now she loses the love she loved the most
even more then she love me
yes that hurt
it was all a lie
and i loved now to die
because i was there and she turned her back on my heart
now she loses hers
and now im meek
because im weak
because i got my revenge
and no one knows
buti dont waunt this
i waunt my family back
i wish there was a hack
a hack to what you ask
a hack to life
because life is strife
but i and her lost the love we loved the most
My friend/ex girlfriend loses her brother because of her brothers ex and so she loses some one she loves and the irony is i lost her...... but i feel....... cold...... hope you love
270 · Jan 2018
starchild Jan 2018
The other day I was told to stop throwing staples
       when I wasnt throwing them
                  they were falling
                          falling out of my skin
                                      Once they were all down my legs
                                                all along my arms around my waist
                                                     and all over my face
And most of all they kept me smiling
        and when someone hurts me they fall out
               I stapled my mouth so I could smile
                 and now they have fallen out
                        I'm afraid I won't smile
                              and everyone has turned and gasped in fear
                                     and I look in the mirror and my mouth
                                             its bigger and black and scarier
                                                 and everyone screams  
    and I look at all of them as the look away
           all the people who have bullied me and harmed me
                now screaming in fear... but I don't feel joy
                        I run and hide because there scared
                          and I sit in a dark corner and cry
                                 and I cry. not because I look like a monster
                                        but no one loves me for me
                                              that I'm alone in this dark world
                                                  and I look at all the staples
some blood stands and bent
          but I notice there are two staples remaining
                two staples struggling to hold together my broken heart
                       but suddenly I realize..... that I'm the way I am
                             and I pick up the stapler and say
                                    "its those who were mean to me who needs a    smile."
=) We don't need staples or stitches to help us smile. Just smile in the faces of the people who doubts you or bullied you and called you names. And you know that you get the last laugh.
265 · Jan 2018
Sad Story
starchild Jan 2018
Shes laying on the bed with her iPod on full blast
the door is locked, and the curtains are locked
on the TV screen is the notebook
an empty tub of her favorite ice cream is on the floor
smudged with makeup, her finger tips are stained
from wiping away her eye liner and makeup, stained tears
there last conversation plays in her head
she thinks to herself
that shell never get him back


Hes on the edge of his bed the doors locked
his room is pitch black from the absence of lights
theirs a hole in the wall from when he punched it earlier
his headphones are about to burst from how loud the music is
no one can hear his sobs or see how messy his hair is from running his hands through it, thinking and thinking.
hes replaying there conversation in his head, thinking,
Hell never get her back

Heartbreak effects us all in horrible and depressing ways... but i think this sums it up. But this doesn't just sum up heartbreak i dont think. Its the same way when you have a crush dont you think. Oh and the partial of this is not mine i dont wanna be rude and take full credit. =)
262 · Feb 2018
starchild Feb 2018
Is that your heart that's beating
or illusion your alive?
but upon this summer threshold
a demon comes at night

Piercing eyes cut threw me
a knife in hand so blight
But it really isn't necessary
for I'm the demon in the night

I may give you a smile
But I won't forgive those sins
ones done by those bully's
So I'm the dancing demon

Watch me twirl and watch me spin
But I may give you all a smile
But I won't forgive there sins
260 · Dec 2017
I am Krampus
starchild Dec 2017
** **, ** **
how can it be
that the Krampus
didnt come for me

Yet here i sit
myself alone
in my nice
and warm own home

** **, ** **
how can it be
that Krampus
didnt come for me?!

What do you mean?
didnt come

i know how can this be!
That the krampus is
253 · Dec 2017
starchild Dec 2017
Hearts are like diamonds
They shine brightly
bringing light to the dark
thats what her light did for me
and our diamonds shined together
that was then
she stole to meloncoly heart
and its more then i can bere
and thats why hearts are like diamonds
there all diferent shapes
diferent colors
but all fragile
and they all tell me to be happy
at which i am
but after a heart is shattered
its just like a diamond
in everyway
non perfect
                                                      so she continues to think it wasnt that bad
                                                      that i didnt love her that much
                                                      that i still love her
                                                      but she was my whole world
248 · Oct 2018
starchild Oct 2018
Choice is a funny thing
people think one thing is a choice
but sometimes it isn't
success isn't always a choice
i mean, you cant always choose to work hard
sometimes people cant
not because their lazy
usually because their exhausted
from fighting their way threw each day

sometimes trust is a choice
you can choose to trust someone
but its like a roller coaster
up and down
along for the ride
but choose the right person
and its like a marry-go-round
yes, you may be going in circles
but its nice
and slow
with the joyful colors
and lights to brighten the ride

