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Jan 2018
Every school is a top tent circus
everyone competing for a little fame
and at which I'm a freak
me and my friends were freaks
Were maniax

but everyone who is truly insane
has felt the true meaning of pain
we all have something that turned us into a monster

Sally she was *****
she was convinced it was a good thing
and she was used
to this day she still collects dolls
And she became a monster
and the man who used her never to be seen

Toby was made fun of and abused
he had these ticcs the mental disease
and kids at school always made fun of him
and his parents werent so nice to him either
he became a monster
And now everyone wished that they didn't mess with
Ticci toby

Jack was forgotten
he always wanted to make people laugh
and make them happy
but people were just mean to him
and he tried
but soon no one loved him
and everyone forgot about him
he became invisible
he became a monster
And everyone who made him forgotten
were only remembered as dead

jane was decieved
and alone
she was loved by a lot of people
but she lost everything
her parents
Her family
Her friends
And now she's our friend
And she's a monster
And everyone who took everything from her
Is long gone

hoodie was always stressed
people surrounded him
called him names
and made him sad
he always wore a hoodie
And now he goes by that name
He's no longer stressed
and now he's our friend
And a monster
And those who made him stressed
were no less alive then when hoodie was stressed

And those are my friends
I have more friends
each one just as diferent as the examples
I have given

what's different about me?
Ooh well that's a fun story

I used to be a good kid
very nice I had friends
then everyone turned on me
Everyone bullied me
Everyone made fun of me
called me names
And so everyone made me a monster
And all these freaks are my friends

Were all freaks I this circus
And when the world gets a load of us
They'll look back and think

See all the freaks
Crazy s
Were all like this
because others made us this way
They inflicted there
so we built up our walls
and our horns
Our claws
Our personality
And we became a monster

That others fear
Because they made us feel pain

And were all monsters
That are in pain
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
       Rebel Heart, Anji, Rosa Lovetta and Meadow
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