But trust is also funny
its a multiple way street
when trust begins to break
its weird
because you can never
ever, begin to understand the full story
were all misunderstood pieces in a game
you can assume one thing of a person to believe true
but when the true story comes too pass
its false

But its too late now,
you forgot the one important thing
your parents told you as a child
before sending you off too kindergarten
don't... judge a book by its cover.
because its funny what a smile can hide
on the outside is the bright carnival of delight
the wonderful spin of colors, lights,
and fun prancing ponies on a poll

But like an eclipse...!?
its one thing in front
but another behind

the true pain
lying within
and its sad
because we see one thing on the outside
but when you do something
to someone
or say something
to someone
you never know

What is hurting them on the inside
235 · Nov 2017
I hate the librarian
starchild Nov 2017
Shes about to call me back
give me the pitty
but its my pitty party and i cry if i waunt to
shes about to call
talk about my grades my life
but i have troubled times
no one gets it
not a single
so she gets mad gives the speech
but i swear ill yell at her back
just to build the courage i say im crazy so what
but if she waunts to mess whith me to
shes caught by one big nut
so she yells any way
like she waunts me to get mad
and i just realized
i hate the libarian.
i dont care if it ryhmes its just i felt like this is how i feel right now.
233 · Nov 2017
Why Try
starchild Nov 2017
Yes ive said it before
im going to happy now
im going to show them crazy
im going to have a happy ending
but the truth is ill never escape
escape the darkness of this sadness
no matter how hard i try i fall back into that pit
that pit at which im alone
and sad
now matter hard i try to be crazy
and happy
she pushes me back
she gave me two chances and for what
i gave her a hundred
and i guess im not the villain
the villain like they all said
im just the lonley kid in the corner
the monster no body loves in the corner
and no matter how hard i try im just back to the begining
going in circles
no matter how hard i try im just sad again
so ill just push them away so i cant get hurt
Because no matter how hard i try i always begin

Then Why Try
this person keeps saying i nned to ryhme but poems dont need to ryhme they just need to express the way you feel...... doctor suse ruined peoples way of thinking :-)
230 · Jan 2018
Pain makes a monster
starchild Jan 2018
Every school is a top tent circus
everyone competing for a little fame
and at which I'm a freak
me and my friends were freaks
Were maniax

but everyone who is truly insane
has felt the true meaning of pain
we all have something that turned us into a monster

Sally she was *****
she was convinced it was a good thing
and she was used
to this day she still collects dolls
And she became a monster
and the man who used her never to be seen

Toby was made fun of and abused
he had these ticcs the mental disease
and kids at school always made fun of him
and his parents werent so nice to him either
he became a monster
And now everyone wished that they didn't mess with
Ticci toby

Jack was forgotten
he always wanted to make people laugh
and make them happy
but people were just mean to him
and he tried
but soon no one loved him
and everyone forgot about him
he became invisible
he became a monster
And everyone who made him forgotten
were only remembered as dead

jane was decieved
and alone
she was loved by a lot of people
but she lost everything
her parents
Her family
Her friends
And now she's our friend
And she's a monster
And everyone who took everything from her
Is long gone

hoodie was always stressed
people surrounded him
called him names
and made him sad
he always wore a hoodie
And now he goes by that name
He's no longer stressed
and now he's our friend
And a monster
And those who made him stressed
were no less alive then when hoodie was stressed

And those are my friends
I have more friends
each one just as diferent as the examples
I have given

what's different about me?
Ooh well that's a fun story

I used to be a good kid
very nice I had friends
then everyone turned on me
Everyone bullied me
Everyone made fun of me
called me names
And so everyone made me a monster
And all these freaks are my friends

Were all freaks I this circus
And when the world gets a load of us
They'll look back and think

See all the freaks
Crazy s
Were all like this
because others made us this way
They inflicted there
so we built up our walls
and our horns
Our claws
Our personality
And we became a monster

That others fear
Because they made us feel pain

And were all monsters
That are in pain
220 · Feb 2018
One sided Fiddler
starchild Feb 2018
just trying to be happy
and when you fall off the roof
you get up
and continue to play the strings of your happiness

but you realize
no matter what
its hard to be happy
in a world full of sorrow

so you stick to tradition
you try to stay safe in your little town
but they are there
their mean and cruel

but you need to realize
there's a reason that their that way
because they've been through pain of there own

Because all villains have been through pain

for that is what people must see
it doesn't matter if your a fiddler or a supporting villager
everyone goes through pain
for it matter only
how much pain.
and which point of view you have
214 · Jan 2018
D - evil
starchild Jan 2018
Hide away child
don't let me In
I'm a demon, I am a devil
I'll teach you how to sin

run away child
don't look me in the eyes
there silver- blue and deadly
and full of broken lies
208 · Jan 2018
Sanity... why?
starchild Jan 2018
Your all prisoners.
what you call sanity,
Its just a prision in your mind that just stops you from seeing
your just tiny little cogs in an giant absurd machine.
Why be a cog?
Be Free
And just remember. smile.
-Jerome valeska

No matter who you are
no matter what happens your not free
you need a touch of madness to be free
to see the truth of things
all it takes is a little madness

see im not just stuck in my insane asylum
im free in it
so why cant we all be free
if not thats fine
but im not a cog
who waunts to be some boring cog
yes you may have brilliance but your not free
so be brilliant and free

So yah im just a little crazy
but im not mean
i am crazy and nothing can change that
but a little crazy isnt a bad thing
so you cant tell me im not insane
cause all of this im saying is true about me
so dont let people take away what makes you speacal
and insanity makes me who i am
people have said im not and im a kind person
and i am. to my friends. But im also insane
and not even my friends cant get that now.

so hopefully you can

so why be a cog
be free
and remember
you dont have to be crazy to be free
thats my point
but why not
but not my point
just remember
smile. =)
208 · Nov 2017
MY CrAzY sToRy
starchild Nov 2017
Im off my rocker
i admit
but when they come a nocker
i will answere
whith a red smile
out of the sadness
out from the mile
ready to be crazy
so what
ive been through mazy
so i head out
ready to deal whith those sane
and then i head into the out
to the tree
and i laugh and cry
cause thats where she met me
but i laugh
i laugh cause im crazy
im a maniac
im loco
im a psychopath
but im still good
ill help those who are good to
but those hoods
those bullys
they will be those who face me
face the crazy
those who are bullys that think themselves so cool
will beg for forgiveness
because no one deserves what they put upon
what gets put upon me
but im tired of just leting them bully me and bully others
im tired of bieing normal
im always overthinking
but now its there time dont you think
and this shall be my insanety who reaks vengance
this shall be my crazy story
i might be posting alot of poems in one short period....... oh well.
207 · Mar 2018
My heart In A eMpTy sHeLl
starchild Mar 2018
I d
               know what to say
                I d
                             know what to do
                                                         I feel helpless
                              I feel empty

And all i K N O W                     is that

                                        I M  H E R E  F O R  Y O U
I love someone. And she has no idea how much i love her.... a big problem we all face. I just wish i could be there when she need me and tell what what she needs to hear! but i cant.... and i don't know how. But ill stay strong for her this time i know it! And when shes sad ill try to be there... even though i don't know how. And i don't know if i can help. i never felt like i could help.....
207 · Nov 2017
Knock Knock
starchild Nov 2017
Knock knock
the time she asks whos there
knock knock
i put my fist at the door
knock knock
she answeres
i smile and cry
and i drop to the floor cause its a dream
and shes not there to catch me
so i cry
and on the floor i go knock knock
201 · Nov 2017
one day i woke up
starchild Nov 2017
shes calling
calling my old name
calling oh darling
taking the punches
i wake up
wake up from the bunches
the bunches of voices
And i laugh
because i woke up
i woke up on there behalf
because i love them
and i still lover her
i love her and i might be dim
dim cause she keeps on hurting me
hurting me why
because i woke up from a broken heart?
So i wake
i wake a monster
because that what i need for what im going to take
So this day i wake up
one day i woke up
and i say nope
because i love her
but she doesn't love me
and i became a blur
so much i fade away
And so what if im a monster
they pushed me away
not out of emotion
because they just didn't like me
so ill give them a notion
And so this day i wake up
im trying to ryhme a little more :)
197 · Dec 2017
starchild Dec 2017
The things ive done i cant
i know because i know it hurts and causes

I cant say i didnt know what i was
i didnt know what i was thinking or what i was

We had a speacal love but you threw it all
i regret what ive done every second of the

if i could change the past believe me i would
i would take away all the pain if i only could

Love is rough just give it time and it will blossom
196 · Jan 2018
When i didn't have a friend
starchild Jan 2018
I got so sick of being on my own
Now the devil wont leave me alone

Its almost like ive got a friend
(Warning realy short) =) </3
188 · Jan 2018
Villains and Heroes
starchild Jan 2018
All villains
just heroes
who chose truth over dare

All heroes
beyond repair
#villains #heroes #happyendings
40th poem hurray =)
188 · Jul 2018
Fire AnD Color
starchild Jul 2018
I haven't written in awhile                      
I haven't ryhmed,
for quite some time
as I sat there on the roof
fire works in all colors,

A flash of blue,
then a flash of yellow
next is red and green
all in different patterns
all in different shapes
all.... In different, emotions

And to watch this,
this colorful phenomena  
all the while knowing,
it's potential for destruction

All the while knowing,
... That things that have been burned. Are still beautiful...
starchild Nov 2017
She shot my heart
for that she should pay
i love her
oh god how i loved her
but she cut open my heart
and left me to bleed
so then everyone must pay
but when i said that i dropped and cried
because she made me a monster
even though i was a monster before that
she made me worse
but everyone must must pay the voices say
everyone who did or does me wrong
but i try to ignore them
i do and i am
but im a villain
and villains dont get happy endings
my last poem wasnt that good so im makeing up for it hope you like?
179 · Jan 2018
starchild Jan 2018
These padded walls contain my screams
this straight jacket contains my pain
this whole place hides the truth of my suffering
see this is who i am
i know it not think it
its also what others made me
and so they must all know
i am a monster
and now i see the only way to not be afraid of monsters
is to be one
so dont judge me
dont say im something else
only i can determine who i am
and this is what i am
mentally broken
because i determined who i am because of others
i wont be able to live without my mental damage
without it id be... dull
so im stuck in my insane asylum.... Why? to protect myself from this cruel world... it is as simple as that.... but oviasly not all of its cruel... i see that to. =)
178 · Apr 2018
starchild Apr 2018
Hope that the new life will be good!
That's what the bunny symbolizes
combing through each little house
leaving a basket

But what little peter cotton tail really is leaving for you
Its isn't chocolate treats or presents galore
Its hope for every boy and girl
Hope that by the end of the day
done with the fun and endless egg hunts
making the dull white eggs
colored with fun and joy

But not everyone's holiday
is this way
some is full of sadness
and loneliness
but even for those who don't have what others have
still can enjoy this holiday

For the Easter Bunny will leave you a little hope in your basket
will leave you hope anywhere you go
for this fun day
is for you to stay
have fun
And smile
and laugh awhile

Even for those who know he ain't real
(Ssssshhhhh) I still believe
All you have to do is believe
For peter is always there on this day and tommorow
To cure your sorrow

So be happy
have fun
And include those who aren't having as much fun
make everyone else's day while you make yours
for smiles laughter
Is the greatest cure
Have a great Easter!
176 · Mar 2018
LoVe conqures AlL
starchild Mar 2018
I don't think you'll ever fully comprehend
how you've made my dreams come true
Or how youve opened up my heart
To things like love, and the wonders it can do

The threat I thought that horrified me
Obliterated infront of my eyes
for love is the most powerful thing
wait for it to bloom
176 · Jan 2018
starchild Jan 2018
"i kind of like anxiety,
as it tickles my stomach like knives.
and the others trot along,
living there perfect lives.
Its not normal to like tourture
and the everlasting pain.
Call me crazy ( ill take it as a compliment)
But i sort of enjoy being insane.
=) insanity isnt the painful thing... its helps the pain.
173 · Feb 2018
alone, demon
starchild Feb 2018
I hide my light
In a cloak so tight
beneath the black and white
the diamond in my heart
locked deep within
to let it go?
to let it show?
and all the TVs read
for the whole world to see
"A monster."

I fall apart
Yes it was me
"A monster."

I hide my pain
inside lyric
its as if the notes I sing
set me free
I keep my love
under lock and key
I'm so afraid it will go,
go away from me
"A monster."

and all of me
is not enough for this I sing
They call me a monster
a freak of light
for I do not lie
for I only sing
A monster
in pain I hold myself
so tight
I breath
starchild Feb 2018
yesterday I was dared to tell
as many people as I can the word
because that's what the world needs
the knowing that's everybody is
my friends friend killed themselves the other day
and my friend was crying
because she felt alone
and I told her that she's never alone
but she said that she is alone
nobody loves her
that she is fat and ugly
that only her friend loved her
and then I said
I think your beautiful
everyone is beautiful
and you not alone
you have me and so many others
and were here for you
And I know your beautiful
so she was happy the rest of that day
so i told as many of you as I could
just that word
and then I said BEAUTIFUL
because I know everyone is. =)
170 · Jul 2018
TrY nOt ToO cRiNgE
starchild Jul 2018
Just scroll down this profile page......      
you'll see only my poems are cringed,
170 · May 2018
Increase in Love
starchild May 2018
We've been back together
past a full month
last time was six
now were loving each other more each day
my heart laced with her love
my happiness returned to stay
and i see my heart in her hand
and hers in mine
A little short....
164 · Nov 2017
the non-perfect
starchild Nov 2017
yesterday was the day
the day of blood
the blood sheded for this country
for the not perfect country
we like to say it wonderful
that its beutiful
but realy its not
im living proof
so many people are
people that are left behind
but it doesnt matter cause nothing is perfect
im non perfect
im broken
and so is this country
on the outside people think its wonderful
freedom, lie
the closer you get the darker it gets
but its true sometimes
there are fun and bright parts of this country
america the non perfect

but everyone has a point and say
but so what
nothing is perfect
cause everything is non perfect
164 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
Did you hear it?
They are coming for you cause your stains so red
they know what you did
they know what you did you can not hide
so run while you can
since you cant hide
youll be the one to be called to do this mad genocide
163 · Jul 2019
Love, Nobody
starchild Jul 2019
Titles are meaning
deeper, the title
brighter, the title,
GREATER, the title
the more views one gets
the more likes or attention
ones creation gets
most of the time

I'd love for someone to notice these
someone to hear their pleas
Like I do
my creations
my words
And my understanding
doesn't just come from my heart,
it comes from theirs to...

I feel it all
and some may just say I'm edgy
the darkness may seem sketchy
but one would only believe that
if they haven't experienced pain
From another

And those others
the others...
are becoming opinionated
and offended
And are starting to say
like I did, on the sixth year, and bad day

But when did I...?
Become nobody
#Nobody  #Love #Here #Breathe #SMILE  #;
162 · Dec 2017
starchild Dec 2017
The roses have wilted
                  The violets are dead
                                      The deamons run circles
                                                                      And Round
In my head
160 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
Im a monster
so what
ill cough up to it even in the alter
no i dont care if there is a god or not
but there is something a matter
because im happy and sad
but she is not happy
i didn't do anything
but bare this broken heart out of happy
cause im tired of being sad
because she broke me into nothing
yes i wanted revenge cause she broke my heart
but now i am something
and now i dont care
if she wants to be happy
ill be right there
because no one is perfect
and me im proof
because i am me
starchild Nov 2017
I was asked which I would rather live in
a lie or a truth
most would say truth that's the truth
to know everything for it all to be revealed
but it my case that's not the truth
in my case i just wish this truth was a lie
but even more so
I wish I still had the lie
the lie that she loved me
that I wasn't alone
the one point in my entire little life I was happy
the time I had hope and fun
but that world deminished by the truth
so if I'm asked which id rather have the truth or the lie
I hope you don't want the truth
because the truth is not freedom
its cold and dark
so if I'm asked which id rather have the wonderful lie
Or the horrible truth
I do hope you choose wisely
because the lie is much better
The lie had love
I just wish i could be happy again
and that's the only truth I waunt
Because the truth broke my heart
I just wish I had that one lie again to mend
but it all came to an end
for the truth is the worst thing
Which one would you rather have the horrible truth or the wonderful lie
Please leave your comments :)
159 · Dec 2017
starchild Dec 2017
In a whisper in a sigh
in a dream that flashes by
i can see you deep whithin
i childhood memory growing thin
in a flicker of an eye
in a heart that aches to cry
i can hear your words of love
as you soar to the heavens above
in a whisper in a sigh
i hold your hand as time goes by
i see the pain i try to hide
to protect my heart by your side
in a mind that searches why
whithin the monster needs to hide
to find the answeres to start to heal
to halt this cutting pain i feel
whith a tear in my eye
whith fresh hope i search high
for one last chance to sit awhile
to view your face, your laugh, your smile
and in a whisper
i realize
ill never
159 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
ive been broken
i am broken
hanging from the fixture
trying to fix it all
but i cat pick up the pieces
i just cant
not when i keep on breaking
not when im hanging from the fixture.
158 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
She just waunts to stand there and watch me burn
but thats alright because i love the way it hurts
and thats why this is all sad
she will calm me
hurt me
torment me
come what may
because ill be happy
and thats the sad thing
i still love her
even i know she wont feel the same
and ill still be my crazy self
because i made a promise
no matter how she hurts me ill be happy
ill be good this time
and thats hurts the most
when you love someone
who will never love you back
but she keeps hurting me
but come what may
ill love her evermore

but she just likes to watch me burn.
156 · Nov 2017
starchild Nov 2017
Yes we give thanks that's no question
thanks for life but this is the objection
we need to give more
more straight down to the core
because there are some in the dark
and now its time we make our mark
mark on those with less happiness
mark full of joy and glee
don't you think we should put the giving in thanks
so lets give more
because were not thanks whithout the giving
Happy thanks giving and I hope you enjoy your dinners and give a little more :)
156 · Aug 2019
What's Wrong With Me?
starchild Aug 2019
Some say I'm not the same
maybe I have changed
I used to be able to tell
used to be able to know
what's wrong with me...?

Is it my face? Or my hair,
maybe my eyes do not glow
it's cause my frown doesn't show
I'm not good at my grades
but I am at the stage
I know how to act every day

I may not be beautiful
i may not be smart,
but I love them
I love you
why isn't that enough?

You say it's on me
if I explode
from the lies that I've said
to spare my sickness from your head,
and it is said it's my fault
if I end up dead

what is wrong with me!?
why do I think these thoughts
what is wrong with me?
why am I so distraught
i know I'm not special
i know I'm not alone
then why do I feel so cold?

It's on me,
they don't understand
it's my fault,
that they want me to frown
it's my fault,
less guilt on their crowns
that they want me to be happy
when they are happy
to lighten
to be ok
why are they
so two faced

But still.. it's not all of them
they are loving
they are kind
they could understand,
but I only wish
that they could see
that the pain that's in me
isn't for them
to feel

And i get it all
i've understood it all
overthought it all
every moment
every motion
all the pain
that I cannot share
there is to much I know
for me to show

You may think not
you'll pass this without a care
but just so you know
I will keep on smiling
i'll keep hiding
till you are merry
and if not
I still don't know

What's wrong with me...
155 · Mar 2018
Sad Song
starchild Mar 2018
Whats is the worst fear of all?
everyone one fears something
the dark
tight spaces

What do you fear?
well ill tell you mine!
its the worst fear of all
Thinking you dont know how to love
the one you love the most

since ive believed my whole life
that no one could love me
i loved no body
And now....
i love somebody

I dont know how to say it
I dont know how to show it
and now that love could be in jepardy
im afraid that someone might be able to show her love
better then me

and i love her whith all my heart
and all my being
its just showing it?
giving it to her
no matter how much i want to?
im horrible at love

but i will fight for her
i would **** for her
now that i can show!

but the worst fear of all?
is losing the love you love the most
.......Its a sad song....
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